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We at the Stanton House Inn strive to provide an elegant and classy atmosphere. Some detractors might argue that it’s a rather staid environment. I agree, we enjoy our peace and quiet here at the Stanton House Inn and endeavor to maintain such a setting at the Seaman-Brush house, but everyone needs to blow-off a little steam on occasion. Fortunately, we don’t need to go very far in order to do so. We are at a perfect location to both easily get to more lively surroundings with various bars in Greenwich and leave that scene behind when we’re ready to rest and recuperate.

While most people in Westchester and Fairfield County like to travel into New York City when they’re ready for a night-out, I personally prefer to stay closer to home–the commute can be expensive or a pain (they don’t call the last train out of the City on weekend nights the Vomit Express for nothing) and sometimes I want to be able to crash within twenty minutes of leaving the bars.

In honor of Friday, I’ve compiled my five favorite bars in Greenwich. These are all within walking distance of the Stanton House Inn, as it removes the hassle of dealing with the ethical question of drinking and driving. This is obviously in no way a complete guide to Greenwich nightlife and things to do at night in Greenwich, but a pub crawl visiting all these locations guarantees a great night.

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5 of the Best Bars in Greenwich, Connecticut

In no particular order, the best bars here occupy unassuming storefronts on Greenwich Avenue, neighborhood bars, or space at luxury Greenwich hotels.


Greenwich is a unique place.


1. The Ginger Man

My number one place to go in town is, strangely, the Ginger Man. I’m being facetious, of course, the Ginger Man is both a great place to eat as well as an excellent place to enjoy a drink. The Ginger Man has a very extensive beer menu, so hipsters of the world can rejoice in their many options here. The atmosphere of this pub is cozy with very friendly and amenable staff, but the bar gets very lively with a generally younger crowd, especially on weekends.

Sundown Saloon is another one of the fantastic bars in Greenwich
Sundown Saloon is at the bottom of the Avenue, a quick jump from the Train Station.

3. Bruce Park Grill

My favorite place in Greenwich (and the only reason it’s so far down the list is the distance from the Inn) was Bruce Park Grill. This place was serving locals for generations (ie: it’s not uncommon for me to run into my father’s friends here) and is well-known for its typically (and proudly) divey atmosphere complete with shuffleboard. The best part was (besides the cheapest beers in downtown Greenwich) this bar was made so much better by its proximity to Greenwich Avenue. And the Bruce Park Grill menu was defined by their greasy pizza. Enough said.

Though this bar closed during the pandemic and hasn’t shown as signs of opening since, making it another part of Greenwich history.

4. L’Escale

Finally, a brilliant way to start a summer evening out is to visit L’Escale. This top pick of Greenwich restaurants on the water is a perfect spot to start your evening.. While too expensive to enjoy many drinks, it’s definitely worth a visit to start your night with a drink out on their patio overlooking Greenwich Harbor. Just be sure to not go on too buggy a night. Some of the characters you’ll meet at the L’Escale bar may make the entirety of your night! If you’re feeling hungry, this is also one of the best French restaurants in Greenwich CT.

5. Harvest Wine Bar

This is one of those restaurants in Greenwich, CT, that’s steadily becoming more and more well-regarded as time goes on. Its farm to table menu is very good, but in my opinion, it’s a better place for drinks. The decor of Harvest Wine Bar on Greenwich Avenue makes a quiet conversation fairly difficult, though if you have a couple glasses of wine (or beer) here, you won’t mind how noisy it can be, and will likely have started contributing to the noise.

Enjoy a Pub Crawl of all the Best Bars in Greenwich, CT!

That’s my list of the best bars in Greenwich. While there are other bars in Greenwich, like Macduffs pub on Railroad Avenue, these are the ones I most commonly frequent. Don’t worry about running into me during your visit to Greenwich. We can always just avoid acknowledging each other (case in point: my father’s friends and I).

And for even more recommendations on things to do in Greenwich, be sure to download our free Vacation Guide!

Enjoy your night out!

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