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View of the Empire State Building and Midtown from the Edge Observation Deck at Hudson Yards, one of the best things to do in Midtown Manhattan

Things to do in Midtown Manhattan: Top 23 Most Unique Spots

Taxi passing the lights of Midtown Manhattan

When people picture New York City in their head, they think of Midtown Manhattan. After all, the largest business district in the world is the essence of New York itself. Here, iconic landmarks like The Empire State Building, Central Park, MoMa, Grand Central Station, and Times Square beckon. Our guide simplifies the abundant choices. All so you can navigate the best of Midtown without the stress of planning.


Stretching from 34th to 59th Street and bordered by the East and Hudson Rivers, Midtown is emblematic of the city’s spirit. Millions of tourists and locals flock here annually. We provide a concise guide to the quintessential experiences:


  • Delectable dining
  • Enthralling entertainment
  • Museums rich with culture


Whether you seek towering views or fashion-forward shopping, Midtown is the place to be.


Ready to discover the best things to do in Midtown Manhattan? Let’s get into it:


Quick hits

  • Midtown Manhattan is home to iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building, cultural hotspots like MoMA, and verdant spaces like Central Park.
  • For the unconventional, Midtown hides away speakeasies, secret gardens, and boutique bowling alleys. They’re quirky alternatives to the usual tourist stops.
  • A diverse culinary scene is fundamental to the Midtown experience. Enjoy international flavors at UrbanSpace, the refined offerings of The Grill, and plenty more.


A Brief History of Midtown NYC

1936 postcard of iconic buildings in Midtown: the Empire State Building, the RCA Building in Rockefeller Center, and the Chrysler Building

Midtown’s story begins like the rest of Manhattan, with settlers moving up from the Downtown NYC Financial District.


19th Century

Many attribute the neighborhood’s towering skyline to:


  • Manhattan’s solid bedrock
  • Or Grand Central Terminal’s construction


According to Building the Skyline, though, this simplistic view overlooks a more intricate foundation.


In the 1830s, before mass transit, Midtown’s beginnings took shape in a city primarily navigated on foot. The well-to-do lived near the city center, while the less fortunate resided on the outskirts. The advent of horse-drawn omnibuses and streetcars broadened the city’s reach, enabling daily commutes from more distant areas.


As such, the affluent moved from lower Manhattan to less developed areas like Washington Square and lower Fifth Avenue. This migration led to a new urban pattern:


  • Businesses concentrated at the southern tip
  • Dense tenement districts just to the north
  • The middle and upper classes settled in townhouses further north


Turn of the Century

The opening of Grand Central Terminal in 1871 did not instantly transform its surroundings. Exposed train tracks and the pollution from coal smoke until 1913 deterred development there. Instead, it was around Madison Square where the first skyscrapers emerged. The Flatiron Building in 1902 and the Metropolitan Life Tower in 1909 first marked the sky north of Downtown. The iconic Chrysler and Empire State Buildings would join the skyline, but not for another generation.


Shaped by eons of tectonic shifts and glacial activity, the geography of the island contributed to the early development of Midtown, as well. As the population swelled, the conveyor belt of upward mobility in the New York City area began:


New immigrants would settle into Lower East Side tenements for affordability and proximity to jobs. Once they gained a certain level of affluence, however, they moved out and north.


And so, the city’s northward expansion intensified. And yet, unlike many other American cities, the island limited expansion, driving-up property values.


This growth and escalating land values justified covering Grand Central’s tracks to free-up land for development. And it paved the way for Midtown’s rise as a skyscraper district at the turn of the 20th century.


The Best Things to do in Midtown Manhattan NYC

Aerial view of Midtown Manhattan in New York City with iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building and Central Park

Midtown Manhattan, the busy core of the Big Apple, is a trove of things to do. Read on for some highlights where NYC truly comes alive.


Empire State Building

The Empire State Building, an Art Deco gem towering over West 34th Street, is an iconic symbol of NYC. This historic skyscraper offers breathtaking 360-degree views of Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond. Enhance your experience with a skip-the-line ticket. Then, drink in the architectural grandeur that makes this building a must-visit in Midtown Manhattan!


Central Park

Wollman Rink in Central Park

As America’s first public park, Central Park is an emerald oasis in the heart of the concrete jungle. Whether it’s rowing on the lake as a summertime activity in NYC, ice skating in winter, or strolling through the beautiful gardens year-round, there’s plenty to do in Central Park. Don’t miss iconic spots like The Pond, Central Park Zoo, and Bethesda Terrace!


Museum of Modern Art

Sign of the Museum of Modern Art showcasing contemporary art installations

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is a haven for art enthusiasts. Housing a premier collection of modern and contemporary art, MoMA offers exhibits like ‘Degenerate Art’ and interactive installations like the ‘Rain Room.’


Enhance your cultural expedition by visiting for free on Friday nights between 4-8pm and enjoy our free tours.


Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is more than just a busy transportation hub. This architectural masterpiece, adorned with a celestial ceiling, attracts millions every year. Step inside to discover its historic charm, dine at the famous Grand Central Oyster Bar, or whisper sweet nothings at the Whispering Gallery.


Feel free to bemoan the demise of the original Penn Station while you’re here. Though, to be fair, the outrage from its demolition in the 1960s is what lead to the protection of this terminal.


Times Square

Times Square is the center of New York City

When I said earlier that people think of Midtown when they think of New York City – I actually meant Times Square. With its ceaseless pulse, Times Square is a spectacle of lights and life. It’s a place where wax figures at Madame Tussauds stand still amid the swirl of eager shoppers and diners. Crowded? Yes, and be watchful of pickpockets, but it’s still an essential experience.


Even at midnight; Times Square as bright as high noon. That’s the moment to snag half-price Broadway show tickets at the TKTS booth beneath the glowing red steps. It’s a tradition for theater-goers and night owls alike.


The sensory feast of Times Square is undeniable. Dazzling billboards, Broadway’s beckoning marquees, and the throngs of people create a unique spectacle. From the TKTS steps, you can capture it all in a photo, meet costumed characters, or explore the shops. Times Square’s vibrancy is an unforgettable encounter.


The Chrysler Building

Catching your eye with its Art Deco elegance, the Chrysler Building is another architectural marvel of Midtown Manhattan. Although it doesn’t offer public tours, its stunning exterior and fascinating history make it a sight to behold.


For the best view, visit Visit Summit One Vanderbilt for a Unique Perspective or the vicinity of Grand Central Terminal.


Radio City Music Hall

The iconic Radio City Music Hall marquee at night with bright lights

Experience the glamour of showbiz at Radio City Music Hall. Home to the legendary Christmas Spectacular starring the Rockettes, one of the best winter activities in NYC. This venue has also hosted countless greats from Ray Charles to Stevie Wonder. Its art deco interiors and advanced stage machinery make it a must-visit spot in Midtown Manhattan.


Saks Fifth Avenue

Shopping enthusiasts, prepare to be dazzled by Saks Fifth Avenue. This luxury department store offers a shopping experience like no other. Brands range from Akris to Alberta Ferretti. Located near iconic attractions such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral, it’s the perfect place to indulge in some retail therapy.


The Flatiron Building

Marvel at the unique architecture of the Flatiron Building. Its unique triangular shape and steel structure make it one of NYC’s most photographed buildings. While it doesn’t offer public tours, its exterior is worth a visit—and a snapshot!


Broadway Show

Experience the magic of Broadway in the heart of the city. With a plethora of shows to choose from, including classics like The Lion King and Hamilton, a Broadway show is an experience not to be missed. Whether you’re a native New Yorker or a visitor, the thrill of Broadway is a must-experience.


Madison Square Garden

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a concert-goer, Madison Square Garden is the place to be. Catch an exhilarating game of the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, or a mesmerizing concert.


This iconic venue, known for its famous whispering gallery, is a must-visit for any entertainment lover.


Ice Skating at Bryant Park

Twinkling lights and festive atmosphere at the Bryant Park ice skating rink during winter

Experience a winter wonderland at Bryant Park. Glide on the ice rink in the heart of the city, surrounded by skyscrapers.


The park transforms into a magical scene during the winter, making it a must-visit attraction. That goes double if you’re looking for iconic activities in NYC for couples.


Unwind at the New York Public Library

Grand interior of the New York Public Library

Take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle at the New York Public Library. Explore its vast collection and marvel at the architectural grandeur of the Rose Main Reading Room. Be sure to meet the iconic marble lion guardians at the entrance.


Unique Experiences Off the Beaten Path

Peel away from the crowd and discover Midtown Manhattan’s hidden gems. From niche food centers to boutique bowling, the district offers a plethora of unique experiences.


Secret Gardens and Hidden Bars

Discover the secret side of Midtown Manhattan by visiting hidden bars and gardens. Secretive spots like The Office of Mr. Moto offer an exclusive and intimate experience. Whether you’re seeking tranquility or a lively night out, Midtown has a secret spot for you.


Explore the Morgan Library & Museum

Delve into the world of literature and fine arts at the Morgan Library & Museum. Explore the fascinating collection and marvel at the unique architecture of the museum. It’s a cultural oasis in the heart of the city.


Captivating Views: Observation Decks and Scenic Spots

View of the skyline from the Top of the Rock observation deck at Rockefeller Center

Experience Midtown Manhattan from a new perspective. The district offers a range of observation decks and scenic spots that promise breathtaking views.


Top of the Rock

The Experience the View from Top of the Rock Observation Deck offers a stunning 360-degree view of NYC. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or simply want to soak in the city’s panorama, this is the place to be. With three levels of indoor and outdoor decks, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable view.


Summit One Vanderbilt

For a unique perspective, visit Visit Summit One Vanderbilt for a Unique Perspective. As the tallest commercial skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan, it offers unparalleled views of the city. Whether you’re visiting in the day or night, the view from the top is always mesmerizing.


Culinary Delights: Best Restaurants and Food Tours

Midtown Manhattan is a culinary paradise. From gourmet restaurants to food tours that take you on a culinary journey, the district offers a smorgasbord of flavors. Are your taste buds tingling yet?


Los Tacos Numero Uno

LOS TACOS NO.1 came to be when three amigos from Mexico decided the East Coast needed a taste of home. They brought their family’s recipes and a knack for picking the freshest stuff to make tacos that really take you places. I’d trek into the big city just for a bite of their fare. You’ll find them a stone’s throw from Grand Central in Murray Hill, and it’s worth the walk.



Experience a culinary journey around the world at UrbanSpace. This trendy food court offers a wide array of global cuisines, from authentic street food to gourmet dishes. And with options for all dietary preferences, it’s a food lover’s paradise!


The Grill

For those seeking an upscale dining experience, The Grill is the perfect spot. This elegant restaurant, located in the iconic Seagram Building, offers a sophisticated menu that includes an impressive selection of steaks and crab cakes.


Nightlife and Entertainment

It’s true what they say, that this city never sleeps. With a brilliant nightlife scene, there’s no shortage of entertainment options. From lively bars to dance clubs, Midtown Manhattan offers an unforgettable night out.


Dance the Night Away

Let your hair down and dance the night away at one of Midtown Manhattan’s lively clubs. Whether you’re into club music, EDM, or hip hop, there’s a dance floor waiting for you.


And be sure to dance like nobody’s watching.


Sip Cocktails at The Rum House

End your day on a high note at The Rum House. Nestled in the Edison Hotel, this cozy spot offers a range of expertly crafted cocktails, complemented by live music. Whether you’re a rum enthusiast or just looking for a relaxing night out, The Rum House is the place to be.


Seasonal Celebrations and Events

Midtown Manhattan is as dynamic as it gets. Throughout the year, the district hosts a range of seasonal events and festivities.


From the spectacular Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to the iconic Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center—there’s always something happening!


Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Experience the magic of the holiday season at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This beloved NYC tradition is a spectacle of giant balloons, elaborate floats, and performances. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, watching the parade is a unique, bucket list experience.


Directions to Midtown Manhattan from Greenwich, CT

Grand Central Terminal

Are you planning a day trip to Midtown Manhattan from Greenwich, CT? The journey is simple and can be quite enjoyable. Many of our guests choose to stay with us at our Greenwich, CT, bed and breakfast and commute into the City. After all, there’s no denying you’ll sleep better out here.


The Metro-North Railroad offers a comfortable train ride that takes you directly to Grand Central Terminal in roughly 40 minutes, express. The local train, which makes more stops, only adds another 20 minutes. During the train ride, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the coastline and suburban landscapes of Westchester County.


If you prefer to drive, the trip usually takes less than an hour, depending on traffic. The drive takes you through diverse neighborhoods and provides a glimpse into New York City’s varied outer boroughs.


Hotels, Inns, and Places to Stay in Midtown Manhattan NYC

Roof deck view of the skyline at night

Midtown Manhattan offers a variety of accommodations for visitors, though heavy on the luxury hotel side of things. After all, Midtown is a popular destination for celebrations, especially during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Luxury hotels like 1 Hotel Central Park, Lowell Hotel, and The Pierre are available. Budget-friendly options include MADE Hotel, Dream Downtown, and Freehand Hotel are available. Despite its fame, Midtown provides a unique blend of luxury and budget accommodations and is one of the best places to stay in NYC.


But all that expensive real estate means you won’t find many New York City bed and breakfasts. You won’t have to go too far, though, as all roads lead to this neighborhood.


More Neighborhoods to Explore Near Midtown

Pigeons surrounding an old man in Washington Square Park

Midtown Manhattan is just the beginning of York City’s packed neighborhoods, each with its unique charm.


Greenwich Village

One such neighborhood is Greenwich Village, a cultural hub known for its bohemian spirit and rich history.


The college neighborhood of Greenwich Village celebrates diversity and creativity. From historic sites to unique shops, charming cafes, and coruscating nightlife, it offers a distinct flavor of NYC.


Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a food lover, or a history buff, Greenwich Village is a neighborhood you won’t want to miss.



A stone’s throw from Midtown Manhattan, Chelsea is a hub for art lovers with its plethora of galleries and the scenic High Line park. Indulge in diverse culinary delights at the Chelsea Market (home of another Los Tacos No. 1). Easily accessible from Midtown, Chelsea is a perfect detour for a taste of NYC’s artistic and gastronomic offerings.


East Village

Cruising around the East Village of Manhattan

Just a brief subway ride from Midtown’s hustle and bustle, the East Village is a hub of creativity with a storied past. Dive into its vigorous nightlife, indie shops, and eclectic eateries. Known for its historic music venues and lush community gardens, the East Village’s charm is an easy escape less than 2 miles away from Midtown.


Upper East Side

The Upper East Side, a short journey from Midtown Manhattan, epitomizes sophistication and culture. It is famous for stately residential streets, the prestigious museums of Museum Mile, and the high-end boutiques of Madison Avenue. This neighborhood offers a serene retreat with its historical mansions and peaceful strolls in Central Park’s verdant spaces.



Midtown Manhattan is the vivacious heart of New York City. Iconic attractions, hidden gems, culinary delights, and high-spirited nightlife are just some of the offerings. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time visitor or a returning enthusiast. Midtown Manhattan is ready to enchant, inspire, and leave you longing to return.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Midtown Manhattan so popular?

Midtown Manhattan’s popularity stems from its dynamic mix of towering skyscrapers, iconic landmarks, and lush parks. This combination creates a vibrant and quintessential New York experience, making it an essential destination for city visitors.


What is the difference between Midtown and Manhattan?

Midtown is a distinct region within Manhattan, bridging the gap between Uptown and Downtown. In contrast, Manhattan encompasses the entire island, leading to a diverse array of neighborhoods and unique attributes throughout.


What is Midtown Manhattan close to?

Midtown Manhattan boasts proximity to Bryant Park and Central Park, lies adjacent to the shopping paradise of Fifth Avenue, and is just a stone’s throw away from Columbus Circle. This area is also recognized for its dense cluster of towering skyscrapers.


What are the must-see attractions in Midtown Manhattan?

When in Midtown Manhattan, be sure to explore the iconic Empire State Building, bask in the natural beauty of Central Park, discover the treasures of the Museum of Modern Art, and experience the historic Grand Central Terminal. Wishing you an unforgettable journey!


Where can I find unique experiences in Midtown Manhattan?

In Midtown Manhattan, unique experiences abound. Try boutique bowling at Bowlmor Times Square, uncover hidden bars like The Office of Mr. Moto, or explore the treasures within the Morgan Library & Museum. Enjoy each distinct adventure!


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