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woman wearing ukrainian embroidery at the ukrainian museum and library in stamford, ct

Ukrainian Museum and Library in Stamford: Keeping the Culture Alive

pysankyThanks to recent events, the globe has gained an appreciation for Ukrainian culture and history.


This despite the claims of despots of its lack of an existence.


And there’s nowhere better to learn about this unique culture this side of the Atlantic than the Ukrainian Museum and Library in Stamford, CT.


This cultural institution is dedicated to preserving and promoting Ukrainian heritage and culture. Located in the city’s Glenbrook neighborhood, it is a recognized affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. It’s also a major destination for the dissemination and advancement of knowledge about Ukraine.


The Ukrainian Museum and Library was founded in the early 1900s. And since then, it has maintained its commitment to the preservation and promotion of Ukrainian:


  • Culture


  • History


  • Art


  • And literature


The museum features a collection of Ukrainian folk art and textiles. Meanwhile the library holds an extensive collection of Ukrainian literature and artifacts, including:


  • Books


  • Newspapers


  • Journals


  • And photographs


The institution also has a research center and archives, which are open to the public by appointment.


Ukrainians in Connecticut


Of all the places in the world for a museum focused on Ukrainian history and culture, why Stamford?


Connecticut has a small yet active Ukrainian-American community.


A History of Ukrainian Immigration to New England


ukrainian artUkrainians began immigrating to New England and other parts of the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


Some immigrants were motivated by economic factors. The promise of higher wages here likely attracted many with limited opportunities in Ukraine.


Others arrived to escape political repression and violence in Ukraine at the time.


Once they arrived in New England, Ukrainian immigrants faced many challenges, including:


  • Discrimination


  • Language barriers


  • And a lack of job opportunities


However, despite these challenges, many Ukrainian immigrants established themselves in the United States. And these families were able to build a vibrant community with their own cultural institutions such as churches and clubs. They’ve also been able to preserve their customs and traditions.


Ukrainian-Americans have established several cultural organizations, churches, and businesses across the state. And Stamford, as a city with a diverse population, has just such a vibrant Ukrainian-American community.


And the Ukrainian Museum and Library in Stamford, the oldest Ukrainian cultural institution in North America, is testament to that.


History of the Ukrainian Museum and Library in Stamford, Connecticut


colorful pysanky at the ukrainian museum and library in stamford, ctBishop Constantine Bohachevsky laid the groundwork for Stamford’s Ukrainian Museum and Library. With the purchase of the Quintard estate in 1933, he announced his intention to establish a cultural institution on the property.


In 1935, the Museum and Library first opened its doors. In September 1937, the official opening and dedication took place. For the first four decades, two great rooms of the mansion hosted the museum exhibitions.


The museum exhibition space has expanded to two floors of the mansion since the 1980s. The library and archives relocated to the former St. Basil Preparatory School.


In 2000, Connecticut designated the Ukrainian Museum and Library of Stamford as a non-profit cultural institution whose mission is to educate the public about Ukrainian life.


Exhibits and Collections at the Ukrainian Museum and Library in Stamford, CT


The Ukrainian Museum and Library in Stamford features both permanent and temporary exhibits. The unifying factor is their focus on the history, culture, and art of Ukraine.




The permanent exhibits showcase the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine, including:





  • Textiles


  • And costumes


Visitors can see a range of traditional Ukrainian items such as:


  • Embroidered shirts


  • Rushnyk (decorative or ritual cloths)


  • Pysanky (decorated eggs)


  • And more


The exhibits also cover different historical periods. Exhibits range from the ancient and medieval times, the Cossack era, and on to modern times.


The library


books at the Ukrainian Museum and Library in Stamford, CTThe library holds an extensive collection of Ukrainian literature. The collection covers a wide range of topics, from:


  • Literature and history


  • To politics and art


Books and documents here date back to the early 20th century and up to contemporary literature. The library is open to the public, and the collection is accessible by appointment.


Programs and Events


The Ukrainian Museum and Library in Stamford offers a variety of educational programs and events for visitors of all ages.




The institution offers guided tours of the museum and library collection. They provide visitors with an in-depth look at the history, culture, and art of Ukraine. Knowledgeable guides lead the tours who can provide more information about the exhibits and artifacts.




making pysankyThe museum and library also host lectures and workshops on a variety of topics related to Ukraine and its culture. Experts in the field offer a deeper understanding of Ukrainian culture.


The institution also hosts cultural events throughout the year. These concerts and festivals showcase, firsthand, traditional Ukrainian:


  • Music


  • Dance


  • And folk art


Check the Ukrainian Museum and Library’s website for more information on hours of operation and upcoming events.


Places to stay near the Ukrainian Museum and Library

Ready to plan a visit?


While there are no Stamford hotels within a short walk from the museum, any of the best places to stay in Stamford are within a short drive.


Where to discover more about Ukrainian culture in the Tri-State area


woman wearing ukrainian embroideryThe Ukrainian Museum and Library in Stamford is a valuable resource.


It’s ideal for anyone interested in learning more about this fascinating culture and heritage. Here, you’ll find an abundance of resources available for study and research.


The Ukrainian Museum and Library in Stamford offers a wealth of information and artifacts. The permanent and temporary exhibits showcase the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine. And the library’s collection is a valuable resource for those interested in Ukrainian culture and history.


Want to learn more about this fascinating and ancient culture?


Aside from the Ukrainian Museum and Library in Stamford, Connecticut, there are several other museums and libraries in North America devoted to Ukrainian culture and history.


The largest museum of its kind outside of Ukraine is located in New York, New York. The Ukrainian Museum features a collection that tell the story of Ukrainian culture and history, including:

  • Artifacts
  • Photographs
  • And documents

It also has a library of books, journals, and newspapers in Ukrainian and English.


Discover more museums in Stamford, Connecticut, and nearby


art gallery at a museumStamford, Connecticut has many museums and cultural institutions worth visiting. Other notable Connecticut museums in or near Stamford include:


This museum includes natural history, art, and cultural heritage exhibits, as well as a planetarium, observatory, and nature trails.


Located in nearby Greenwich, this museum features exhibits on art, science, and natural history, as well as geology, astronomy, and local history. This is one of the best Fairfield County museums.


  • The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

This contemporary art museum hosts exhibitions by emerging and established artists. It’s an attraction in nearby Ridgefield, CT, one of the most charming towns in Connecticut.


  • The Neuberger Museum of Art

Located in nearby Purchase, New York, this museum houses a collection of modern and contemporary art. It includes works by major American and European artists, as well as an African collection.


This aquarium in Norwalk, CT, features exhibits on marine life from Long Island Sound and other coastal regions.


And if you’re really into libraries, the Ferguson Library in Stamford and the eponymous (and nearby) Greenwich Library are worth a visit.


And for all the best attractions, activities, and things to do in Stamford, CT, be sure to download your copy of the free Stamford Visitor’s Guide.

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