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Houses along the water

Larchmont is a charming suburb in Southern Westchester County. It’s a must-visit spot on Long Island Sound. The town is a perfect spot for a stroll and swim, with a diverse population of international residents. French residents in this area enjoy the presence of French restaurants, cheese shops, and wine shops. The French-American School of New York is located here, after all. Larchmont is also home to famous residents such as Joan Rivers, Ang Lee, Broadway producers, actors, TV executives, and authors.


Larchmont is a quaint, compact village, but offers abundant attractions for its size. Visitors can enjoy the vibrant shops, eateries, culture, and coast. Hiking and pleasant strolls are just a few of the top things to do in Larchmont, NY.



A Brief History of Larchmont, New York

Old postcard of Station Plaza in Larchmont

Larchmont gained fame at first as a wealthy summer shoreline retreat. It has since evolved into a year-round suburb with vintage homes, grand estates, and cute neighborhoods. Bloomberg has ranked Larchmont as the 15th wealthiest neighborhood in the United States and the third wealthiest in New York.


1600s & 1700s

In 1614, the Dutch explored Larchmont, which was originally inhabited by the Siwanoy tribe. In 1661, John Richbell, a merchant from Hampshire, exchanged goods for land in the Town of Mamaroneck with the Siwanoy. Three peninsulas were purchased: Orienta, Larchmont Manor, and Davenport Neck. Great Britain took control in 1664, and Richbell received an English title in 1668. In 1675, he began encouraging settlement and leased his “Middle Neck” to his brother. The Palmer family obtained full title to the land, which included Larchmont, in 1722.


The “Manor House,” Larchmont’s oldest and most historic home, was built in 1797 by Peter Jay Munro. He was the nephew of John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Munro was an abolitionist who helped found the New York State Manumission Society. He later joined Aaron Burr’s law firm and built the Manor House. Munro’s house faced the Boston Post Road, which was dusty in the summer. To counteract this, his gardener brought in fast-growing Scottish larch trees, which gave the village its name.



In 1788, Mamaroneck, New York, was founded. In the 1890s, it was divided into three sections to meet growing demand for services. The residents of Larchmont Manor made their area a village in 1891. They expanded its boundaries beyond the Manor’s 288 acres. It included land to the north and south of the railroad and east to Weaver Street. This growth was required to comply with a law requiring a minimum of 300 people per square mile.


Summer resort (1800s)

Munro’s estate, which had previously been owned by his son Henry, was sold to Edward Knight Collins in 1845. After Collins declared bankruptcy, Thompson J.S. Flint purchased his estate and turned it into an inn and park. After 1872, the area became a popular summer destination for wealthy New Yorkers. By the 1900s, the New York & New Haven Railroad had replaced stagecoach and steamboat as modes of transportation. The change transformed Westchester County from farmland to suburbia.


Larchmont evolved from a resort community to a hub for wealthy individuals commuting to and from New York City. The area is still famous for its Victorian “cottages” and grand hotels that are now private residences, such as the Bevan House and Manor Inn.


The Best Things to do in Larchmont NY

Fire department

Larchmont’s walkable downtown has lots to do, with many attractions, shops, and restaurants.


Flint Park

Flint Park, Larchmont’s largest park, offers sports league play, tennis, day camp, and nature trails. It also features a children’s play area and Larchmont’s American Legion building. Flint Park hosts a summer concert series in July and the “Tour de Larchmont” bike ride in October. It’s closest to the water and offers a well-marked trail for hikes. You can also explore the nature trail into Hommocks Conservation Area. Or head to the trails at Sheldrake Environmental Center.


Larchmont Manor Park

Larchmont Manor Park is a unique waterfront area. It provides a tranquil setting for visitors to unwind and admire the stunning natural sculptures made of glacial rock. Residents can enjoy a private beach, walking trails, and 5,000 feet of shoreline with a private beach at the park. It provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to walk along Long Island Sound, taking in the breathtaking views of rocks and nature. You’ll also find a bronze mermaid fountain in Larchmont Manor Park.


To explore Larchmont Manor, take Larchmont Avenue from downtown to the water. Large Victorian, Mediterranean, Tutor, and Colonial-style homes surround the streets of Larchmont Manor. It’s the town’s oldest and most beautiful neighborhood. Park your bike on a rack outside the beach and take in the breathtaking views from the path or climb the park’s rocks. Residents have access to a small beach here. Just residents, though.


Larchmont Yacht Club


Larchmont Yacht Club is ideal for enjoying a day on the water. Members and guests can enjoy spectacular views of the shoreline and the Sound as they launch their boats into the water. The fall and spring seasons are ideal for taking your boat out, especially if you want to enjoy weather that is neither too hot nor too cold. That said, the club is not open to the general public. If you want to spend a day on the yacht, you can join or make friends with a member, if you’re so lucky.


Downtown Larchmont

Chatsworth Ave school

Larchmont’s downtown shopping district is full of small shops, including:

  • Boutiques
  • Antique stores
  • And gourmet stores

There is also a children’s bookshop, decorating studios, and many places to eat. Larchmont’s four intersecting retail thoroughfares make shopping convenient.


The Village Mercantile is a must-see shop for handcrafted home décor, jewelry, and gifts. Meanwhile, Palmer & Purchase sells designer clothing and boutique outfits. And Fofie & Mia’s offers a finely curated inventory. Visit Stitch by Stitch if you’re a sewing aficionado, or just to support more local businesses. The Saturday farmers market, located near the train station, attracts a diverse range of vendors.

Events in Larchmont, NY

On Monday nights, Memorial Park hosts weekly musical concerts. The Fourth of July is obviously a special occasion, complete with activities such as live music and fireworks. The Larchmont Yacht Club hosts the annual Race Week competition. The Larchmont Shore Club hosts the annual Swim Across America challenge across Long Island Sound.

Restaurants in Larchmont, New York

Bradley’s Desserts & Cafe is famous for its homemade muffins and omelets. Tequila Sunrise serves authentic Mexican cuisine alongside traditional music and delicious guacamole.


Encore offers a menu of French food for French residents and Francophiles. Coriander serves Indian food with modern flair.


Make Lusardi’s your date night destination. Or head to Larchmont Ave. between Addison and Boston Post. There, you’ll find an array of outdoor dining options and a lively street scene for after-dinner drinks.

Best Breakfast in Larchmont, NY

Snatch up breakfast pastries at Bradley’s Café & Desserts and a cup of coffee at Sunshine Coffee Roasters. They roast the beans on-site and brewing begins at dawn. Stan’z Café is a staple for residents with bottomless coffee and wholesome food.

Brunch in Larchmont, New York

Brunch or lunch at local institution Stan’z Café is always a hit. They have inventive, upmarket takes on salads and sandwiches. And don’t forget to dip your paper straw into an all-natural house-made soda. Apiary is another good option for soup and paninis, such as the one with fresh mozzarella and prosciutto, though a lobster roll is also available. Or take in the historic charm of the family-friendly Larchmont Tavern, a village favorite since 1933.

Ice Cream in Larchmont

Longford’s is your go-to spot in Westchester for fresh and homemade ice cream made with premium ingredients. Longford’s has been in business since 1992 and offers a wide range of flavors, including mint Oreo bomb, caramel sea salt, and many more.

Hotels, Inns, and Places to Stay in Larchmont, New York

Our bed and breakfast in Greenwich, Connecticut, is about a 20-minute drive from Larchmont, New York. This charming little town is ideal for a day trip, especially on a nice weather day. If you want to spend the weekend in Larchmont, there aren’t many hotel options.


However, there are numerous options for travelers within a short driving distance. In New Rochelle, there are three options:


Hotel NoMa is a four-star New Rochelle hotel. There is a fitness center, an outdoor pool, light room service, and a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant on the premises. The Radisson Hotel is a few minutes’ drive from Larchmont and a 20-minute train ride from New York City. The Residence Inn here has a kitchenette, flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, a free buffet breakfast, and a hotel pool for guests.


The Courtyard by Marriott Rye is a hotel chain in Rye, New York. It is conveniently located near I-95 and the Westchester Cross-County Parkway. The Capitol Theatre and Playland Park are also nearby.

Directions to Larchmont, NY

Larchmont is about 21 miles from Manhattan and a 35-minute train ride away. Take Metro-North’s Stamford line from Grand Central and exit at the Larchmont stop for a MetroNorth day trip.


If you’re coming from Greenwich, Connecticut, or further north, the Larchmont train station is a 20-minute train ride away. Driving south on I-95 will take you the same amount of time.

More Towns and Cities to Explore Near Larchmont, NY

The towns that line Long Island Sound in Westchester County are adorable former beach towns.


Starting at the far eastern end of the Sound, at City Island, New York, you’ll find plenty of fun day trip opportunities. And all have stops on the Metro-North line to Connecticut.


A few more towns to explore include:


  • Pelham Manor, New York


  • New Rochelle, NY


  • Harrison, New York


  • Rye, NY




We hope you enjoy wherever the road takes you!

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