Stanton House Inn patio at night in the early springThe former estate of the Seaman-Brush House (the official name of the Stanton House Inn) was an expansive homestead in the 1700s.


Since then, it has slowly shrunk to its current two-acre stretch of gardens in downtown Greenwich, Connecticut.


Today, those 2-acres feature manicured lawns surrounded by lovingly-tended garden beds.


Visitors are welcome to wander the grounds and admire the tall trees endemic in New England.


The more formal beds in the front of the Stanton House Inn give way to more natural plantings behind our romantic bed and breakfast.



To the South of our bed and breakfast inn sits the brick patio and unheated swimming pool. We encourage guests to relax at the patio tables and chairs during warmer parts of the year. Our tables are perfect for enjoying breakfast, or reading a book and admire the gardens. Our patio comfortably accommodates up to 50 people for functions.


Elegant and impressive beech trees used to flank the south of the mansion, planted when the mansion was first constructed. The trees recently had to be taken down for safety reasons.


The patio is where we serve afternoon tea in the warmer months of the year.

Swimming Pool

But a major draw during our brief yet glorious Connecticut summer is the swimming pool. Our Connecticut bed and breakfast inn is the only lodging establishment with an outdoor pool in downtown Greenwich. Our pool is quiet and private and is for the exclusive use of our overnight guests at the Stanton House Inn. There are plenty of lounge chairs surrounding the pool for guest use in the summer. The lounge chairs can easily be moved either into the sun or under the shade of the trees overhanging the swimming pool area.


The swimming pool is open from the third week in May until the third week of September, weather permitting

The Gardens

Stanton House Gardens

The Stanton House Inn estate slopes downhill from Maple Avenue to the ruins of a former party pavilion. The back lawns and gardens of our bed and breakfast inn are a wonderful place to picnic or read a book in the grass under the shade of the maple trees.


Interspersed among the flower beds and shrubs are our vegetable and fruit gardens. While exploring, you’ll find dwarf fruit trees, kiwi vines, and fruit shrubs like currants and gooseberries. Our gardens follow the permaculture practice of creating self-sustaining food forests. We interplant food and wildlife plants among the flowers, common plants include:

  • comfrey
  • chives
  • garlic chives
  • Egyptian walking onions
  • bronze fennel
  • anise-hyssop
  • lemon balm
  • mint
  • lovage


Curious to learn more about the history of the house, the gardens, and the Innkeeper’s permaculture practices? Then be sure to schedule a free historic Connecticut garden tour with your next stay with us!


Besides our beautiful gardens, we also provide off-street parking for guests to our Greenwich bed and breakfast. As we have limited downtown Greenwich parking space, we are only able to offer space for one car per guest room.