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woman holding ice cream in a shopThere’s nothing better than a scoop of ice cream after a long day in the sun, right?


Whether you’re:

  • Walking around town
  • Or spending the day at the beach

The most refreshing way to cool off from the heat is by enjoying a cone with your favorite ice cream flavor.


And maybe some sprinkles while you’re at it.


You may be wondering, but where are the best places to get an ice cream in Greenwich?


Well, fear not, we have an answer for you.


Read on and find out!


Where to find the best ice cream in Greenwich


Connecticut truly comes alive during the summer. With many ways to enjoy the water:

  • Boating
  • Tubing
  • And laying beachside

To name a few, it’s no wonder tourists from around the world come to Connecticut to enjoy their Junes, Julys, and Augusts.


If I can think of a perfect meal during the summer, it’s a lobster roll with a cold drink and ice cream for dessert.


There’s something about this freezy dessert that takes you right back to your childhood, allowing you to spend your adult summers as a kid again.

person holding ice cream in greenwich ct on a streetGofer Ice Cream Greenwich


Gofer Ice Cream is a crowd favorite among Greenwich locals for all it has to offer. You can bring the whole family in, and you won’t hear a single complaint from anyone. The menu serves up soft serve, hard serve, sherbet, frozen yogurt, milkshakes, floats, and Razzles. For those unfamiliar, a Razzle is akin to Dairy Queen’s Blizzard. Think: Thick ice cream with all your favorite toppings interwoven throughout.


I bet your mouth is watering now!


Cups N’ Cones of Old Greenwich


Cups N’ Cones offers the soft serve and hard serve ice cream, with flavors ranging from old fashioned vanilla to cotton candy. They also have a nice range of frozen yogurt flavors, from classic cake batter to NY cheesecake.


Something that sets this ice cream joint apart from the rest is that they don’t just offer ice cream. They also have Belgium waffles, Pão de Queijo, Bavarian Pretzels, milk shakes, and beverages. So, whether you’re looking for an after-dinner coffee or a late-night pretzel, this place has you covered.


people holding ice creamVan Leeuwen Ice Cream


Van Leeuwen Ice Cream almost needs no introduction. A staple across northeastern states, this ice cream shop serves up French-style ice cream with the most decadent flavors. You can find something that’s fruity, chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, and so much more.


This writer’s favorite is the brown sugar cookie dough chunk. I crave it a little too often. And the honeycomb is an absolute classic for those who enjoy a vanilla base that has a slight kick of sweetness.


For those who are allergic to eggs or just vouch for vegan options, Van Leeuwen’s has a wonderful variety of vegan flavors. Their list includes the classic choc chip cookie dough to cookie crumble strawberry jam, which is absolutely to-die-for.


If you don’t feel like eating your ice cream right away, they even sell pints for about 10 bucks a pop of all their current flavors—if they’re in stock.


Gelato & Cioccolato


Enjoy this authentic Italian gelato on the Post Road and get transported to the streets of Rome. The rich, gorgeously velvet gelato at Gelato & Cioccolato will make your Connecticut vacation feel like an Italian getaway!


Whether you’re looking for a snack or to hire their ice cream truck for a party, you can cover all your bases. Something else that makes this ice cream shop extra special is that they use organic fruit grown locally and nuts from Italy.




display of ice cream in greenwich ctLa Fenice


In case you didn’t fill your Italian craving, La Fenice has incredible ice cream and strong Italian coffee. It’s a great spot for families to stop for a rest to enjoy a cup of hot coffee with a flaky pastry and some of the freshest gelato you can get on the Eastern shore.


The strawberry gelato is as refreshing as can be, and the hazelnut is transportive to southern Italy. You also can’t go wrong with a Nutella scoop or the mint chocolate!


Keep exploring Greenwich with your taste buds

Greenwich, Connecticut, is a destination for many reasons. Two of the top are around Greenwich Avenue:


Some more places to visit while you’re here include:


Or, plan what you’ll be doing between meals (and ice cream breaks):


Download a free copy of the Greenwich Visitor’s Guide to view all the most unique sights, activities, and things to do.


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