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ramenMy grandmother didn’t have sushi until very late in life.


She tried it once, enjoyed it, and didn’t want it again.


Considering I’m not terribly old, it’s amazing how quickly sushi and Japanese food has shifted from the exotic to a must-have in a town’s culinary menu.


Today, many Americans feel like they’re truly in the boondocks if there’s not a great sushi or ramen place nearby.


Fortunately, that’s not a problem in Greenwich, with several top Japanese restaurants in Greenwich, CT, sprinkled throughout town.


Where to indulge in the best Japanese restaurants in Greenwich CT


Read on for the best Japanese restaurants in Greenwich, CT, from a local fan.


Miku Sushi Bar & Restaurant


Miku Sushi opened on Greenwich Avenue in 2019. It offers traditional Japanese cuisine, vegan and gluten-free options, and on-site catering. It serves lunch and dinner seven days a week and offers on-site catering. The service is first-rate. And the interior design and ambiance make it ideal for hosting a family dinner, romantic evening out, or fun night out with friends. Miku Sushi offers a “beautiful moment” of a dining experience.


Its menu consists of:


  • Nigiri sets


  • Sashimi


  • Beef negimaki


  • Spicy tuna rolls with edamame


  • And salmon avocado rolls


table setting at one of the best japanese restaurants in greenwich ct

The cocktails are creative, the fish is high quality, and the presentation is fancy.


Abis Japanese Restaurant


Abis, a hibachi restaurant, has been in business for many years. It focuses on traditional Japanese tastes and preparations. One example is their kani-su, a delicate snow crab flavored with vinegar sauce. Meals prepared on a hibachi or Japanese grill are also a visual and gustatory feast. Lighter fare like sushi and sashimi are available, as are simpler options like nabeyaki udon. You’ll even find classic Korean dishes like bibimbap and a silky tofu beef stew.




Hinoki on Greenwich Avenue is a relaxed fine-dining establishment that combines:

  • Omakase, an exclusive chef’s table experience
  • With Izakaya, a relaxed Asian tapas-style cuisine

The menu features Asian-inspired dishes as shareable appetizers and main courses. The ingredients are sourced from the best distributors, purveyors, and markets. Sources include Tsukiji in Japan. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner seven days a week and has a premier beverage menu designed by a renowned local mixologist. An award-winning team with family-owned restaurants in Connecticut and New York started this hot spot.


Tsuki Omakase & Bar


Tsuki Sushi works hard to find the best ingredients and transform them into delectable flavors. Their three-course lunch or dinner includes:

  • Three appetizers
  • Eleven pieces of nigiri
  • And a Japanese cheesecake

They fly their fish directly from Japan. And their combination of delicious cocktails and the beautiful setting is sure to transport you.


cozy rice lunchTengda Asian Bistro


Tengda Asian Bistro, a family-run restaurant in Greenwich’s heart, is a hidden gem that serves delicious sushi at a reasonable price. From their famous appetizer platter to their soup and salads, everyone will find something to enjoy here! After eating their spicy mango roll with lobster chunks, your taste buds will be in heaven. Other specialty rolls to try include the Yankee Doodle Dandy and the Lobster Tempura.


Sushi Soba


Sushi Soba has a fantastic selection of specialty rolls. They offer all the well-known specialty rolls as well as some unusual options such as spicy salmon and wasabi tuna. Among the many items on their extensive regular menu are:

  • Nigiri
  • Sashimi
  • Temaki
  • Makimono
  • And rice dishes like teriyaki chicken


Kira Sushi


Kira Sushi has an excellent sushi bar. They have something for everyone, with dishes ranging from simple to exotic. There is also a wide selection of other Japanese dishes available. Sushi rolls such as the Black Dragon and Golden Gate are among the best. If you’re looking for an authentic Japanese sushi experience, this is the place to go.




server with sushi at one of the best japanese restaurants in greenwich ctBambou serves traditional sushi as well as teriyaki chicken, tempura shrimp, spicy tuna rolls, and gyoza dumplings. Sushi and pho soup are just two of the beautifully presented, fresh food options. It also serves delectable entrees like beef teriyaki and chicken with rice pilaf and curry.


Kyushu Ramen & Sushi


While this entry is not in Greenwich, it’s easy to reach in next door Stamford, Connecticut. Occupying a storefront on the busy Bedford Street of downtown Stamford, Kyushu Ramen & Sushi is a go-to local outfit for bao, ramen, and sushi.


This also makes this writer’s list of favorite restaurants in all Stamford.

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