Save up to 35.9% off our best rate to enjoy amazing flexibility [new]

Does this sound familiar?


I love being at Stanton House Inn for multiple reasons:

  • It’s within walking distance of Greenwich Avenue and everything in downtown Greenwich
  • There’s ample space, with gorgeous gardens, pool, patio and elegantly charming common areas
  • The coffee, baked goods, and amiable hosts create the perfect home away from home atmosphere


But one of the biggest drawbacks to being in Greenwich is the expense!


Thanks to our newest program, you can enjoy your home away from home in Greenwich whenever you want. Plus, you’ll also enjoy your visit at a fantastic rate.


How is that possible?


Well, that’s exactly what you’ll find out if you keep reading.

Colin Pearson, Innkeeper at Stanton House Inn in Greenwich, CT
Colin | Innkeeper

Hey there, I’m Colin, Innkeeper at Stanton House Inn.


Have you ever wondered why I live at the Inn?


It’s partly because the house has been in my family for generations.


And it’s also because there’s so much to offer here in amenities and attractions close-by.


Another major reason is the cost of living in Greenwich!


Did you know that renting an average one-bedroom apartment here costs about $24,300 annually?


And renting a hotel room or vacation rental for a little more flexibility is even pricier.


A recent online search showed hotel rates starting at $330 a night in the summer.


That’s why we’ve decided to create a new program exclusively for our most loyal guests.

A fantastic new deal for our most loyal guests

Starting 2021, we’re opening a membership program to a select number of guests.


This subscription-style service will cover up to 3 nights per month, or 36 nights total per year.

You’ll be free to divide those nights how you want, whenever you want in the year.


You can even reserve an entire month for extended stays during an annual visit to Greenwich.


Membership levels for the Friends of Stanton House Inn club membership


Burgundy-level members get to enjoy some extra benefits beyond the above:

  • 🛍️   Leave personal belongings behind with us, to make coming and going even easier
  • 🛎️   Free cancellation, to enjoy even more flexibility
  • 🛌   Free upgrade to our best available guest room


Our club membership is perfect for all sorts of stays in Greenwich:

  • Extended stays
  • Monthly stays
  • Long term stays
  • Short term stays
  • Corporate rates
  • Group rates


All this for $495 per month.


That’s a nightly rate of only $165!


Fill out an application for a Friends of Stanton House Inn membership.

Keep your home away from home in Greenwich

Greenwich Avenue, the main street of one of the most cute towns in ctWe want you to see Stanton House Inn as your home in Greenwich for years to come!


So club members will not only enjoy perks and amenities we offer now, but you’ll relish extra features we add in the coming years!


We’re where you rest your head and relax when you’re in town today, and we want to improve all aspects of your experience here.


And we’ll want guidance and feedback on how to improve from you, our members!


We want to be your go-to for everything Greenwich, Connecticut.

Excited? So are we

Ready to get started?


Apply to join the club, below.


Please note that space is very limited, so don’t miss out!


Fill out an application for a Friends of Stanton House Inn membership.


Curious to know more? Fill-out the above form and we’ll reach out!


Some of the most commonly asked questions about our Greenwich, CT, hotel subscription rate include:

  • When will you bill me?
    • We’ll bill the credit card we have on file on the first of each month.
  • How do I cancel?
    • Please notify us on the 15th of the month that you’d like to cancel your subscription the following month. We’ll confirm that your balance is covered, or issue a gift certificate for any credits.
  • Can I cancel and re-instate?
    • Sure! We do require a cool-down period of 12 months between when you cancel and apply to re-instate your membership. Re-instating your membership depends on capacity limits.