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microphoneVisiting the historic Wall Street Theater in Norwalk, CT is an experience like no other!


Step inside this cultural hub to discover a range of live performances and events.


This historic theater offers something for everyone, from:

  • Concerts by world-renowned artists
  • To theatrical shows that captivate audiences

Whether you’re looking for a night out with friends or to explore your interests, The Wall Street Theater provides a unique space tailored for you.


To get you started on this amazing venue, let us introduce you to some of the best live shows on offer – read on to find out more!

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What You Can Find at The Wall Street Theater in Norwalk, CT

Visitors to this historic theater in downtown Norwalk will find an array of:

  • Live performances
  • Concerts
  • And events featuring both local and international talent


From classic Broadway shows to stand-up comedy acts, the theater has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for fun or an unforgettable night out, you can find it at The Wall Street Theater. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have an excellent experience at this premier non-profit organization!

Concerts at the Wall Street Theater

Wall Street Theater hosts numerous concerts by artists such as:

  • Lucinda Williams
  • Taj Mahal
  • Buddy Guy
  • Mavis Staples
  • And Violent Femmes

Among many others. These artists can be seen in the ideal setting—a small, historic theater. And there are no bad seats at this 700-seat theater.


But feel free to check the Wall Street Theatre seating chart on their website, just in case.


Plus, the sound quality is excellent, and there is a lobby bar if you’re not too into the performers.

Don’t Miss Out on Comedy Shows & One-Night Performances

The Wall Street Theater hosts funny comedy shows and one-night performances, as well. From well-known stand-up comedians to comedy insiders, it’s a convenient place to enjoy live performances. Plus, with so many different types of acts from music covers to story-telling nights, there’s something new to enjoy each time! So step out of your comfort zone and experience all The Wall Street Theater has to offer; you won’t regret it.

Where to find parking for Wall Street Theater

For a fee, on-street parking is available on Wall Street, off Isaac’s Street directly behind the theater, and in the Yankee Doodle Parking Garage a block away.

History of the Wall Street Theater

The Wall Street Theater has an illustrious history that includes contributions from many well-known locals as well as structural upgrades.

vaudeville performer at the wall street theater in norwalk ctThe Regent: the Vaudeville Days

Samuel Kantor purchased The Regent, as it was called, in 1914. The theater made its debut in 1915 with a production of Everywoman by Henry Wilson Savage. The Regent had the largest “talkies” of the time, as well as live vaudeville acts and a large, vibrant marquee at the front door. There were numerous notable performances and events held there, including a motivating Republican rally on October 29, 1920. During the Great Depression, the Regent ran into financial difficulties and converted into a movie cinema.

The Mid-20th Century

When it first opened in the 1930s as one of the finest theaters in New England, the Norwalk Theater debuted two hit films and hosted other events such as jugglers, boxing matches, and concerts. For nearly 50 years, the theater showed double features to keep moviegoers happy. The Norwalk Theater eventually closed due to changes in the road layout and traffic flow in downtown Norwalk.

The 1990s at the Wall Street Theater

1990s dance club dancerAfter several years of failed revival attempts, the theater reopened as The Marquee in 1993, but ran into financial difficulties and closed a year later. Brendan McGee, TG and Jason Diamandis, and other local businessmen founded the Globe Theater in 1994. It hosted many national (and great) music acts, including:

  • David Lee Roth
  • Live
  • The Go-Gos
  • Violent Femmes
  • Waylon Jennings
  • And The Mighty Mighty Bosstones


C. B. Enterprises purchased The Globe in 1999 and renovated it into The Roxy, a dance club featuring cutting-edge laser lighting and audio entertainment.


The Wall Street Theater is now a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of the community and developing a thriving downtown business district. The Wall Street Theater hosts:

  • Live performances
  • Interactive entertainment
  • A movie theater
  • A digital production studio
  • An art gallery
  • And a community arena

Restaurants near Wall Street Theater Norwalk

Dinner and a live show sound like quite an evening, no?


As far as great places to eat in Norwalk, CT, there are plenty of spots near the Wall Street Theater. Many line the bustling Washington Street in nearby South Norwalk. You’ll find a great selection of bars and restaurants serving up a variety of cuisines there. A few favorites of South Norwalk restaurants include:

  • Italian fusion fare
  • Traditional Mexican dishes
  • Sushi
  • Chinese food
  • Ramen


So for some pre or post-show dining options nearby, The Wall Street Theater has plenty to choose from within walking distance.

Hotels near Wall Street Theater Norwalk CT

If you’re traveling from out of town and need a place to stay near the theater?


Not to worry!


The Norwalk Inn is conveniently located nearby.


Other nearby hotels that offer comfortable rooms and amenities include Hotel Zero Degrees.


If you’re looking for a bed and breakfast inn nearby, your options include:

  • Stanton House Inn, in nearby Greenwich, Connecticut
  • The Inn at Gray Barns, in the Silvermine neighborhood of Norwalk

Find even more things to do in Norwalk, CT, like the Wall Street Theater

live performance at the wall street theater in norwalk, ctNorwalk, Connecticut, is a city full of unique delights waiting to be discovered. One great way to truly enjoy the area is at The Wall Street Theater. This historic Connecticut venue makes live performances, concerts, and events an experience like no other.


But for something more, Norwalk Art Space is the place to go! This art collective offers such activities as:

  • Classes
  • Events
  • Artists’ talks
  • And exhibitions


All of which celebrate creativity, promote education, and bring people together in the local community.


With The Wall Street Theater and Norwalk Art Space, there’s certainly no lack of creative things to do in Norwalk, CT!

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