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All Inclusive Micro Wedding Packages in CT: Top 3 Most Unique Spots

Intimate wedding that took advantage of all inclusive micro wedding packages in CT

Thinking about a small, cozy wedding in Connecticut but feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, all inclusive micro wedding packages in CT have your back. These packages include everything from charming venues to custom catering, making your special day a breeze. Let’s break it down so you can say “I do” without a hitch.

Quick Hits

  • All-in-One Packages: These cover catering, photography, venue, decorations, and a wedding planner, ensuring a stress-free celebration.

  • Custom Experiences: Enjoy unique settings like romantic vineyards or historic sites, with décor and dining options tailored to your style.

  • Professional Coordination: From logistics to luxury transportation, these packages manage everything, so you don’t have to.

All Inclusive Micro Wedding Packages in CT at Stanton House Inn

Photo shoot taking advantage of natural light at a small wedding venue in CT like Copper Beech Inn

Starting at $6995

Ready to celebrate your special day with a uniquely intimate and personal experience? Stanton House Inn has got you covered. Our micro-wedding package is designed to make your celebration stress-free, memorable, and elegant. Let’s dive into the details.

What’s Included:

  • Accommodations: Enjoy a one-night stay for up to 20 guests in our luxurious rooms. Your loved ones will thank you for the comfort and relaxation.

  • Early Check-In: You and your partner can arrive early to prepare for the wedding ceremony. You’ll have plenty of time for those special pre-wedding moments.

  • Venue Choice: Get up to 2 hours of exclusive use of your chosen inn locations for your ceremony and/or cocktail reception. Perfect for your vows and celebrations.

  • French Garden Ceremony Chairs: Elegant seating to enhance the beauty of your ceremony.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Options: Flexible ceremony and reception locations to match your style and the season.

  • On-Site Coordinator: A dedicated coordinator to manage the day’s schedule and ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Sparkling Toast: Celebrate with a sparkling toast for all guests, adding a festive touch to your special day.

  • Continental Breakfast: Start the next day with a delightful continental breakfast for you and your guests.

  • Floral Arrangements: Beautiful bouquets, boutonnieres, or a stunning floral arrangement to complement your wedding theme.

  • Marriage License Assistance: Guidance and directions to the town hall for obtaining your marriage license.

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Additional Guests: Accommodate up to 20 additional guests, expanding your celebration.

  • Officiant Services: Professional officiant to conduct your ceremony.

  • Extra Flowers: Enhance your décor with additional floral arrangements.

  • Private Dinner or Reservations: Enjoy a private dinner or make special dinner reservations for an intimate dining experience.

  • Photography: Capture every moment with professional photography services.

  • Music: Set the perfect mood with customized music options.

  • Cake: Delight in a beautiful wedding cake to share with your guests.

  • Hair and Makeup: Professional hair and makeup services to ensure you look your best.

  • Transportation: Convenient transportation options for you and your guests.

Your Dream Micro-Wedding Awaits

At Stanton House Inn, we’re committed to making your micro-wedding an unforgettable experience. With our comprehensive package and attention to detail, you can focus on celebrating your love while we take care of the rest. Contact us today to start planning your dream wedding.

Enchanting Venues for All-Inclusive Micro Weddings

Garden gate to the ruins of the former garden house at Stanton House Inn, a lovely pick among small wedding venues

If you’re dreaming of a charming small wedding venue, Stanton House Inn in Greenwich, CT, is the place to be. With all-inclusive packages, you can say goodbye to planning stress. Imagine a lovely outdoor garden ceremony, with an indoor backup just in case Mother Nature has other plans.

Discovering Connecticut’s Gems

Stanton House Inn showcases Connecticut’s natural beauty, from lush gardens to historic rooms with beautiful natural light to a retro pool. The architecture of this New England inn adds a grand touch to your intimate celebration. Read on for some of the most enchanting of Connecticut’s favorite wedding venues:

Serene Garden Ruins

The ruins of a former garden house make one of the most beautiful, intimate wedding venues

The back gardens at Stanton House Inn are a green haven, perfect for micro weddings. Up to 80 guests can enjoy a seated dinner in the ruins of a former garden house. Picture this: a tranquil spot for your ceremony, cocktail hour, or intimate wedding reception, complete with:

No built-in restrooms, but hey, it’s all about the serene vibes at this small wedding venue!

Historic Charm

The common areas of Stanton House Inn are perfect as an intimate wedding venue

Inside Stanton House Inn, you’ll find historic charm mixed with modern comforts. It’s perfect for elegant micro weddings. Reserve common areas of our Connecticut bed and breakfast, like:

  • The Dining Room for up to 24 guests

  • The Living Room for an additional 10 guests

Enjoy amenities for intimate weddings, such as:

  • Kitchen Facilities for your caterer

  • Accessible Restrooms just steps away

  • Essential furniture like chairs and tables

Retro Cocktail Hour on the Grounds

The pool at Stanton House Inn makes a lovely cocktail hour venue or reception space

Now, imagine this: a charming, retro-inspired micro-wedding at Stanton House Inn. It’s like stepping into a time machine, blending historic elegance with a relaxed patio and pool area. It’s perfect for an intimate gathering of 50-60 guests.

The patio’s brick layout and cozy seating set the stage for a nostalgic celebration. The nearby pool deck adds a touch of old-school glamour, a perfect option for a standing reception.

Whether you’re planning:

  • An elegant wedding reception

  • Elopement

  • Or cocktail party

The patio and pool area offer a unique mix of vintage sophistication and modern comfort. It’s a great choice for a memorable and distinctive celebration at our New England inn.

Design Your Dream Day: Customizable Package Elements

Photo of rings on a pink bouquet at one of the best small wedding venues in CT

Planning a wedding and feeling like you’re herding cats? Relax, I’ve got your back. Read on for making your Connecticut micro wedding uniquely yours without emptying your wallet.

Customizing Your Big Day

One of the best parts about micro weddings in Connecticut is their flexibility. You can tweak almost everything to fit your vision and budget. From picking the perfect venue to choosing decor that screams “you,” the sky’s the limit. Customizable photography services, including pre-planning consultations and engagement sessions, ensure your wedding day memories are captured just as you envision.

Want a themed outdoor ceremony or a cozy indoor reception? No problem. Let’s look at how you can personalize each part of your wedding.

Personalizing Your Ceremony

Your ceremony should reflect your unique tastes and values. At the best small wedding venues in CT, you can personalize your outdoor ceremony with specific themes, decorations, and music. Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by flowers that won’t make you sneeze or having an officiant who really gets you. Experienced planners are pros at bringing your vision to life, making sure every detail is just right.

Reception Space That Reflects You

The reception is where the real party happens. Connecticut’s venues offer endless possibilities for customization. Whether it’s a rustic barn at Chamard Vineyards or a historic mansion, you can decorate these spaces to reflect your love story. Every detail, from table settings to lighting, can be tailored to make your reception feel uniquely yours. It’s like having your own little slice of New England for the day.

Crafting a Unique Celebration

Adding interactive experiences and special touches will make your wedding unforgettable. Connecticut micro wedding packages can include fun extras like horse-drawn carriage rides, wine tastings, and diverse entertainment options. Want to amp up the party? DJs can bring the house down with lighting and photo booths. Interactive experiences like photo booths or dessert bars keep guests entertained and make your wedding stand out.

Navigating Guest Lists and Intimacy

Guests are so important to an intimate wedding, with the caveat: manage the guest count

Planning a micro wedding and wondering how to manage that guest list? Let’s keep it simple and stress-free. Here’s the lowdown on keeping things intimate and special:

  1. Jot Down Everyone: First, write down everyone you might invite.

  2. Sort Them: Categorize them into immediate family, close friends, etc.

  3. Prioritize: Think about who you’ve had meaningful interactions with in the last year. This helps trim the list from a larger wedding.

  4. Venue Size: The number of guests will affect your venue choice. Make sure everyone fits comfortably while keeping that cozy vibe.

Balancing Friends and Family

Balancing the guest list can feel like walking a tightrope, but it’s key to include those who matter most while keeping things intimate.

  • Even Split: Divide the guest list evenly between you, your partner, and both sets of parents.

  • Fair Share: Make sure both families are equally represented. This keeps things fair and personal.

This way, your wedding stays intimate, filled with the people who mean the most to you.

Intimate Spaces for Larger Impact

Choosing the right venue and design is crucial for that cozy feel. Connecticut has some gems like the Florence Griswold Museum, Roseland Cottage, and the Keeler Tavern Museum, perfect for 50-60 guests.

  • Design Elements: Use drapery and suspended florals to create a cozy atmosphere, even for larger groups.

  • Versatile Venues: Pick places that offer different spaces or configurations to keep things comfortable and personal.

Planning and Coordination Included

Planning intimate weddings is easy with pros by your side

Planning a micro wedding can feel like juggling flaming torches, right? But don’t worry—the wedding planning team at Stanton House Inn has got you covered. These pros handle the nitty-gritty so you can focus on enjoying your special day.

Stress-Free Planning

Imagine having someone else deal with all the details. Small wedding packages at our bed and breakfast wedding venue often include professional coordinators who work closely with you to tailor every part of your celebration. This personal touch makes your wedding feel intimate and relaxed, letting you savor every moment without sweating the small stuff. Here’s what these experts do:

  • Initial Vision Discussions: They’ll chat with you to nail down your dream wedding.

  • Detailed Timeline Creation: They plan out every minute so things run like clockwork.

  • Personalizing Reception Spaces: Your venue will look exactly how you want it.

  • Managing Unique Celebrations: Have a crazy idea? They can make it happen.

  • Overseeing Every Detail: From vendor hires to last-minute changes, they’ve got it all under control.

Expertise on Hand

Our planners are like wedding wizards. They start by getting a feel for your vision, then draft a timeline and refine it with your input. They make sure your reception space screams “you,” ensuring a seamless, thoughtful experience. And if anything goes sideways, they’re there to fix it—no sweat.

Seamless Execution on the Day

On your wedding day, you should be celebrating, not coordinating. Your planning team will be on-site, making sure everything goes off without a hitch. They’ll create a detailed schedule and handle all the logistics, so you can just focus on getting hitched.

Post-Wedding Follow-Up

The magic doesn’t end when the party does. Your planners will help with post-wedding tasks like thank-you notes, returning rentals, and preserving your wedding attire. That way, you can kick back and enjoy your new married life without any extra stress.

Exclusive Add-Ons for Your Micro Wedding

Married bride riding away for her intimate wedding venue near the Connecticut River Valley

Ready to add some sparkle to your micro wedding? We have some fantastic extras to make your big day even more special. From live music to fancy rides, these unique ideas bring that extra touch of magic to your wedding ceremony.

Enhancing Ambiance with Music

Music sets the mood, right? Whether you want an acoustic set for a chill vibe or a lively band to get everyone dancing, Connecticut has you covered. DJs can also bring the party, complete with customized playlists and top-notch sound systems.

  • Live Bands: Perfect for that personal touch.

  • DJs: Great for custom playlists and a lively atmosphere.

Extended Photo Sessions

Want to capture every single moment? Extended photo sessions can include engagement shots and post-wedding pics at beautiful spots like Green Haven. This way, all the special moments get documented beautifully.

  • Engagement Sessions: Start capturing memories early.

  • Post-Wedding Shoots: More moments to remember.

Luxurious Transportation Choices

Arrive in style! From limos to antique cars, fancy transportation options add a touch of elegance to your wedding. Imagine pulling up to your venue in a classic car—talk about making an entrance!

  • Limousines: For that sleek, modern look.

  • Antique Cars: Perfect for a vintage vibe.


All-inclusive micro wedding packages in Connecticut make planning your big day a piece of cake. They cover everything from delicious catering and stunning photography to beautiful flowers and magical venues. Every detail is handled, so you can kick back and enjoy the moment.

Choosing a micro wedding means celebrating what really matters—your love—with your closest friends and family. With help from experienced planners and cool add-ons, your wedding will be unforgettable at Stanton House Inn. Embrace the charm of an intimate celebration and let Connecticut’s micro wedding packages make your dream day a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of choosing an all-inclusive micro wedding package in Connecticut?

All-inclusive micro wedding packages in Connecticut simplify planning and offer everything you need for a small gathering. Think catering, photography, and decor—all tailored to your needs.

Can we personalize the elements of our micro wedding?

Absolutely! Personalize your micro wedding ceremony with customizable options to match your vision and budget. You can tweak everything from the ceremony to the reception.

How do we manage the guest list for a micro wedding?

Managing guest counts is key for small weddings. Start by listing potential invitees, prioritize them into categories, and refine the list based on how often you interact with them. This helps keep your celebration intimate and meaningful.

What kind of venues are available for micro weddings in Connecticut?

Connecticut offers a variety of charming venues for micro weddings. Choose from romantic B&Bs, rustic garden ruins, and historic sites, all with customizable packages to fit your special day.

What exclusive add-ons can we include in our micro wedding package?

Enhance your micro wedding with exclusive add-ons like live music, extended photography sessions, and luxurious transportation. These extras will make your day even more memorable.