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modern artAfter a few decades of feeling rather lost, Norwalk, Connecticut, is starting to find its own.


Thanks to:


  • Cheap rents (for the Connecticut Gold Coast, anyway)


  • And a diverse population


Norwalk is beginning to reclaim its public spaces and foster a fantastic creative environment.


And one of the most recent additions to the art scene roster is the Norwalk Art Space.


Located in historic Downtown Norwalk, this amazing space serves as a hub of creativity and expression. Here, you can peruse diverse artwork and engage in meaningful conversations with local artists. Whether you are passionate about exploring the art scene or simply seeking out new dynamic experiences doesn’t matter.


A visit to Norwalk Art Space will be sure to please!


Overview of Norwalk Art Space


The Norwalk Art Space is the perfect destination for any arts and culture enthusiast, offering:


  • Stunning art installations to admire


  • Inspiring workshops to engage in


  • And exciting cultural events to attend

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This community organization was lovingly conceived and created by Alexandra Davern Korry. She was a trailblazing M&A lawyer, educator, civil rights advocate, and pillar of the Norwalk community. Korry wanted to create a space that would:


  • Improve educational opportunities for underprivileged students


  • Support underappreciated local artists


  • And provide a welcoming environment for the general public to enjoy art and music


Unfortunately, Alexandra died before the completion of construction. ADK House, the name of the building that hosts the Norwalk Art Space, is dedicated to her memory.




Since the Norwalk Art Space opened in June 2021, it has increased opportunities and equity in the local arts community. It does so through its free art and music instruction and mentoring of underprivileged local students. The art space also sponsors and supports regional artists through its resident artist program and Korry Fellow exhibitions. It is a free facility where people can view art and listen to music.


Because of the creative and community-focused environment, it is a fun place for people of all backgrounds to:


  • Come together


  • Explore their passions


  • And share ideas and experiences


Whether you’re looking for a relaxing activity or a place to spark your creativity, Norwalk Art Space has something for you.


Exhibits & Workshops at Norwalk Art Space


SoNo collection mallEveryone is welcome to attend Norwalk Art Space’s exciting art exhibits and enjoyable workshops. There are many opportunities available here:

Norwalk Art Space is the perfect setting for self-expression and personal development. Their engaging seminars teach priceless lessons about developing one’s creativity.


The gallery hosts six significant exhibitions during the program year. Each exhibition lasts about 8 weeks before some of the pieces move to The M&T Bank Magnificent Room at The Sono Collection. The shop sells a variety of items from each exhibition.


Sculpture Garden


The sculpture garden connects the museum and the surrounding neighborhood. Curated by Yvonne Shortt, a public installation artist, the garden features four installations:

  • One sculpture collection is permanent
  • While the other three installations rotate and change every two years


After the Race III


As a tribute to his love of sailing on Long Island Sound, Connecticut resident Gilbert Boro created “After the Race III,” a permanent sculpture.


Tulip Bulb


Emily Teall uses natural imagery of bulbs and wombs in her painting “Tulip Bulb.” It suggests a period of gestation which allows maturation through introspection before reemerging into society.


Afro Pick: Don’t Go, Don’t Grow


Yvonne Shortt focuses on African American culture in her “African American Marbleization: An Act of Civil Disobedience” series. “Afro Pick: Don’t Go, Don’t Grow” depicts a moment of transition. Her own experiences as a mother and a daughter using an object with a long cultural history dating back more than 5,500 years inspired her.


Shotgun Home


Margaret Roleke is a contemporary mixed-media artist based in Brooklyn and Connecticut. Roleke has exhibited alone at Real Art Ways in Hartford, Pen+Brush Gallery, AHA Fine Art in New York, NY, and Norwalk Community College. Roleke’s work, “Shotgun Home”, addresses pressing issues confronting America, such as:

  • Racism
  • Gun violence
  • Global warming
  • And attacks on the truth

She has participated in art shows and donated part of the proceeds to gun control organizations.


modern art of the sunUpcoming Events at Norwalk Art Space


If you’re looking for a great new place to explore the arts, look no further than Norwalk Art Space! Here, you can experience all kinds of exciting events like art exhibits and cultural celebrations. Their workshops and special programming offer the perfect opportunity for creative exploration too. Novices to professional artists are sure to find something unique and inspiring at the Norwalk Art Space.


Benefits of Visiting Norwalk Art Space


Norwalk Art Space is the ideal place to express your creativity and connect with others in the community.


The Norwalk Art Space at ADK House, conveniently located off I-95 in Norwalk, offers a modern, airy, and artistic space. You’ll find a 2,200-square-foot gallery, a cafe, and a patio.


Thanks to its dynamic art exhibits and diverse range of workshops, you can:

  • Learn new skills
  • Appreciate various forms of artistic expression
  • Or simply enjoy vibrant cultural events

From curated gallery spaces to interacting with local artists, this multifaceted art hub is delightful. Discover why Norwalk Art Space is such an important part of the creative landscape in Norwalk and get inspired by everything it has to offer.


How to Support Norwalk Art Space


Cocatalyst is a 501(c)3 organization that relies on:

  • Private donations
  • Business sponsorships
  • And community support

So that it can continue to provide free exhibition space and studios to underrepresented local artists. The Norwalk Art Space also offers free, high-quality art and music education to underprivileged middle and high school students. The organization provides:

  • Free weekly classes for neighborhood students
  • Highlight deserving Connecticut artists
  • Raise public awareness of their work

And serve as a community gathering place thanks to the generosity of donors.


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