Mongers Market: where vintage lovers unite

looking at vintage records for saleRecession, boomtime, or otherwise, thrifting is always trendy. And Connecticut is a fantastic place to be both trendy and thrifty. Maybe it’s the desperation to do something after a cold winter, or maybe it’s that Connecticut flea markets are lovely to visit from spring to fall. 


There’s no thrill quite like finding an antique armoire for $20 and planning to strip it down and paint it your favorite color to put in your entryway. Definitely not speaking from personal experience here.


Also, it’s very special when you find something secondhand that needs no work and is just—perfect. And that’s what the Mongers Market is about. 


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What is the Mongers Market?


flea market items for sale at mongers market in bridgeport ctThis 75,000-square-foot indoor flea market is a fun one to visit, especially on a rainy Sunday, year-round.


You can see the industrial building that is home to Mongers Market from the highway in Bridgeport, Connecticut.


While you’ll find some antiques here, you’ll learn the emporium is heavy on vintage and industrial salvage, which is cool in and of itself.


Mongers Market is a local gem recognized as one of the nation’s Best Home Store experiences by House Beautiful. Owner John Hiden looked at the old factory in Bridgeport and saw potential. Having operated a triumphant antique gallery in Stamford, Connecticut, for over two decades, he envisioned a world of curated goods procured by diverse personalities and talented mongers. 


Just a heads up: This is a Sunday-only market with a $3 entrance fee.


What Kind of Goods Are Sold?


midcentury vintage items for sale at a flea marketYou’ll find all things vintage, from artwork to welded furniture. About 80 small business owners set up shop at the market and operate their booths with tons of items. Looking for a new lamp? They’re there! A new study chair? You bet. Side tables for your living room? Totally. If you’re lucky, you may even find some stained-glass items, which are this writer’s favorite part.


You can also find smaller knick-knack-type items for those who have a more modest budget but are looking for something special for their home. 


Of course, because the items are vintage or antique, it’s first come, first served. So if you like something, make sure you purchase it. 


What’s the Parking Situation?


Parking is a bit of a pain, as Mongers Market is popular, but they do have a parking attendant to help guide visitors on busy days. So just be patient with some lines, and you’ll be in a parking spot in no time.


That being said, save yourself some hassle by planning to visit earlier in the day.

What are some other fun places to shop nearby?

As far as vintage or antique is concerned, there are more than a few great Connecticut antique stores near to Mongers Market.


The Stratford Antique Center is just over the border from Bridgeport in Statford, Connecticut. And it’s open every day.


A short drive away in Norwalk, the Fairfield County Antique & Design Center sells high-quality antiques from distinguished sellers. Like Bridgeport, you’ll find plenty of unique shopping in Norwalk, CT.


Even more Things to Do in Bridgeport, CT


chairs in a vendor stall at mongers market in bridgeport ctWhile you’re in Bridgeport for Mongers Market, stick around to see what else the city has to offer. It’s great for a day trip, if you’re looking for a mini getaway!


For outdoors enthusiasts, check out the Pequonnock River Trail. This stunning state park is fit with walking trails for hikers, a gorgeous little waterfall for some respite, and ample space for bicyclists.


You can also check out Saint Marys by the Sea for a stunning sunset on the water. You can take a walk along the shoreline, and if you need a break, there are plenty of benches to relax and take in the scenery. If you catch the sunset on a clear night, the whole sky will turn a deep pink and bright orange, and you feel like you could just melt into the colors. 


Especially fun for kids is Beardsley Zoo. If you plan on traveling with your little ones, this pitstop is a must to get an up-close look at monkeys, tigers, and bears—oh my!


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