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rocks near a lighthouse; exploring the shoreline is one of the best things to do in Connecticut in February

Things to Do in Connecticut in February: Top 23 Most Unique Spots

Wintery walks and hikes are some of the best things to do in Connecticut in FebruaryFebruary is the time of year when everyone is desperately tired of winter and very ready to feel the warmth of the sun on their skin that comes with the spring weather. The cabin fever has set in, and everyone’s ready to get out of Dodge.


The bad news is that spring really won’t start to settle in until maybe late-March, but really you should expect some time in April.


The good news is that even if you want spring, you can even just plan a weekend getaway to tide you over. Let’s face it: what you really want is to just get out of your house.


So, here’s a tip: you’ll find plenty of things to do in Connecticut in February, whether you prefer indoor or outdoor activities. It may not be warm like Florida, but c’mon. Everyone and their mother will be in Florida. So it’s best to skip the snowbirds and create your own adventure on winter getaways in New England


Here are some of the best things to do whether you want to relax inside or do some outdoor adventures. 


Indoor Activities for Connecticut in February

Not feeling going outdoors?


No worries, there are plenty of indoor things to do in Connecticut in February.


Check Out the Connecticut River Museum


Enjoy the views of the Connecticut River from the inside of a warm museum. You can learn all about the history of the area and see some incredible exhibits, making the Connecticut River Museum perfect for all ages.  


penguin at Mystic AquariumMosey On Over to Mystic Aquarium


Bring the whole family over to the Mystic Aquarium to check out the sharks, African penguins, and beluga whales—oh my! It’ll be a great way to learn more about the area and species you may not be able to see otherwise.


It’s one of the top attractions in Mystic, Connecticut.


Visit the Downtown Cabaret Theater


The Downtown Cabaret Theater puts on shows for the whole family, allowing you to warm up in the toasty room and through lots of laughs. In February, you can check out “Ugly Duckling,” “Jack and the Beanstalk,” and “Sir Paul – The Music of Paul McCartney.”


Peek at the Local Art Galleries


Wherever you are in Connecticut, you’re bound to run into some local art galleries with really unique pieces. Buying a piece of art can be a great way to get a souvenir from the state without being too on the nose—not that there’s anything wrong with a mug or shot glass. But if your cabinets are getting full, buying a piece of art at one of the art galleries in Greenwich, for example, can be that much more special.


Head Over to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center


If you want to learn more about indigenous cultures in the United States, head over to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research Center. This Ledyard, CT, attraction is owned and operated by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe. It showcases an auditorium, gallery, restaurant, classrooms, and exhibit spaces. 


Jamaican cuisineCelebrate Black History Month Through Food


February is Black History Month, and while there are many ways to celebrate—such as visiting museums and art galleries highlighting Black culture—you can also commend the holiday through food. There are many Black-owned businesses in Connecticut, so you can always just research what’s in the town you’re staying in. However, there are some local favorites, such as:






Check Out the Stamford Museum and Nature Center


Stamford Museum and Nature Center is a great place to bring your family to learn more about farm life, nature, and the. This Fairfield County museum includes a working farm, art galleries, planetarium and observatory, hiking trails, picnic area, and a playground. If you plan ahead, you may be able to hit a scheduled event to learn more about space. 


Enjoy the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum


If you like art museums, then the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is the place for you. Head over to the charming town of Ridgefield, CT, to enjoy pieces beloved and new. On February 6th, some new exhibitions will be dropping, so hitting the museum will be worth the trip.


Take a Dip 


Does your family love going to water parks? No, don’t worry. We’re not crazy. We know you can’t take a dip in February in New England outdoors, but you can do it indoors! Head over to Coco Key Water Resort to hit the slides and enjoy an outdoor adventure indoors.


Morgan Point LightVisit Historical Sites


The best way to enjoy an area is to get to know its history. That’s why it’s important to check out any museums, landmarks, or areas that have a bit of antiquity in them! You can check out the Keeler Tavern Museum, Hill-Stead Museum, and the Greenwich Historical Society, among other destinations. 


Check Out the New Britain Museum of American Art


Another beautiful museum stacked with exhibitions and galleries, the New Britain Museum of American Art is a must-see stop during your Connecticut adventure. It’s a highly innovative spot that even allows website visitors to take a virtual walkthrough of some of their galleries. It’s worth checking out!


Relax with a Movie at a Historical Theater


After a long day of hitting the slopes or walking around Connecticut’s museums, check out the Garde Arts Center’s Winter Cinema Series. You can sit back, relax, and watch a film—old or new. 


Eat Your Way Through the State


There’s something for everyone when it comes to food tours, but if you’re someone who loves chocolate, pizza, or chowders, you’ve come to the right place. Try out one of the many trails to enjoy your favorite food. You can even hit up some breweries and wineries that have indoor seating options to stay warm while drinking a cool beverage.


Spoil the Kids


If your kids have a lot of energy, it’s worth bringing them over to Sky Zone in Norwalk so they can bounce around for hours. They’ll be nice and tired by the time the sun sets, so everyone in your family will be getting a restful night’s sleep.


Outdoor Adventures, perfect for Connecticut in February

The fun continues across the state, with your pick of outdoor activities in Connecticut in February.


christmas tree farmCheck Out a Christmas Tree Farm


February is really not the time of year that screams Christmas; however, taking a walk through a Connecticut Christmas tree farm is beautiful during any month. You can take in the smell of pine needs and sip on some hot chocolate to keep you in the spirit.


Take a Hike—Literally 


Connecticut is not the most hilly or mountainous state compared to the other states it’s surrounded by, but that’s what makes it so great for beginners and travelers! You don’t have to go on an insane mountain to make a hike worthwhile. Enjoy your time taking in the scenery and scents of nature. Some of the hiking trails you can check out are at Bluff Point State Park and Devil’s Hopyard State Park.


Hit the Slopes


If you’re someone who likes skiing, then this will definitely be a great activity for you. Head over to Powder Ridge Mountain Park Resort to enjoy some skiing, snowboarding, CT snow tubing, zip lines, disc golf, mountain biking, and more.


Be sure to read our full guide to where to ski near NYC for our full list, in order of driving distance from New York City and Greenwich.


Try Your Hand at Cross-Country Skiing


Head over to James Goodwin State Forest, White Memorial Foundation, or Winding Trails Cross Country Ski Center to skip the downhill runs for a glide through nature with cross-country skiing. It’s a sport that may seem daunting, but just like downhill skiing, once you get the hang of it, it’s as easy as pie.


Go Rock Climbing


Whether you’re into rock climbing or ice climbing, it’s worth checking out the walls at Ascent Climbing, City Climb Gym, or Central Rock Gym. These are some great activities you can do either indoors or outdoors. 


ice fishingTry Your Hand at Ice Fishing


If you’re someone who loves to do some fishing but have only done so during the warmer months, take this trip to enjoy a new experience. Head over to Bantam Lake or Lake Waramaug in the Litchfield Hills to fish for some bass or pike, cutting through the ice for your food. 


Drive Through Towns


If you plan on taking some day trips to Connecticut, it’s worth checking out some of the beautiful architecture and food, especially if you want to just enjoy what the day can bring. There are plenty of unique attractions throughout Connecticut to plan a trip. You can visit Mark Twain’s house in Hartford and Gillette Castle in Gillette Castle State Park if you love Sherlock Holmes.


train rideEnjoy the Sights of the State


If driving doesn’t seem all that appealing to you, but you’d love to see more nature, hop on a train or trolley that takes you through the countryside.


You can hop on at Essex Steam Train and Riverboat in Essex, CT, Railroad Museum of New England, the Shore Line Trolley Museum, and Danbury Railway Museum.


Get romantic

Yes, many associate February with romance. So, we’ve added a few tips to this guide to February in Connecticut to plan a romantic weekend or three.


More than a few of the cutest towns in Connecticut make for fantastic romantic weekend getaways in CT in the winter. A few of those towns even made our list of the most romantic winter getaways across New England.


If you need something to help decide where to go, check out either:




Enjoy all the top things to do in Connecticut in February

We hope you’ve found something on this list that piques your interest and gets you excited for a mini getaway to get you through the rest of winter. 


Check-out our list of the best winter activities in Connecticut to find a spot central to what you want to do while you’re here.


Your trip may also be decided by when you’re planning on coming. Be sure to look at our guides for:


But let’s face it: There are tons of other cute towns across Connecticut. And each of them offers unique experiences during the winter months. Read our guide to the cutest towns in Connecticut if the above options don’t quite work for you for winter getaways near NYC.


If you want to learn some more, you can download a copy of our Winter in Connecticut guide before you make the trek!


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