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Greenwich CT hotels can range from charming bed and breakfast inns to modern boutique hotels

Greenwich, CT, hotels industry has followed the trends of the country.


When my parents opened their bed and breakfast inn in the 1980s, small inns and motels were the hosts of the majority of visitors to Greenwich.


Since the turn of this century, hotels have moved out of the cities and into towns like ours.


As hotels, then vacation rentals, became larger players in the area, many of these older, family-owned inns scattered in the various Greenwich neighborhoods finished their tenures.


First Cos Cob Inn, then the Harbor House Inn in Old Greenwich closed when we celebrated our 30th anniversary of business


Then, at the end of 2021, the Homestead Inn decided to close its doors for good as well.


Today, there are over 300 lodging places to stay in Greenwich or nearby. But of those options, only 4 are not short-term vacation rentals.


And of those 4 options, 3 are Greenwich, CT, hotels


The fifth option is our 20-room bed and breakfast inn in downtown Greenwich.


Each of the 4 choices are unique, and ideally suited to cater to their target guest. Sometimes, it’s a matter of figuring out which place is best suited for your unique traveling style.


Ready to learn more about your choices for hotels in Greenwich, Connecticut?


Read on.


map of Greenwich CT hotels and their respective neighborhoods
Map design by Stanton House Inn with elements from Flaticon


Greenwich, CT, Hotels: Table of Contents

  1. Stanton House Inn
  2. Delamar Greenwich Harbor
  3. The J House Greenwich
  4. Hyatt Regency Greenwich
  5. Luxury Hotels in Greenwich
  6. Greenwich Hotels that allow dogs
  7. Greenwich Hotels with Pools
  8. Old Greenwich Hotels
  9. Downtown Greenwich Hotels
  10. What’s the closest Marriott hotel to Greenwich?
  11. Hotels in Stamford, CT

Stanton House Inn

a guest room at one of the best greenwich ct hotels
A standard guest room at Stanton House Inn

Our downtown Greenwich bed and breakfast inn is situated in a historic mansion, the Seaman-Brush house. We are a member of Select Registry, a diverse collection of unique boutique properties throughout the country.


Stanton House Inn is within walking distance of Whole Foods, Greenwich Avenue, and everything downtown Greenwich has to offer.


Our guest rooms and king bedroom suites are comfortable and cozy, yet still offer plenty of privacy. Guests rave about our coffee, baked goods, and that we feel like a home away from home for them.


And in the summer months, our expansive gardens (complete with romantic ruins) and outdoor pool are a draw in and of themselves.


Our team members create an environment that feels like you’re staying at the home of a wealthy friend.


Again, we don’t consider ourselves a hotel. That said, with only 4 hotels in Greenwich, we don’t feel guilty throwing our inn on the list.


We are an in-town lodging option with bed and breakfast spa services, after all.

Attractions Near Stanton House Inn

Our prime downtown Greenwich location puts all the restaurants, shopping, art galleries, museums, and more attractions in easy reach of guests.


Be sure to read our guide to downtown Greenwich to learn more.

Delamar Hotel Greenwich Harbor

modern style guest room greenwich ct hotels Greenwich CT Hotels & Inns: Top 4 Most Unique Spots

Delamar Greenwich Harbor is the flagship hotel of the Delamar brand.


Greenwich Hospitality did a fantastic job of updating what was a motel that had seen better days into the boutique hotel visitors enjoy today.


This waterfront hotel on Greenwich Harbor (as its name implies) is the only option for waterfront lodging in Greenwich.


Delamar Greenwich Harbor has been so successful at this location that they have expanded operations to other locations in Connecticut and around the country. You can stay at a Delamar hotel in Southport, a neighborhood in Fairfield, CT, or a great location in West Hartford.

Amenities at Delamar Hotel

Guests at Delamar Hotel consistently enjoy the amenities that only a luxury hotel can offer.


While all guest rooms are beautiful, aim for a room with a harbor view. The rooms labelled, “city view” simply look out on an uninspiring street.


If you’re so inclined, you can check in directly from your yacht from the Greenwich marina.


Just complete step #1: buy yacht.


restaurant dining roomL’ESCALE RESTAURANT

A Provencal-inspired dining facility occupies much of the ground floor of the hotel, Delamar Greenwich Harbor.


L’Escale Restaurant serves fine dining in an elegant atmosphere. It’s perfect for brunch or lunch, as well as dinner. It also adds to the experience of enjoying one of the best hotel wedding venues in CT.


I send guests that have dinner plans elsewhere on Greenwich Avenue here on a nice summer night. Their waterfront seating area is perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail.


The Delamar also hosts a small, boutique spa offering typical treatments like Swedish massages.

Attractions Near Delamar Hotel Greenwich Harbor

The Delamar Hotel has a great location.


The Bruce Museum, one of the best museums in Greenwich, CT, is close-by. And the bottom of Greenwich Avenue is an easy 5-minute walk. It’s the same distance to the Greenwich train station from the hotel.


Our guide to downtown Greenwich mentions all the restaurants, shops, art galleries, and more you can enjoy within an easy walk of the Delamar Hotel.

The J House Greenwich

three towels on brown wooden rack greenwich ct hotels Greenwich CT Hotels & Inns: Top 4 Most Unique Spots

The J House Greenwich occupies the former site of the Howard Johnson in Riverside, Greenwich. It’s situated right on the Post Road, providing easy access to I-95, which runs directly behind it.

Amenities at The J House Greenwich

This boutique hotel focuses on providing a high-tech lodging experience, with little touches like a TV embedded in the bathroom mirror and rooms controlled from a console. The Japanese talking toilets with heated seats are still the talk of the town, years after the J House Greenwich opened.


Tony, manager of the restaurant at the J House, is well-known in town. He came here from a restaurant in downtown Greenwich that has since closed.


woman at a hotel pool

We have guests that return to Greenwich and stay with us just so that they can enjoy a meal at whatever restaurant Tony is working. There’s no question he is a personality that will delight your dining experience.


Like our pool, the J House Greenwich pool is outdoors. Their pool has the added benefit of food and bar service. Depending on the day, it can be a great place to relax.


Overall, The J House Greenwich has a distinct vibe from other hotels in Greenwich. It’s ideal for those looking for a more lively atmosphere than what’s found at other Greenwich hotels.

Hyatt Regency Greenwich

A major chain hotel like the Hyatt Regency Greenwich opening in the mid-1980s felt like it put Greenwich on the map.

Amenities at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich

solo staycation greenwich ct hotels Greenwich CT Hotels & Inns: Top 4 Most Unique Spots

Occupying the former headquarters of Conde Nast Publications, the Hyatt Regency has a lovely exterior and some impressive features inside.


One of the first things you’ll notice when you enter the hotel is the beautiful indoor atrium. With gorgeous tropical plantings and indoor rivers, it’s worth a visit just to check it out, especially in the winter months.


Stop into the gazebo bar and relax with a drink next to an indoor waterfall. But just one, as this place can be pricey.


Locals used to enjoy the Sunday brunch at the Hyatt’s restaurant in the atrium, but they appear to have stopped offering it well before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Former guests have often complained in reviews that the Hyatt charges an $18 per day fee for self-parking. All other hotels in Greenwich (including Stanton House Inn) offer free off-street parking.


The Hyatt Regency Greenwich has an indoor pool.

Attractions and Restaurants near Hyatt Regency Greenwich

Hyatt Regency Greenwich has a convenient location if you have a car.


It’s right on the border between Greenwich and Stamford, and it’s parking lot overlooks I-95, with an entrance ramp closeby. That said, the Old Greenwich train station is a 25-minute walk, and the Stamford train station is a 30-minute walk from the hotel.


The hotel is also about the same distance from downtown Stamford, and would theoretically be an hour and a half walk to downtown Greenwich.


There are several good Old Greenwich restaurants near the Hyatt Regency, though, like Lugano.

Luxury Hotels in Greenwich, CT

Before I can answer questions related to luxury hotels in Greenwich, I suspect I ought to give some sort of definition.

What is a Luxury Hotel?

plate at a restaurant at one of the best greenwich ct hotels

Luxury is overused in the hotel industry. Most 4 and 5-star hotels use the term to describe themselves now.


Stanton House Inn, without on-site amenities like a restaurant or spa, is the only lodging establishment in town that is rated 3-stars. That means that theoretically every hotel in Greenwich is a luxury hotel.


Some define luxury hotels based on the decor, the service, the amenities offered, and more. The best definition I’ve seen, although it’s still admittedly vague, is:


“Luxury is when I get exactly what I want, when I want it, and how I want it, before I’ve actually asked for it.”


Based-off of that description, I would only describe the Delamar Hotel Greenwich as a truly luxury Greenwich hotel.

What about Greenwich hotels that allow dogs?

dogs on a bed at one of the pet friendly greenwich ct hotels

All hotels in Greenwich, Connecticut, are dog friendly:

  • Stanton House Inn
  • Delamar Hotel
  • The J House
  • Hyatt Regency

Contact your pick to find-out particulars and make sure that you get a room that is pet-friendly.


The Delamar Hotel has a floor of designated pet-friendly rooms, for example. Meanwhile, our dog friendly bed and breakfast guest rooms are all hotel rooms with private, outside entrances, so that it’s easy for you to get your pet outside to take care of business.


On that note, if you’re not personally looking for pet-friendly vacations near New York City, make sure you confirm that your room isn’t on said floor.

Which hotels in Greenwich have pools?

outdoor pool at stanton house inn, one of the greenwich ct hotels
The pool at Stanton House Inn at sunset

This list is slightly shorter than the one above.


Of the hotels in Greenwich, only 3 have pools:

  • Stanton House Inn
  • The J House
  • Hyatt Regency

Which hotels and inns have outdoor pools?

The only Greenwich, CT, hotels with an outdoor pool are Stanton House Inn and The J House.

What about Old Greenwich Hotels?

There is only one hotel located in Old Greenwich, the Hyatt Regency. The J House is located close-by, in Riverside, Connecticut.


RIP Harbor House Inn of Old Greenwich.

Which Hotels are in Downtown Greenwich?

There are 2 hotels in downtown Greenwich, Connecticut:

  • Stanton House Inn
  • Delamar Hotel Greenwich Harbor

Which hotel or inn is closest to Greenwich Hospital?

That would be us. Our downtown bed and breakfast is a few blocks away from Greenwich Hospital, making it within easy walking distance.

What is the average nightly price of Greenwich CT hotels?

That depends on the time of year you’re planning on visiting.

The slowest period of the year is the winter months, stretching from January to March. That time of year, average daily rate is about $220.

The busiest time of the year to visit is from mid-May to mid-November, with a peak from September to November. Rates during that time can range from $265 to over $400 a night, depending on where you’re staying.

Which hotels have a fitness center?

Most hotels have a fitness center of some sort. Except, well, us. Options in town with a gym of some sort are:

  • The Delamar Greenwich Harbor
  • The J House
  • The Hyatt Regency

breakfast in bedWhat’s the closest Marriott hotel to Greenwich?

For those loyal to a given national brand like Hyatt, some visitors to Greenwich will prefer to score some points from their visit, or use points to cover their stay.


No shame in that!


The closest Marriott hotels to Greenwich are in Stamford and Rye, New York, respectively.

Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa

This hotel near the city center of Stamford is right by I-95. When they were closed during the Covid-19 pandemic, they left certain guest room lights on to form a heart on the side of the building. It was a heart-warming sign for much of Stamford and drivers on the highway.


As befits a hotel close to downtown Stamford, Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa is convenient to the train station and the Stamford shopping mall.

Courtyard by Marriott Rye

Courtyard by Marriott Rye is right on the Port Chester, NY, border with Rye, New York, and close to I-95. Guests love the indoor pool and staff.

Courtyard by Marriott Stamford Downtown

As the name suggests, this Courtyard by Marriott is in the middle of Stamford city center. Its location is walking distance to the restaurants on Summer Street and Bedford Street. And Mill River Park and the Stamford branch of UConn are a 5-minute walk away from Courtyard by Marriott Stamford Downtown.


What’s the closest Hilton hotel to Greenwich?

Those are in Stamford.


Your options include:

  • The Lloyd Stamford, formerly known as Hotel Zero Degrees Stamford. The Lloyd Stamford is part of the Tapestry Collection of hotels by Hilton and is right in the city center
  • Hampton Inn and Suites in the city center of Stamford, is also part of the Hilton brand

What other choices are there for Hotels in Stamford, CT?

candlelight greenwich ct hotels spa Greenwich CT Hotels & Inns: Top 4 Most Unique Spots

Staying in Greenwich while visiting the area isn’t for everyone.


When the vibe of Greenwich doesn’t work for a potential guest, or when the price point of Greenwich hotels doesn’t match a travelers’ budget, we often recommend hotels in Stamford, Connecticut


It’s the city next door, and there are way more hotel chains with many more rooms, so prices are generally lower than the limited availability in Greenwich.


Aside from the Marriott hotels I mentioned above, some other options in the city center of Stamford include:


Any other suggestions on where to stay nearby?

That depends on the vibe you’re going for.


If you’ve never stayed in New York City, and would rather experience the City that Never Sleeps, read our guide to the best places in New York to stay when you may need to plan a visit into Greenwich, CT. And don’t say we didn’t warn you about the sleeplessness.


Or read our guide to the most romantic inns across Connecticut, not just in our area, if you’re planning romantic getaways in CT.


Great, you’ve made your choice from the list of Greenwich, CT, hotels. Now what?

brunchHopefully, you know the place that’ll be perfect for your next getaway to Greenwich, Connecticut.


Or, if you need a little more guidance based on something specific, check some of our other guides.


For wedding planners, don’t miss our:


But there’s more to a trip than simply picking a hotel or inn.


Make sure that where you’re staying is close to what you’re planning on doing while you’re here.


Download a free Visitor’s Guide to Greenwich, Connecticut, for a list of attractions, activities, and things to do in Greenwich. It has everything you need to plan your trip, from hiking trails to a guide to popular hotels and inns.


If you’d rather stay in downtown Greenwich, specifically, check-out our in-depth guide to downtown Greenwich.


We hope you enjoy your stay at your new favorite Greenwich hotel!


Updated and republished: June 9, 2023

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