Your Ultimate Guide to Connecticut Maple Syrup

Connecticut Maple SyrupKnown as the original sweetener of New World, maple syrup has become a staple in New England. While most maple trees can be tapped for the tasty sap within it, the sugar maple supplies some of the healthiest and most delicious syrup. These sugar maple trees thrive in Connecticut, making it one of the top destinations in the nation for maple syrup. Read on to find out how Connecticut maple syrup is made and where to enjoy it during your stay at the Stanton House Inn.

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How Connecticut Maple Syrup is Made

The best time to tap the sugar maple trees in Connecticut is anytime from mid-February to mid-March. This is because the daytime temperatures are above freezing and the nighttime temperatures are below freezing. The temperature changes basically create a tug-of-war between the roots and tops of the trees, causing the sap to flow back and forth.

One interesting fact about creating maple syrup is that 40 parts of tap are required for every 1 part of maple syrup. That’s a lot of sap! While we do not produce the most maple syrup (that designation goes to the Canadian province of Quebec), Connecticut maple syrup has won many awards for its high quality.

The Best Places to Enjoy Connecticut Maple Syrup

Brooksvale Park

Located about an hour from the Stanton House Inn, Brooksvale Park conducts a 90-minute class for local students to learn all about the syrup-making process. Every day visitors are also welcome to stop-by the sugar shack when it is in operation!

Wayne’s Sugarhouse

Wayne’s Sugarhouse, located in North Brandford, is also a great place to experience the making of Connecticut maple syrup. While locally-made syrup is sold all year round, seeing it made is one of the best late winter activities in CT.

Maple Grove Farms

Another option is the Maple Grove Farm in Guilford, Connecticut. There, you can learn how maple syrup was processed traditionally with the farm’s wood-fired evaporator. Syrup, cream, and candy are sold during the tapping season, while syrup is sold all year as supplies permit.

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