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Frequently Asked Questions

the old garden ruins in the back lot of Stanton House Inn, something you'll see our on your historic CT garden tourAfter over 35 years in business, we’ve been asked more than a few interesting questions.


This list of frequently asked questions doesn’t include many of our favorites. That said, they are the ones guests most commonly ask us.


Booking With Us:

Cancellation Policy:

  • We need 72-hours (3 days) notice of cancellation.  Cancellations before that time will result in a full refund. Cancellations made less than 72 hours in advance of the reservation will result in a full charge of the balance due for the room. This cancellation policy applies to the cancellation of an entire reservation and does not extend to partial reservation cancellations.

  • We charge the remaining balance to the credit card on file for a reservation 72-hours before check-in date. If you would like to use a different card, please leave a note in your reservation or give us a call at (203)-869-2110.

  • All room add-ons such as romance packages, massages, flowers, etc. are non-refundable.
  • Reservations that include a major US National Holiday can be cancelled up to 7-day in advance of arrival for no charge. Reservations cancelled after 7-days in advance of arrival are charged the full amount of the reservation. For groups of 4+ rooms a cancellation must be made outside of the 30 days or risk being charged in full.
  • If the booking is over a holiday then a cancellation made less than one week in advance of the reservation will be charged in full.  For groups of 4+ rooms a cancellation must be made outside of the one month mark or risk being charged in full.

Does the Stanton House Inn offer discounts?

  • We don’t offer discounts directly through us, but we are a member of Select Registry.  Select Registry guests get a $100 reward if they stay 12 nights on any of their properties within 24 months.Sign up is free and easy! You can sign-up at the self-service kiosk at our Front Desk, or online at the Select Registry website.

How much are rooms per night? Where can I see my room rates?

  • Our rates fluctuate based on availability and occupancy. Winter months are slower and thus offer the lowest rates while spring, summer and fall are our high seasons and offer higher rates.  The easiest way to check the price of your room is to click here to see our availability calendar.

Do you offer weekly or long-term rates?

  • We do not offer special rates for weekly or long-term stays.

Are your rooms accessible to people with difficulty walking or people with disabilities?

Can I book without a credit card?

  • We only accept payment through credit cards. We accept all major credit cards.

Can I bring my kids/grandkids to the Stanton House Inn?

  • We welcome children over the age of 12 to stay with us. Our historic home is a bit boring for children and we do our best to provide a quiet and relaxing environment for all our guests.

About Your Stay:

Some of the more typical questions we get when guests are looking to book at one of the most unique places to stay in Greenwich, Connecticut, include:


Lobby of the Stanton House Inn, a bed and breakfast inn in Greenwich, CT, include the front lobby, parlors and living rooms, and a dining room where breakfast is served each morning
The lobby, living room, and dining room of Stanton House Inn

What time is check-in?

  • Check-in is any time after 3pm.

What is the check-in process?

  • We now have a contactless check-in procedure so guests can arrive whether someone is at the front desk, or not:
  • You will receive a text message and an email with the code to the front door the morning of your arrival (around 11 AM)
  • After using this door code to get into the Inn, you’ll find an envelope on the front table with your last name and confirmation number on it
  • Inside will be information about your stay, directions to your room and your room key.
  • If you would like to arrive before 3pm, we cannot guarantee the room will be ready. That said, we would be happy to hold your luggage while you start enjoying your visit to Greenwich.

What time is check-out?

  • Check-out is at 11am.  You are welcome to check out anytime before then.  If you don’t see a Host at the front desk when you check out, you are welcome to leave your room key on the marble counter at the front desk.
  • If you would like to check out after 11am we ask that you please speak to a member of the Host team.  That said, we cannot guarantee a late checkout depending on if the room is occupied the following night.

What if I need to extend my stay?

  • We are happy to help if you find yourself wanting or needing to extend your stay! Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance of your original check-out time if you would like to extend.
  • Please keep in mind that you may not be able to extend your stay in the same room.  If that room has been booked ahead of time, we will ask you to move rooms, and will do our best to accommodate your preferred room depending on what we have available.
  • In the case of emergencies (such as canceled flights or other travel issues) we will also do our best to accommodate you. If we are completely booked, we will recommend other lodging in the area.

Do you offer free parking?

  • Yes, we do! We have an on-site parking lot available to guests staying overnight.  We only have enough parking spaces available for each room to have one car.  If you expect to have more than one car during your stay please contact the Host team to see if there is room available.

Is there Wifi available?

  • Yes, there is! We have a secure wifi network set up for guests.  The network name and password will be emailed to you and is available in your room. We post the network and password at the Front Desk when you enter.

Is smoking allowed at the Stanton House Inn?

  • Stanton House Inn is an entirely non-smoking property for cigarettes, cigars, and all other paraphenalia.  If you would like to smoke, we ask that you are at least 20 feet away from the building, patio, and pool.

Pool Questions:


stanton house inn greenwich ct inn pool sunset Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the pool if I am not an overnight guest?

  • Local town policies require that our bed and breakfast pool only be open to overnight guests of Stanton House Inn. This applies to people living nearby as well as friends and family of overnight guests.

Do you offer pool towels or should I bring my own?

  • You are welcome to bring your own, but if you forgot or didn’t expect to be swimming, we offer pool towels here for free. Once the pool opens, pool towels will be available on the sun-porch to the right of the fireplace in the yellow living room.

Am I allowed to eat or drink by the pool?

  • We are certainly welcome to eat or drink by the pool, if you choose.
  • We do ask that you not bring glass within the pool’s boundaries, for safety reasons.
  • We also ask that you please clean up after yourself so we can keep this option open for future guests.

Is my dog allowed to come to the pool with me?

  • To respect other guests’ allergies (and town health codes), we ask that you please leave your dog in your room if you take a swim or hang out by the pool.

Is your pool heated?

  • Only by the sun. The temperature of the pool is completely reliant on the temperature of the air, which is why it’s only open during the warmer months of the year.

When does the pool open/close?

  • We open the pool in mid-May.
  • We close the pool in mid-October, before fall foliage starts to drop.

Dog Friendly Rooms:

telephone in the living room of Stanton House Inn
The house telephone is in the living room

Is Stanton House Inn pet-friendly?

  • We are a dog-friendly bed and breakfast. We cannot accept cats due to allergic team members.
  • We allow one dog in one room that must be under 30 lbs and be housebroken.

Which rooms are dog-friendly?

Is there an extra fee if my dog stays with me?

  • Yes, there is.  We add a fee of $50 to the room rate for cleaning purposes.

Do I have to bring my own food bowls and dog bed?

  • You are welcome to bring  your own food bowls and bed. We also offer food bowls, a dog bed, a dog towel (for wet paws), and poop bags at no extra charge.

Is there a trash receptacle for my dog’s waste?

  • We will place a small trash can right outside of your room where you can throw away your dog’s business.

Are there dog parks nearby?

About Guest Rooms:

Our bed and breakfast inn is without question one of the most unique places to stay in Greenwich, CT. After all, our historic mansion does make for some unique accommodations.


Unlike a chain hotel, none of our guest rooms and suites are exactly alike. Below are some of our most commonly asked questions regarding amenities in specific rooms.


One of the suites at Stanton House Inn
One of the suites at Stanton House Inn

Are there rooms that have their own private entrance?


Do all of your rooms have private bathrooms?

  • Yes, all our rooms have private bathrooms.  Some have showers and some have shower-tubs, but all are private.


Do you have rooms that have separate bathtubs?


Which rooms have working fireplaces?


Which rooms have king size beds?


Which rooms have a private balcony?

Some of the rooms in our small hotel have a private balcony or patio. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, and we hope you enjoy them!


Any guest rooms with two beds?

We have one hotel room in the house with 2 queen beds. Room 23 is popular for girlfriend getaways, though the porch is popular in its own right.

Which guest rooms are on the ground floor?

Our three-story historic mansion doesn’t have an elevator. We get it, the stairs can be difficult. We’ve looked into adding an elevator, but couldn’t figure out how to swing it without completely ruining the historic nature of the house. So, our ground level hotel rooms are always the most popular. Fewer stairs to climb (though we can’t promise none at all) either up or down, though guests usually book them early and well in advance.


Just a heads-up.

Which of your accommodations are suites?

Larger spaces, ample bathrooms, and king beds are the mark of our king bedroom suites in Connecticut. These suites are popular with guests for longer stays, especially ones with more of a kitchenette setup (the Brush Suite). Guests have told us that they feel like their own apartments!


Do any of our rooms have kitchenettes?

Yes, if you’re looking for a hotel room with a kitchenette in-room, we have a couple options. While all our guest rooms have mini-fridges, these also feature microwaves, dishes, and cutlery.


What rooms control their own heat?

  • Here is a list of rooms that control their own heat: 1, 3, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30 and 32.


What rooms have their own HVAC system?

  • Rooms 1, 5, 10, 25, 30, 32, 36, and 37 have their own HVAC system

Guest Amenities:


pool towels at Stanton House Inn

What bathroom amenities will I find in my room?

  • We try to make it as easy as possible for you to travel, so we provide certain amenities for you.  The bathroom amenities we provide are:
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hand soap
  • Glycerin/shower soap
  • Make-up remover wipes
  • Shower caps

What room amenities will I find in my room?

  • We provide a french press coffee maker, coffee, a tea kettle, tea and mugs.  We also have other amenities available in our common areas.

What items can I find in the common areas and where?

  • We offer some amenities in common areas such as: plates, silverware, napkins, wine glasses, wine openers, snacks, beverages and ice.  If you would like to know where these items are provided you can find that information below.
  • Dining room
    • Plates
    • Silverware
    • Napkins
    • Wine glasses
    • Wine openers
  • The corridor between the living room and the patio
    • Snacks and beverages
    • Ice (in an ice machine)
  • The library
    • The Innkeeper’s collection of books, records, record player, and board games

Why should I stay with you?

We host guests who visit with us once and keep coming back. In some cases, for decades. But that doesn’t keep us from continuing to find opportunities to get 1% better everyday.


We’re always working to be one of the best bed and breakfasts in Connecticut. But here’s what we know we’re doing well now, based on what guests say. Guests love the location of our inn. Our secluded retreat is close to restaurants and shops, as Greenwich Avenue is within walking distance. Our staff work hard to make the house feel like a home away from home. And our comfortable, cozy, and private guest rooms add to the relaxing atmosphere. And, our outdoor pool and lovely sitting rooms and dining room make our mansion bed and breakfast really feel like home.


Because, after all, it is home for some members of our team.

Any more questions?

No worries, we’re here to help!


Click below to reach our contact page, and shoot us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!