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Made in CT: Top 23 Unique Gift Shops, Gift Ideas, & More

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Picture this: the holiday season is upon us, and you’re on a quest to find the perfect gift. You want something unique, something that embodies the spirit of Connecticut, and something made with love and care by local artisans. Well, you’re in luck! Connecticut is a trove of one-of-a-kind gifts that will delight your loved ones and leave them in awe. Handcrafted jewelry, gourmet treats, and much more are on offer here. This is your ultimate guide to exploring the best gift shops, seasonal events, and hidden gems across the state. You’ll get a glimpse of the remarkable talent and craftsmanship of Connecticut’s finest artisans. And all under the banner of “made in CT.”


So, are you ready to embark on this exciting journey and discover the perfect holiday gift, made in Connecticut?


Let’s dive in!


Quick hits:

  • Shop unique, handcrafted gifts from local artisans at Connecticut’s finest gift shops!
  • Explore CT for unique gifts & experience its food scene with artisanal food and drink gifts.
  • Create lasting memories with family fun experiences like museums, aquariums & outdoor adventures.


Connecticut’s Finest Gift Shops

A picture of a gift shop in Connecticut

Connecticut’s finest gift shops offer a treasure trove of unique, handcrafted items that make for perfect holiday gifts. In these charming shops, you’ll find everything from:

  • beautiful candles
  • mouthwatering baked goods
  • handmade jewelry
  • unique home decor
  • locally sourced products

All made with love and care by local artisans.


So it doesn’t matter if you’re exploring the bustling streets of New Haven or strolling through the quaint small towns. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.


West Hartford Stores

A variety of unique gift shops with a range of Connecticut-made products are scattered throughout West Hartford. Some of the top spots in West Hartford for gift shopping include:

While you’re there, don’t forget to indulge in some delicious local food at Vito’s By The Park, Vaughan’s Public House, or LaRosa’s Marketplace.


New Haven Shopping

The homebase of Connecticut’s intelligensia community, New Haven, Connecticut, is a unique place to stop. An array of local shops and boutiques offering one-of-a-kind gifts are sprinkled throughout New Haven. Some of the best gift shops in New Haven include:

Westville General especially has a great selection of New Haven-themed gifts. They’re perfect for appreciating the city’s heritage.


Greenwich Gems

Greenwich brims with hidden gems perfect for gift shopping. Some of the best gift shops in the Greenwich Avenue shopping district include:

  • Dogwood Books & Gifts at Christ Church Greenwich
  • Michaelangelo of Greenwich
  • Greenwich Exchange for Women’s Work

Each shop offers something unique and special, from luxury items at SPLURGE to handmade products at the Greenwich Exchange for Women’s Work.


Small Town Treasures

Adorable gift shops abound in Connecticut’s small towns. They offer a wide selection of handmade items, vintage finds, and locally-made products. Some of the best small-town gift shops include:

These shops are the ideal spots to find a special gift for the holidays. After all, there’s a unique charm and craftsmanship you’ll only find among Connecticut’s small-town artisans.


Antique Shops

You can unearth unique and vintage gifts that are hard to find elsewhere in Connecticut’s antique shops. With a wide selection of items, from furniture to jewelry, you’re sure to find something special for anyone on your list.


Some of the best antique shops in Connecticut include:

  • Mill House Antiques & Gardens in Woodbury
  • Stratford Antique Center in the town of Stratford, Connecticut
  • Antiques on the Farmington in Canton
  • The PAST Antiques Marketplace in Oakdale
  • Collinsville Antiques Co. in New Hartford


A picture of a holiday market in Connecticut

Seasonal Events & Markets

Local products and artisans can be discovered at Connecticut’s seasonal events and markets, such as holiday markets. These events showcase the best of Connecticut’s talent and craftsmanship, making it easy to find the perfect gift while supporting small businesses.


Small Business Saturday may be an annual tradition to encourage people to support their local businesses during the holiday season. But any time of year is a great one to support local businesses.



Holiday Markets

Unique, locally-made gifts can be found at holiday markets in Connecticut. Some popular holiday markets to check out across Connecticut in December include:


  • Mystic Museum of Art’s Museum Store Holiday Gift Market
  • Yule Market at Burnett’s Country Gardens in Salem
  • Cornwall Christmas Card in Cornwall
  • Holiday market at the Noah Webster House
  • Winterfair in Hartford


These markets are a trove of handmade goods, offering everything from unique jewelry pieces and hand-thrown pottery to festive wreaths and decorative ornaments.


Flea markets in Connecticut

Any time of year is a great time to explore the best flea markets in CT. And they’re a fantastic spot to find a unique, one-of-a-kind gift that no one else will have.



Most Unique Made in Connecticut Gifts

Picking out a unique Connecticut gift

For the most unique made in Connecticut gifts, consider a few of the most unique sellers throughout the state. Each of these gifts showcases the talent and craftsmanship that can only be found in Connecticut. So as far as gift giving goes, you’re all set!


Oldani Brothers in Meriden, CT

Oldani Brothers, located in Meriden, CT, is famous for its beautiful sterling silver and pewter designs. Boasting over seven decades of experience, this family-run venture crafts truly stunning pieces.


Master craftsmen ensure that each product is of the highest quality. So their items are a truly unique and cherished gift for home, business, and special occasions.


CT River Candles in Haddam, CT

Discover the soothing scents of hand-poured soy candles from CT River Candles in Haddam, CT. Offering a range of unique scents like:

  • Apple Maple Bourbon
  • Amish Harvest
  • Bergamot and Coriander
  • Country Fair
  • Cocoa Spa


These candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and come in charming 16 oz mason jars.


Their special labels featuring seasonal photos of the Connecticut River add a unique touch. They’re an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates the beauty of the state.


Mystic Knotwork in Mystic, CT

In the charming town of Mystic, CT, is the family-owned business of Mystic Knotwork. They specialize in creating handmade nautical knotwork items. These beautiful pieces, ranging from:

  • sailor bracelets
  • keychains
  • coasters
  • door mats
  • wall hangings

Capture the essence of traditional New England nautical charm.


A visit to their shop in Mystic is a must for anyone seeking a truly unique gift.


The Connecticut Blanket

The Connecticut Blanket is a handmade wool blanket. Your recipient will enjoy warmth and comfort in the form of a one-of-a-kind gift or gesture of recognition and appreciation. Featuring a blend of wool from Connecticut farms, this cozy blanket embodies the agrarian spirit of the state.



The Gift of Unique Connecticut Experiences

A picture of a bed and breakfast gift card

Unique Connecticut experiences can foster lasting memories and strengthen bonds with loved ones. And let’s face it, experiences are more in right now than physical gifts. Options include exploring quirky attractions like The Dinosaur Place in Oakdale and the Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, CT. Or let someone indulge in unique dining experiences at The Oyster Club in Mystic and the Union League Cafe in New Haven. You’re sure to find the perfect gift in the Constitution State.



And the options for great gift ideas are endless when you’re gifting experiences.


CT Bed and Breakfast Gift Card

For a truly unforgettable present, consider giving a Connecticut Bed and Breakfast Gift Card. It doesn’t matter if you’re gifting it for:



A CT Bed and Breakfast Gift Card is sure to be appreciated and remembered for years to come.


You can order one from us, or use a local or national affiliation like:

  • Select Registry
  • New England Inns and Resorts


This thoughtful gift is redeemable at dozens of inns, hotels, and resorts throughout Connecticut and New England. So they’ll find the perfect experience, tailored to their preferences.


Artisanal Food & Drink Gifts


A picture of gourmet treats from Connecticut

A taste of Connecticut’s rich culinary heritage can be experienced through artisanal food and drink gifts. Connecticut offers a variety of gourmet treats and craft beverages. These items by local artisans perfectly capture the state’s diverse flavors and craftsmanship.


Plus, they make for a delicious way to support local businesses and savor the state’s unique food scene.

Gourmet Treats

Indulge your taste buds with gourmet treats made in Connecticut. Michele’s Pies in Norwalk offers over three dozen types of pies, ranging from fruit to nut to cream pies. They’re a delightful gift for any foodie.


Other delicious options include:


  • The Blazin’ Bourbon Barbecue Sauce from Zurell BBQ Company in Plantsville



Craft Beverages

A picture of craft beverages from Connecticut

Savor the taste of the state with craft beverages from local Connecticut breweries and distilleries. You can find some of the best craft beverages in the state at:


  • Kent Falls Brewing Company
  • Cole’s Road Brewing
  • New England Brewing Co.
  • Twelve Percent Beer Project
  • OEC Brewing
  • Two Roads Brewing Company
  • Fox Farm Brewery
  • Counter Weight Brewing Co.
  • New Park Brewing
  • Tribus Beer Co.
  • Stony Creek Brewery
  • Spacecat Brewing Company
  • Thomas Hooker Brewery
  • Half Full Brewery


These craft beverages showcase the creativity and skill of Connecticut’s brewers and distillers. They’re a fantastic gift for any beverage enthusiast.


Local Delicacies


A picture of local delicacies from ConnecticutSample local delicacies unique to Connecticut, such as:


  • White Clam Pizza
  • Steamed Cheeseburger
  • Connecticut Lobster Rolls
  • New Haven-style Apizza
  • Apple Everything (like apple cider and apple cider doughnuts from CT cider mills)


You can find these delicious treats at various restaurants and food establishments throughout CT. Visiting them would be a delightful culinary adventure any food lover would appreciate.


Handcrafted Fashion & Accessories


A picture of stylish apparel from Connecticut

Need gifts that are a stylish and unique alternative to mass-produced items? Handcrafted fashion and accessories stand out. In Connecticut, you’ll find a variety of talented designers and artisans creating one-of-a-kind pieces. Each one showcases their craftsmanship and passion for their work.


Handcrafted fashion and accessories encompass a diverse array of items. Stylish apparel, unique accessories, and custom jewelry are just a few of your options. The world of handcrafted fashion and accessories caters to a wide variety of tastes and preferences.


Stylish Apparel

Discover stylish apparel made by Connecticut designers at companies like:



These designers offer a range of styles, from classic to modern. And they use only the best materials to create high-quality apparel that reflect the spirit of Connecticut.


The apparel is designed to be comfortable and stylish, and to last for years.


Unique Accessories

A picture of unique accessories from Connecticut

Find unique accessories crafted by local artisans at businesses such as:


These artisans create one-of-a-kind pieces that add a personal touch to any outfit and make for a special gift that stands out from the crowd.


Custom Jewelry

A picture of custom jewelry from Connecticut

Choose custom jewelry made in Connecticut for a personal touch and a truly unforgettable gift. Some of the best custom jewelry can be found at:



These fine jewelers create unique and beautiful pieces tailored to the recipient’s taste and preferences. It’s sure to be a cherished keepsake for years to come.


Homegrown Beauty & Wellness Products

Pamper yourself or a loved one with homegrown beauty and wellness products from Connecticut. You can explore your options among the best spas in Greenwich, CT, or roam across the state.


Aromatherapy & Candles

A picture of aromatherapy and candles from Connecticut

Relax and unwind with aromatherapy and candles from local Connecticut businesses like CT River Candles in Haddam. They create beautiful, hand-poured soy candles with unique scents. They can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and create a calming atmosphere.


Aromatherapy and candles make for a thoughtful gift that promotes relaxation and well-being.


Holistic Wellness


Embrace holistic wellness with products made in Connecticut. Businesses like:



Offer a variety of products and services that promote health, well-being, and relaxation. They offer anything from:

  • Natural health and wellness items
  • Aromatherapy and candles
  • Skincare and cosmetics
  • And handmade jewelry


Creative Gifts for Kids & Families

A picture of hobby products from ConnecticutIn Connecticut, finding creative gifts for kids and families is a breeze. Here are some options that provide entertainment and foster learning, creativity, and togetherness. Any would be perfect for creating lasting memories with loved ones:


  • Toys
  • Games
  • Learning and exploration items
  • Family fun experiences


Toys & Games

Shop for toys and games made in Connecticut at businesses like:


These businesses offer a wide variety of toys and games, from classic board games and puzzles to the latest video games and interactive toys.


Whether you’re looking for a birthday present, a stocking stuffer, or a just-because gift, check out the above gift shops!


Family Fun Experiences

A picture of holistic wellness products from ConnecticutCreate lasting memories with family fun experiences in Connecticut, such as:

  • Visiting the Mystic Seaport Museum


  • Exploring the Mystic Aquarium


  • Enjoying the rides at Lake Compounce Amusement Park



  • Riding the Essex Steam Train & Riverboat in Essex, CT


  • Learning at the Connecticut Science Museum


  • Exploring The Dinosaur Place



  • Having fun at Quassy Amusement Park


  • Exploring the Peabody Museum of Natural History


These attractions offer a variety of activities and experiences for the whole family.


And if you need a gift idea for the road tripper in your life (including yourself), be sure to check-out our guide to the best road trip gift ideas.



Connecticut offers a wealth of unique, handcrafted gifts that are perfect for the holidays. Connecticut is filled with charming gift shops and hosts seasonal events and markets that highlight local artisans. Whether you’re looking for one-of-a-kind jewelry, artisanal food, or a memorable family experience, Connecticut has it all.


So this holiday season, why not give the gift of Connecticut? With so many talented artisans and craftsmen, you’re sure to find the perfect present that will be cherished for years to come. Happy shopping, and happy holidays!


Frequently Asked Questions


What products are manufactured in Connecticut?

Connecticut’s manufacturing sector is diverse and robust. It produces a variety of products, including high-tech aeronautics equipment, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. Other products include semiconductor components, rubber goods, and submarines. These items are made by a mix of small family businesses and large corporations. The manufacturing sector significantly contributes to Connecticut’s economy by providing jobs. The state also hosts several research and development centers, driving innovation and technological advancement.


What inventions were made in Connecticut?

Connecticut has a rich history of invention. The most famous were the iconic Colt revolver and the humble toothpaste tube. Other major inventions from here include the Frisbee, tape measure, Wiffleball, can opener, and submarine. These inventions have shaped the way we live and work, and have become part of our everyday lives. They are a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of Connecticut’s people.


What is Connecticut best known for?

Connecticut is often referred to as the Constitution State, as it was the first of the 13 colonies to draft a written constitution. That Constitution became the basis for the American version. Connecticut is also famous for its universities, beautiful autumn foliage, and literature. Connecticutians are also famous for having an accent that founded the Standard American one.


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