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What to Expect at a Bed and Breakfast like Stanton House Inn

View from the front door at Stanton House Inn

Step into a charming, cozy oasis. Enjoy personalized service, delightful breakfasts, and a unique stay. At Connecticut bed and breakfasts like Stanton House Inn, you can escape the impersonal feel of a hotel. Instead, you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere of a home away from home. If you want to know what what to expect at a bed and breakfast, just think of a cozy atmosphere and personalized experiences they provide.

Or keep reading, if you need to know more about a bed and breakfast is like.

We strive to offer all the amenities the modern traveler requires in a setting of old world charm and elegance. As a recent guest described our service, we pride ourselves on being attentive yet unobtrusive.

If you’re curious, feel free to read our bed and breakfast inn policies and frequently asked questions before you book.

The Bed and Breakfast Experience

A cozy bed and breakfast dining room for enjoying breakfast

Staying at a bed and breakfast is a special experience. You get personal service, a cozy atmosphere, and chances to meet locals. Unlike hotels, B&Bs like the Stanton House Inn provide a more intimate setting, often in historic or picturesque locations. Here, guests can relax and enjoy the finer details of their accommodations. And from here, it’s easy to take in the sights and sounds of the local area, explore the nearby attractions, and get a taste of the local area.

Personalized Service

B&Bs are special because hosts give personalized service. The Inn team strives to meet guests’ unique needs and preferences. We also give local advice and recommendations. At a B&B, this level of service is included, unlike most hotels. Your hosts at a B&B get to know you well and can help with things like dinner reservations.

B&Bs also provide special things to do and nice extras, aside from being friendly and welcoming. Guests can connect with the local culture and each other through activities like:

These special touches create a more intimate setting compared to most hotels.

Homely Atmosphere

B&Bs have a cozy and friendly atmosphere that feels like home. These family-owned establishments offer comfortable accommodations for overnight getaways in CT. Each guest room in our historic mansion bed and breakfast is individually designed and decorated. It adds a personal touch to make guests feel right at home.

B&Bs are smaller than hotels, which helps create a sense of community among guests and staff. This fosters a feeling of enjoying a home away from home.

Social Opportunities

A bed and breakfast stay also offers a plethora of social opportunities. Guests can talk to their hosts and other guests at breakfast, by the pool, or wherever they happen to cross paths. The connections create a friendly atmosphere in the community, unlike impersonal hotel stays.

B&Bs are a great way to meet new people and make lasting connections. And the hosts at Stanton House Inn are all about forging those connections.

Accommodations and Amenities: What to expect at a bed and breakfast

A room in a bed and breakfast with amenities offered

Stanton House Inn is a bed and breakfast with unique guest rooms. The rooms have special features and amenities to make guests’ experience better. B&Bs are better than hotels in several ways, like free breakfast and personalized service.

All our guest rooms have private bathrooms, which make for a comfortable stay for all guests.

Guest Rooms

Guest rooms at a B&B often have the following features:

  • Individually designed and decorated
  • Unique and charming atmosphere
  • Personal touch and attention to detail
  • Memorable experience

From cozy quilts and antique furniture to the fresh flowers and homemade treats, each B&B offers unique touches.

In-Room Amenities

A typical B&B provides the conveniences guests expect from modern accommodations. You can expect standard amenities like free Wi-Fi, comfy beds, and bathroom essentials. And inns offer free Wi Fi and private bathrooms as standard these days, by the way.

Standard amenities our bed and breakfast offers include:

  • Cable television
  • Air Conditioning
  • Hair dryers
  • Telephones
  • In-room refrigerators
  • Iron & ironing boards
  • Wireless internet access

These free amenities add a little comfort to make you feel at ease during your stay.

And each of our bed and breakfast guest rooms are unique. Some additional amenities you’ll find include:

Each room is as unique as you and your room preferences, so feel free to explore your many options!

Unique Features

Unique features of a bed & breakfast can include:

  • Fresh flowers
  • Beach supplies for a romantic beach getaway
  • Complementary breakfast featuring local ingredients
  • Complimentary snacks and beverages
  • Cozy common areas with fireplaces
  • Outdoor seating areas
  • On-site gardens or orchards
  • Afternoon tea

B&Bs have special touches that make them different from other places to stay. These touches give guests extra comfort and joy.

What to expect at a Bed and Breakfast: Dining

A delicious breakfast served at a bed and breakfast

As the name implies, when you stay at a bed and breakfast, you get a free breakfast and the chance to try local food. You’ll also typically find other dining choices for guests, close-by. Exploring local hotspots help to discover the local culture and connect with others.

Complimentary Breakfast

A breakfast at a B&B often includes various options from which to choose. For example, our continental breakfast amenities feature:

  • Beverage options like coffee, tea, and juices
  • Bagels and the necessary accoutrements
  • Pastries and various baked goods
  • Cereal
  • A quiche of the day
  • Avocado toast
  • Strawberry ricotta toast

Overnight guests can enjoy a satisfying meal that sets a delightful tone for the day.

Local Flavor

Guests at a B&B can taste the area’s local flavor with regional dishes made from local ingredients. B&B hosts make their menus special by adding local flavors. This lets guests experience the region’s diverse cuisine.

More Dining Options

Guests at a B&B can have more food choices. Stanton House Inn offers a free snack and drink bar right by the ice machine, in the corridor leading out to the patio and pool.

And most of the best downtown Greenwich, CT, restaurants are all with within walking distance of Stanton House Inn. Head to Greenwich Avenue or one of the side streets, and you’re sure to enjoy a good meal.

Activities and Local Attractions

A photo of a cozy bed and breakfast room with a welcoming host.

You can find things to do and see near a B&B by checking out nearby attractions and asking the host for recommendations. Guests have many options to enjoy their stay, whether they want adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion.

Nearby Attractions

You can easily visit nearby attractions from a B&B. The hosts will help you plan your visits. Exploring nearby sights makes guests enjoy their stay and learn about the local culture, history, and nature.

And our hosts suggest fun things to do and see, and will give you inside tips and local knowledge. Hosts can give helpful advice about hidden gems and must-see sights to enhance your stay and create lasting memories.

Host Recommendations

Before you get here, be sure to explore our favorite recommendations close to Stanton House Inn. Aside from restaurants, some other guest favorites in downtown Greenwich, CT, include:

Be sure to download a free copy of Greenwich, CT, Visitor’s Guide for all of our favorite things to do in Greenwich, CT, close to our bed and breakfast.

Choosing the Right Bed and Breakfast

When choosing a bed and breakfast, you should think about reviews, location, and amenities. By taking these factors into account, guests can find the perfect B&B that meets their needs and provides a memorable and enjoyable stay.

It is important to read reviews and ratings from other guests to get an idea of the quality of the inn or hotel.


Taking a dip at Greenwich Point Park is like swimming in one giant saltwater pool

When choosing a B&B, think about its location and how easy it is to get to nearby attractions and transportation. Many historic bed and breakfasts occupy buildings built before cars. So you’ll find them not only charming as well as in ideal, walkable, locations. Staying at a B&B near attractions and transportation makes exploring easier and more enjoyable.

By providing easy access to attractions and transportation, a B&B can ensure that guests have a comfortable stay.

Reviews and Ratings

People looking at reviews and ratings of a bed and breakfast

As with everything in this modern age, consider reviews and ratings before booking a bed and breakfast. Highly rated accommodations may even warrant a higher price. If a B&B gets good reviews and high ratings, you can feel reassured about the service, amenities, and experience.

In our case, we use Stanton House Inn reviews and ratings as a positive feedback loop. We consider what guests like and look for complaints in online reviews to improve our operations. And all in the pursuit of improving our elegantly charming style of hosting.

Rest assured that a great bed and breakfast will keep progressing and working to get 1% better every day, like us!

Special Features and Amenities

A B&B can be different from other places to stay thanks to special features and amenities. These extras give guests unique experiences and more value.

Guests are welcome to explore the gardens, patio, and common areas of our romantic bed and breakfast. Our front desk team is happy to help you plan your visit to the Greenwich area, including planning romantic getaways in Connecticut. Some of the amenities we provide to enhance your stay are:

  • Seasonal bed and breakfast outdoor pool
  • Cozy reading nooks
  • Complimentary breakfast in our dining room or patio
  • Concierge services during front desk hours
  • High-speed WiFi Internet
  • Perennial gardens
  • Free off-street self-parking
  • Board games in the library

Some examples of special features and amenities at other B&Bs (and maybe us, someday) include:

  • Evening wine and cheese reception
  • Outdoor fire pit
  • Bicycle rentals
  • On-site bed and breakfast spa or wellness center

These special touches can make a guest’s stay truly unforgettable. And they can provide a compelling reason to choose a particular B&B over other lodging options.

How is a bed and breakfast different from a hotel?

Gate to the perennial gardens at Stanton House Inn

Bed and breakfasts provide a cozy and personal stay, unlike hotels. They have fewer rooms, friendly hosts, and focus on local activities. Most hotels typically offer the same rooms and services, but Stanton House Inn is cozy and friendly. Guests can enjoy the personal touch and unique charm that sets B&Bs apart from their hotel counterparts.

At Stanton House Inn, guests can expect a cozy atmosphere that’s more like staying at a friend’s house.

What is the difference between a B&B and an Airbnb?

Here’s the key difference between an Airbnb and a bed and breakfast. Airbnb is a loosely regulated home-sharing website that allows almost anyone to list lodging for rent. A bed and breakfast or inn is subject to state or local lodging laws, just like hotels. It’s like a small hotel with a few extra perks and personalized touches.

B&Bs offer a cozy atmosphere and personal attention from hosts. Especially if a bed and breakfast is a member of a larger affiliation, like Select Registry, you can be more assured of a consistent service.

Property owners often lack consistent training or experience across different properties they own. Some are fantastic, while others don’t appreciate that hospitality is more than renting out a space.

Both options are unique and have their benefits. That said, bed and breakfast inns can be more intimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you eat in your room at a bed and breakfast?

Eating take away meals in your B&B room may or may not be recommended, depending on where you stay. Most hosts, like us, will happily let you use the dining room, the patio, or recommend local places to eat.

In our case, we don’t mind you eating in your room, and most rooms have table and chair setups to accommodate the evening meal.

Many B&B owners are very accommodating and will provide you with a list of local restaurants and cafes that you can visit. They may even offer to make a reservation for you.

It’s always best to check with your host before ordering.

Is it rude to not eat breakfast at a bed and breakfast?

It is not rude to skip breakfast at a B&B as the price is often included in your stay and you are not obligated to eat it. You can choose to sleep in or find a local restaurant instead. In fact, we encourage trying out other great places for breakfast in Greenwich, CT, as another way to experience the local flair.

If you have any dietary restrictions, give your host a heads-up before you arrive, so they can plan accordingly!

What is included in a B&B?

A B&B is a cozy place to stay with breakfast, run by a family and smaller than a hotel. Guests typically enjoy a homely atmosphere due to the host living in or near the same property as their guests.

B&Bs are a great option for travelers looking for a unique and personal experience. They often offer a more relaxed atmosphere than Greenwich hotels, and the hosts are usually more than happy to provide tips and advice about the local area.

What can I expect in terms of personalized service at a B&B?

When you stay at a B&B, the hosts will take care of you and help you make the most of your visit. They will provide personalized service and offer local advice.

They will provide you with a comfortable and homely atmosphere, as well as a range of amenities to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. From delicious breakfasts to cozy rooms, you can be sure that your stay will be a memorable one.

What does a complimentary breakfast at a B&B typically include?

Begin your day with a free breakfast at a B&B. They usually serve varieties of homemade and traditional dishes for everyone to enjoy.

Enjoy a delicious meal to start your day off on the right foot. Wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of light breakfast chatter. Indulge in a variety of breakfast dishes, from omelettes to pancakes.