17 of the Best Connecticut Breweries Near Greenwich CT

Visiting a local brewery is unquestionably one of the best activities you could enjoy during any vacation.

Whether it’s a weekend away with your partner, time away with friends, or a business trip with key clients, a brewery tour is one way to impress.

And there’s no need to go all the way to Portland, Maine; Portland, Oregon, or Asheville, North Carolina, to find great breweries.

Connecticut is home to several brilliant breweries. So head to the closest brewery to you and support local businesses while feeling like you’re going farther afield.

Keep track of all the great things to do nearby like Connecticut breweries when you download a copy of our Greenwich activities checklist!

List of the 17 Best Connecticut Breweries

Here are 17 of the best breweries dotted around Greenwich and nearby areas.

Stamford, CT, Breweries

Just next door in Stamford, these Stamford breweries are an easy trip from Stanton House Inn in one of the best towns near Greenwich, CT.

1. Half Full Brewery, Stamford

The Half Full Brewery isn’t the easiest to find, but it’s worth the effort. The small yet friendly brewery has a decent selection of beers and ciders while the pleasant outside seating area is ideal for downing a few pints with friends.

2. Lock City Brewing, Stamford

Lock City Brewing is open Thursdays through Sundays and is home to a range of tasty alcoholic beverages.


The company’s name derives from an early name for Stamford, as the home of Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company which at one time employed 25% of Stamford’s population. Its funky setting and cool vibe makes this a great place to throw back a couple of their brews.


In addition to IPAs and Stouts, Lock City Brewing has several ciders on offer, including the 5.1% ABV Original Blend.

Connecticut Breweries in Norwalk

Norwalk itself is a fun stop on a Connecticut day trip. And with more craft breweries opening there, it’s definitely worth a stop on a beer lover’s tour.

3. Lesser Mind Brewery, Norwalk

Norwalk is home to a couple of very good breweries, and the Lesser Mind Brewery is certainly one of them. We’d suggest opting for a bottle of Great White, but there are plenty of other great tasting drinks on offer at this small yet sophisticated venue.

4. Iron Brewing Co, Norwalk

The Iron Brewing Company offers far more than beer, as its delicious menu of food underlines. However, tipples like Sono Wheat and Hipster Vienna Lager play center stage as you enjoy the stylish setting and comfy ambience.

5. Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer, Norwalk

With 20 beers to choose from, Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer in Norwalk gives you plenty to choose from. A range of gluten-free beers allows those with wheat intolerances to enjoy beer without the fear while the fruity hints of Cranberry, Grape, and Prickly Pears are all great options.

Bridgeport, Connecticut, Breweries

Bridgeport offers some benefits to local brewers: lots of cheap land that relatively recently was used for industrial purposes. That’s my best guess as to why breweries often pop-up in former industrial sites, but your guess is as good as mine.

6. Brewport, Bridgeport

Brewport is open seven days per week, and the modern industrial brewery combined on tap beers with stunning foods like the BBQ pork pizza. The South End Pale Ale is a winner in our books while those seeking a strong beer can choose the 8% ABV Old News Double IPA.

7. Aspetuck Brew Lab, Bridgeport

The small yet classy brewery based in Bridgeport brings subtle tastes to provide the perfect solution for an afternoon of drinking. The taster flights are a particularly popular option at Aspetuck Brew Lab that gives you a chance to try up to 6 different beers for just $2 each.

More Connecticut Breweries in Westport, Stratford, and Ridgefield

Each of these breweries are great stops or pauses during day trips in their host towns or while exploring a broader area.

All of these breweries made our list of the cutest towns in Connecticut.

8. Beaver Beer Brewery, Westport

While Beaver Beer’s various tipples can be purchased throughout the state of Connecticut, there’s nothing like the fresh on tap solutions on offer at the brewery. You can celebrate the visit with some ultra cool merchandise featuring the snazzy beaver logo.

9. Nod Hill Brewery, Ridgefield

Open Thursdays through Sundays, Nod Hill is a stylish brewery with a rustic vibe about its décor. They also produce an array of wonderful beers, including Zoar brown ale. With live music often on offer too, this is a great venue for a relaxed evening out.


They typically have a different food truck each night. For a great, active, afternoon, head to Devil’s Den Preserve, one of the best hiking trails in Connecticut, then stop-in to Nod Hill for a beer or two and some food truck fare.

10. Redding Beer Company, Redding

The Redding Beer Company aimed to offer a relaxed environment for locals and beer aficionados to enjoy. And they’ve hit the mark with their chill, coffeeshop vibe of a tasting room.


Get a tasting flight or growler (or anything in between) of their English ESB, American IPA, or East Coast IPA.

11. Athletic Brewing Co, Stratford

Getting drunk isn’t the only reason to enjoy beer, and Athletic Brewing Co’s non-alcoholic range proves it. Enjoy a few craft beers without fear of gaining a hangover, allowing you to enjoy Connecticut in style. Their merchandise range is pretty impressive too.

Westchester County, NY, Breweries

Greenwich is on the edge of a finger of Connecticut that juts in between Long Island Sound and New York State. A chunk of Westchester County is closer to Greenwich than parts of Connecticut.


And there are more than a few great breweries in Westchester, so we’d be remiss not to mention them!

12. Neversink Spirits, Port Chester (NY)

When beer isn’t the only drink on your agenda, the gins, bandies, and cocktails at Neversink Spirits are just the answer. They also offer a good selection of foods while the distillery’s bottles can be ordered to take away.

13. Decadent Ales, Mamaroneck (NY)

Decadent Ales is based in New York. That said, it is still very close to Greenwich, Connecticut, and has a cozy, open brewery atmosphere. Decadent Ales opens its doors to the public on Wednesdays through Sundays. Known for a number of IPAs, we’d suggest trying the Strawberry Coconut Smoothie for a gorgeously fruity flavor.

14. Wolf & Warrior Brewing Co, White Plains (NY)

The Wolf & Warrior Brewing Company opens every day except Mondays. The brewery offers over 20 beers. Project Mayhem is our pick of the bunch, but all of the deliciously fresh tastes are sure to put a smile on your face during the visit.

15. Broken Bow Brewery, Tuckahoe (NY)

The family-owned brewery is focused on providing a comforting experience, and a trip to the tasting room is sure to tick all the boxes. Since opening its doors in 2012, Broken Bow has won over many guests in NY and CT. With its:

  • solid beer
  • great prices
  • good service
  • great indoor/outdoor seating

Broken Bow Brewery has earned its reputation for being one of the best Westchester County breweries.


You won’t be disappointed.


Besides, the cute, little, town of Tuckahoe and nearby Bronxville is worth exploring.

16. Captain Lawrence Brewing, Elmsford (NY)

Located just over the borders in NY, Captain Lawrence Brewing doesn’t only provide a selection of delicious craft beers on tap. It also takes the experience to another level by offering facility tours. The food is surprisingly good too. It’s a particularly good option for larger groups as there are over 600 beers from which to choose.

17. Gun Hill Brewing Company, Bronx (NY)

Yes, this one isn’t in Westchester. But it’s close to the border in the Bronx.


Gun Hill Brewing is a must-visit brewery for fans of Stout beers. Their Void of Light has won many accolades in recent years. The dark wood décor of the tasting room is a winning backdrop as you tuck into their glorious showpiece beverage.

The Final Word on Breweries near Greenwich, CT

beer on a table on outside seating at one of the best Connecticut breweries near Greenwich, CTGreenwich, Connecticut, is blessed with some truly incredible breweries that are sure to provide you with experiences that you’ll treasure. However, that’s not the only reason to visit this part of the Constitution State.


For example, if wineries are more your thing, you can check out our list of the best wineries in Connecticut.


From the historic and quaint neighborhoods to the beautiful beaches and gorgeous greens spaces, there’s plenty to explore. And when you stay at the stunningly beautiful and ideally located Stanton House, you’ll be able to enjoy it all.


To discover more or get help planning your personalized visit, contact us or give us a call at (203) 869-2110 today.