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A Glimpse Inside: Exploring the Grandeur of a Mansion Bed and Breakfast

The public areas of our historic mansion bed and breakfast

Step into our charming Connecticut mansion. This treasured gem has witnessed the passage of time while retaining its timeless allure. Come explore the history and beauty of Stanton House Inn, a grand mansion bed and breakfast. The Seaman-Brush House was built in 1843. In 1900, architect Stanford White led a renovation that came to life in 1906. The effort created the lasting gem that stands today. Take a visual journey through stunning photos. See the beautiful interiors of our New England bed and breakfast.

Every nook and cranny of this historic mansion bed and breakfast is a testament to its rich heritage. The bed and breakfast guest rooms are filled with history. The common areas are inviting and luxurious. The wainscoting and plasterwork in these spaces are carefully made, preserving the past.

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Explore the Public Rooms of Stanton House Inn

When you enter, our front entry-way leads you to our dining room, parlors, and reception area. Have a tasty breakfast or tea in our dining room. Relax with a book or laptop in our parlors. Then take a stroll around our grounds and enjoy our outdoor bed and breakfast swimming pool. You are welcome to enjoy the peaceful serenity of our bed and breakfast near New York City, however you decide!



bed and breakfast mansion dining room

Bed and Breakfast Dining Room: A Feast for the Senses

The dining room is filled with sunlight and has green accents. It combines old-world charm and modern comfort. As you eat there, you’re surrounded by history. The menu and dishes remind you of the hotel after World War II. It feels nostalgic. Enjoy a delicious breakfast while looking at the beautiful pool, patio, and gardens. This charming room stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of the past and the present.

Our historic dining features one of the most impressive fireplaces in the entire mansion. If you’d like to enjoy a gas fireplace in-room of your own on a cold winter day, be sure to reserve one of those guest rooms.




The library of our mansion bed and breakfast

Library: Where Stories Come Alive

Step into the library, adorned in shades of red, where stories come alive. The room feels warm and cozy, inviting you to relax by the gas fireplace. You can curl up with a beloved book or play board games. A collection of vinyl records add a touch of nostalgia to the ambiance. This space can be used for small events or meetings, as it was in the days of the private mansion.







The living room of our historic bed and breakfast mansion

Living Room: An Oasis of Elegance

Adjoining the dining room, the living room beckons with its opulent golden accents. This airy parlor offers direct access to the patio and pool, making it a favored spot among guests. Enjoy the spaciousness and natural light. You can also explore the Innkeeper’s record collection and vintage record player here. This room exemplifies the epitome of turn of the century elegance and sophistication.







The main entrance of our mansion bed and breakfast

Reception Area: A Fusion of History and Hospitality

The reception area, situated in the grand foyer, greets you as you enter the mansion. In the past, this was home to a cramped bathtub.

The nerve center of the Inn is now here, welcoming and guiding guests on their stay.



A Visual Sojourn: Exploring Stanton House Inn Photos

If you’re interested in history, Stanton House Inn is a great way to learn about Greenwich’s past. Explore the stories of this old mansion and travel back in time. Dive deeper into Connecticut’s historical landscape through our guide to historic Connecticut. Let these photos take you back to a time of elegance and grandeur. They’ll help you plan your stay at our beautiful mansion bed and breakfast in Greenwich, CT.

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