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Versailles Bistro & Patisserie has been a presence on Greenwich Avenue for several decades. A casual alternative to the formal style of French dining in the area (the most famous being Jean-Louis, which closed last spring), Bistro Versailles offered authentic French pastries and cuisine with a charming bistro-style decor. It was (and still is), without question, one of the best French restaurants in Greenwich CT.

The Back Story of Bistro Versailles

Much to the dissatisfaction of the local populace, Versailles closed under its last owner with little fanfare at midnight after Easter Sunday 2013, though not before a rather rough go of it for a few months. Fortunately, the owner of Meli-Melo on the lower part of Greenwich Avenue recently took the restaurant on, and Bistro Versailles is again welcoming patrons into this local institution.

The Interior of Bistro Versailles

The presentation of Bistro Versailles from the beginning is one of elegance and romance. You know you’re in the right place from the gas-style lamps on the building’s facade and the bank of pastries at the front of the restaurant. The chandelier is kept dimly lit to enhance the romantic but lively atmosphere accentuated by the white linen table cloths, the large cultural and promotional posters on the walls, and the elegant and gracious service (though I must admit the service was not across the board exemplary). Even the ladies’ room was fabulous: red walls contrasted beautifully with the black and white marble with black trim on the doors.

The front of Bistro Versailles looks exactly like a bistro in Paris. Or maybe Montreal, this time of year.

My only observation regarding the ambiance is the dim night time lighting at the front of the restaurant. With the only light at the front emanating from the pastry display, the restaurant’s street front does not make it obvious as to whether the restaurant is open or not.

The Food at Bistro Versailles

We started-off our meal with crispy rolls with good butter and a glass of lovely white French Burgundy that we selected off the menu, which at $8 a glass is a fantastic value on the Avenue for the quality provided. We also ordered the lobster appetizer, a favorite of ours with wheat berries and spinach au gratin, which featured large, succulent pieces of Maine lobster. The salad we enjoyed featured arugula, sliced beets, Roquefort cheese, toasted walnuts, and a light vinaigrette made with a good-quality olive oil.

Our dinner was healthily portioned and served on lovely French-made china. My husband and I ordered the poached salmon with roasted brussel sprouts, and the fried filet of flounder with potatoes, brussel sprouts, baby turnips and parsley.

Though we requested decaffeinated cappuccinos to finish off our meal, they were delicious, hearty and strong. Our dessert of a Napoleon with fresh cream was more than enough for the two of us to share.

Don’t Miss the Chance to Enjoy a Visit Here!

Overall, Bistro Versailles offers a fantastic presentation of excellent French cuisine and divine pastries for a very reasonable price on Greenwich Avenue! We often recommend this restaurant to guests looking for a romantic and quiet (though not too stuffy) evening meal. What’s not to love about quaint, little Bistro Versailles?


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