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Couples Getaway Packages in Greenwich, CT: Rekindle Irresistible Romance

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Couple taking a walk in the woods while enjoying couples getaway packages in Connecticut, part of New EnglandEmbarking on romantic getaways together not only broadens horizons but deepens the bond between couples. Many studies show that romantic vacations strengthen relationships and bring couples closer. Picture yourself in a charming, romantic CT getaway, where love is reignited and deepened. Welcome to Greenwich, the gateway to New England. We’re ready to create memorable couples getaway packages for you and your partner in one of the most romantic destinations on the East Coast. And all only about 30 miles from Central Park.


Don’t believe us? Then read on.


How to enjoy romantic weekend getaways in CT

Try our special Connecticut Romantic Getaway Package to make your trip to one of the most romantic hotels in CT even better. We believe that every moment spent together, including a special occasion, deserves to be celebrated in style.


An elegant start to your romantic vacations

When you arrive at your room, your partner will be delighted to find sparkling wine and chocolate-covered strawberries. We’ll deliver them to the king bedroom suite or bed and breakfast room you choose:


In a world where showing love matters, these generous gifts express deep affection without words. The fizzy wine bubbles show your love, and chocolate-covered strawberries represent your joy as a couple. A red rose can represent love, but this special couple’s vacation package goes above and beyond to show your feelings in an amazing way.


Then, head out for a night on the town, starting with a romantic dinner within walking distance on Greenwich Avenue. Intimate restaurants line the streets of downtown Greenwich, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect!


The second day of your romantic vacation

The following day, enjoy a visit to one of Greenwich’s private beaches for one of the most exclusive beach vacations you can find. Or start your day of fun activities by hitting the local hiking trails before finishing your afternoon at one of the beautiful beaches. The nearby public golf courses are beckoning, too!


Or skip all of that natural beauty and spend the day enjoying shopping and spa treatments together at or near to our boutique hotel.


In the evening, find one of the secluded spots in our lush gardens or pull-up a lounge chair at our adults only pool before heading out to enjoy private dinners at one of the many delicious restaurants on Greenwich Avenue.


Couples getaway packages for your next romantic vacation

couple under an umbrella on a rainy day while enjoying couples getaway packages in CTStart rekindling romance with our Connecticut Romantic Getaway Package. It shows you care about your relationship. Once you book, this package cannot be refunded. Think of it as the reflection of the unwavering commitment of true love.


You can experience the romance for just $50. You must book at least one night. Please note that the room rate is not included in the package cost. Please let us know 48 hours in advance so we can prepare for your experience.


As the sun sets on another day, the canvas of your love story awaits new brushstrokes of affection and enchantment. Create lasting memories and strong connections with our Romantic Vacation Packages in Greenwich, CT. Plan the ultimate romantic trip now and start a journey that will rekindle your love.


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