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Sunset over Long Island Sound

Mamaroneck, a historic town in Westchester County, is a charming community with rich history and old-world charm. This town is named after the Siwanoy word for “the place where the sweet waters fall into the sea.” It’s at the mouth of a river and the beginnings of a harbor on Long Island, just north of New York City. You can easily escape the busy city life and enjoy a relaxing day trip in this excellent location. It offers beautiful green landscapes, charming historic villages, and peaceful waterfronts. Plus the welcoming atmosphere of a small town.


Ready to explore the top things to do in Mamaroneck, NY? Then read on:


A Brief History of Mamaroneck, NY

Carpenter Gothic Church, also known as the Mamaroneck Methodist Church, was built in 1859
CC BY-SA 4.0

In 1661, Englishman John Richbell bought Mamaroneck from Native American chief Wappaquewam and his brother Manhatahan. The town was incorporated on March 7, 1788. It was divided into three parts: the Village of Larchmont, NY, an unincorporated area, and the Village of Mamaroneck. The rest of the town became the village of Rye, NY. The town grew in the 1890s thanks to its location close to the water. Many people moved here, especially near Mamaroneck Harbor. The harbor was important for fishing, shipping, and manufacturing.


In 1891, the people of Larchmont Manor got permission from the State Legislature. They wanted to turn their part of town into a village. Four years later, residents of Mamaroneck and Rye’s most developed and populated areas voted to form the Village of Mamaroneck. The Mamaroneck River divides Mamaroneck and Rye, but the unincorporated part of the town was too small for either village.


After World War I, the unincorporated part of town became big enough to give the town government power to provide local services.


Mamaroneck was a filmmaking center in the early 1920s, with a silent-screen era movie studio. It was so big, in fact, that at the time people referred to Hollywood as the Mamaroneck of the West Coast.


The Best Things to do in Mamaroneck NY

Boats moored in the marina

Mamaroneck is far from a boring, sleepy town, judging by all the cool and interesting things to do in Mamaroneck, NY. That said, the laid-back lifestyle does help to de-stress. Take time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, parks, creeks, and rich history of this community. Don’t miss the private country clubs and public parks lining the shore of the Sound.


Harbor Island Park

Marina by a park

Harbor Island Park is a 44-acre waterfront park on Mamaroneck Avenue. The park offers picnic areas, playgrounds, tennis courts, gardens, and winding paths. It’s a popular destination for both tourists and locals, with a sandy beach, playground, sports fields, and boat launch. The park, which is lined with cherry blossom trees, provides breathtaking views of the harbor and historic sites. Because it is close to the business district, Harbor Island Park is a popular hangout for office workers, as well as families who enjoy spending time there. Bring a swimsuit for the sandy beach and the kid-friendly sprinkler park.

Hommocks Conservation Area

Hommocks Conservation Area is a 10.6-acre property with a beautiful mix of woodland, salt marsh, and meadow areas. Located beyond the soccer fields, this conservation area is a peaceful spot to enjoy nature’s beauty.

If that isn’t enough, there are 3.6 acres of tidal wetlands that provide even more breathtaking views as well as a cool breeze from the ocean.


Otter Creek

The creek accounts for 10-15% of Westchester’s scenic and productive salt-water marshlands. These marshes are home to a diverse range of birds and wildlife. As such, they attract ornithologists and photographers by the dozens. They provide an accurate representation of the region’s natural heritage and ecosystems. The beautiful marshes are especially beautiful in the fall. You can join tree-planting, bird-watching, and guided field walks and skip your typical shopping mall trip.


Sheldrake River Trails

The Sheldrake River Trail is a 23-acre woodland. Cut across by the eastern part of the Sheldrake River, it serves as a conservation area for indigenous animals and plants. The trails are between Highland Avenue and Winged Foot Drive. They provide lovely wooded walks through various ecosystems that thrive in this part of Mamaroneck. Locals frequently embark on what is known as the neighborhood Tree Walk, a favorite of adrenaline junkies and nature lovers.


Emelin Theatre


The Emelin Theatre in Mamaroneck hosts different performances like comedy, dance, family shows, and movies. These events bring the community together and showcase the best in performing arts. As a non-profit organization, it promotes cultural life in the small town. It brings together artists like Savion Glover, Aimee Mann, Paul Taylor Dance Company, and Dar Williams. The Emelin Theatre features exceptional talent from throughout Westchester County. For a memorable evening out, it’s a must-see.


Bullseye Glass Resource Center

Glass making

Bullseye Glass Resource Center New York is a great place to get a great souvenir to remember your trip to Mamaroneck. This New York art dealer specializes in everything related to glass. Its inventory includes a wide range of glass products such as sheet glass, frit, powder, rod, stringer, as well as kilns, tools, and many other items.


Visitors can learn to make glass items in the shop’s classes, too. Qualified instructors teach glass fusing, kiln casting, torchworking, and coldworking.


The 1816 Schoolhouse

This is the town’s third school, located at Mamaroneck and Mount Pleasant avenues. Locals affectionately call it “the little schoolhouse.” But what stands out is that the building is a renovation to recreate a pre-Civil War environment for the children to learn in. Children at the school, led by Gloria Pritts, learn about Colonial times in a two-hour class. The class starts and ends with a bell. The single room is charming and has historical exhibits and pictures of the area. It is located near Harbor View Park, making it ideal for a combined visit.


Florence Park

There is a beautiful green park between Park and Keeler avenues. It has two tennis courts, jogging/walking tracks, two lighted full basketball courts, checker tables, benches, and a playground. The tree-lined area is a refreshing place to go for a walk, have a picnic, or watch your kids play. This wide open space, with its beautiful natural surroundings, is unquestionably a place for fun, games, and relaxation.


Winged Foot Golf Club

Golf course of Winged Foot Golf Club, one of the fanciest things to do in Mamaroneck, NY

Winged Foot Golf Club, founded in 1921 by members of The New York Athletic Club, is a private golf club with two 18-hole courses, the West and East. The West Course is a par 72 with measurements of 7,477 yards. It has a course rating of 76.4 and a slope of 140. The East Course is a par 72 with measurements of 6,808 yards. It has a course rating of 73.6 and a slope of 140. Golf Digest ranked the West Course 8th and the East Course 65th in America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses in 2009-10. Tiger Woods praised Winged Foot Golf Club as one of the toughest courses he has ever played in competition. He continued to claim that it can host major championships without extra effort. In 2019, Winged Foot was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Check out our guide to public golf courses nearby if you’re looking for one us hoi polloi can play.


The Skinny House

The Skinny House, AKA the Seely House
CC BY-SA 3.0

The Seely House is a one-of-a-kind 10 foot wide house built in 1932 by local contractor Nathan Seely. During the Great Migration, he built homes for African-Americans fleeing the South. But he lost everything with the Stock Market Crash of 1929, including his business and home. Panfilo Santangelo, Nathan’s friend and neighbor, offered him a 12 1/2-foot-wide strip of land between the two houses. Nathan built the house out of salvaged railroad ties and a chicken coop, with steel cables to keep it stable in high winds. The Seelys lived there until Nathan died in 1962. The Seely House was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2015.


Shopping in Mamaroneck, New York

shopping at a boutique

A century-old toy store anchors retail districts that attract plenty of shoppers.


Mamaroneck Avenue shopping

Explore the small businesses on Mamaroneck Avenue. You’ll find a variety of mom-and-pop shops, including large flower stores and quaint country shops. Make sure to visit Miller’s. The famous toy store, run by a family, has been open for almost 100 years. They sell many summer outdoor items and beach gear.


Boston Post Road shops

As you exit the park, turn right and it’s a 15-minute walk or two-minute drive to a collection of niche shops on Boston Post Road. Stop by Katules for tees, bags, and home goods with witty slogans. The shelves of Knit Shoppe next door are stacked high with a rainbow of high-quality yarns and knitting supplies. Then go to nearby Chocolations for ganache-filled truffles and a wide selection of chocolate barks.


Restaurants in Mamaroneck, NY

Vintage coffee shop counter

There’s plenty of culinary diversity in this town, which is fitting for a town so close to New York City. There are as many Italian delis and pizza shops as there are Asian fusion restaurants and whiskey bars.


Breakfast or a coffee at The Roaster Cafe

Stop by The Roaster Café for a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a breakfast meal from the Mediterranean menu. You can’t go wrong with blueberry pancakes and a Turkish latte.


Lunch on Mamaroneck Avenue

Cosmo & Alex Pisano Bros. serves Italian cuisine with imported meats, iceberg, onion rings, and oil and vinegar. Boiano Bakery sells pignoli cookies. Smokehouse Tailgate Grill sells ribs, sides, and lemonade. The Mamaroneck Diner & Pizza Restaurant is open 24/7 and serves a variety of comfort food like pizza, chicken tenders, and potato wedges. Sedona Taphouse is a craft beer destination from Virginia, offering over 50 tap beers and 450 bottled beers. Its menu includes flat breads, steaks, tacos, salads, and sliders. The cozy atmosphere attracts wine lovers and is a popular place for beer-filled nights. It occupies the former home of Harbor Steakhouse on Boston Post Road.


Dinner and Drinks at Augustine’s Salumeria or Walter’s

The Hot Dog Pagoda of Walter. Walter Warrington established Walter's in Mamaroneck, New York in 1919. The Palmer Avenue structure has a pagoda-style copper roof that has oxidized to a light green color, as well as dragon lanterns.
CC BY-SA 4.0

Augustine’s Salumeria is a popular spot in Westchester for fresh, seasonal fare. This restaurant has a Michelin star and won Best of Westchester for its traditional Italian food. They also have a long list of wines. If you’d rather eat at a Westchester institution, get over to Walter’s. At lunchtime, lines can be long, but the wait for hot dogs with mustard is shorter now.


Hotels, Inns, and Places to Stay in Mamaroneck, NY

Our Greenwich, CT, bed and breakfast is about a 15-minute drive from Mamaroneck, New York. So this charming little town is ideal for a summer day trip. If you’re looking to spend the weekend, Mamaroneck doesn’t have a lot of hotel options.


There are numerous options for travelers within a short driving distance, though. Starting with three options in New Rochelle:


Hotel NoMa is a four-star hotel in New Rochelle. It has a fitness center, outdoor pool, light room service, and a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant. The Radisson Hotel is located just a few minutes’ drive from Mamaroneck and 20 minutes by train from New York City. The Residence Inn here has many things for guests, like a kitchenette, flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, free buffet breakfast, and a hotel pool. Parking is available for car travelers, and the hotel is within walking distance of several barbeque restaurants.


Springhill Suites, a new hotel in the village of Tuckahoe, New York, offers luxury suites inspired by West Elm.


Courtyard by Marriott Rye is a chain hotel in Rye, New York. It’s right next to I-95 and the Westchester Cross-County Parkway. The hotel is also close to Playland Park and The Capitol Theatre.


Directions to Mamaroneck, NY

Being so close to New York City makes commuting simple. You’ll have more time to enjoy the town rather than spending endless hours on the road. Mamaroneck has a train station on the Metro-North rail line, perfect for Metro-North day trips.


If you’re driving on I-95, drive as if you’re heading to White Plains, NY. Just head towards the shore, rather than inland. It’s at:

  • Exit 18B for Mamaroneck Avenue White Plains on the northbound side, or
  • Exits 18B-A Mamaroneck Avenue Mamaroneck White Plains on the southbound side

More Towns and Cities to Explore Near Mamaroneck, NY

Metro North train

Strung along Long Island Sound are plenty more towns to explore on day trips or weekend getaways.


A few nearby options of Long Island Sound towns in Westchester County are:






Or head across the border into Fairfield County, CT. A few more coastal towns to explore include:






We hope you enjoy wherever the road takes you!

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