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Couple relaxing in the woodsRomance is all about the classics.


Think of the chance encounter between Anna and William in “Notting Hill.” Falling in love at first sight in a quaint bookstore, exchanging cheeky remarks.


It’s Harry and Sally from the iconic “When Harry Met Sally”. Their late night chats about:

  • Life
  • Heartbreak
  • Confusion
  • And hope

Spending their days being romantic without even thinking about it.


It’s Kathleen and Joe in “You’ve Got Mail,” exchanging their dreams and loves to one another without seeing each other in the flesh.


But what’s the common denominator between these stories?


No, it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s not about love here. It’s about finding love in a small-town feel, even if it’s in a big city!


These stories may take place in New York and London. And yet there are plenty of love stories that don’t get movies made about them in smaller areas, especially Connecticut.


With small town charm, nature, and quaint cities, Connecticut is a place where lovers go to continue building their love. And there’s plenty to explore as far as romantic things to do in Stamford, CT.


Ready to begin?


Then read on:

Top Picks for Romantic Things to Do in Stamford, CT

Stamford, CT, is especially beautiful, with parks, classic theaters, and piers with benches to watch the sunset (or sunrise).


Here are some of our picks for the city’s most romantic activities and locations.

Romantic things to do in Stamford map Romantic Things to Do in Stamford, CT: Top 15 Most Unique
Map design by Stanton House Inn with elements from Flaticon

Cove Island Park


Cove Island ParkPerfect for a romantic walk along the water, Cove Island Park is a roughly 80-acre park. Its beach, trails, and recreation area offer delightful recreational facilities and outdoor activities.


Located on Long Island Sound, the park has two sandy beaches, a play area, a walking/running loop trail, and a rollerblade/cycling path. It also has a wonderfully large lawn if a romantic picnic is in the cards for you.


As you’re walking along the water, be sure to check out the small salt marsh and mudflats for birds and other wildlife. There’s also a premiere nature center with interesting exhibits. So you can spend an afternoon indoors after spending the morning taking in the air.


To pretend like you and your lover are in a rom-com, check out the Terry Conners Ice Rink near the park’s entrance. While it may only be open during the winter in Stamford, it’s really the perfect time for a holiday romance moment. Strap on your skates, grab a warm coat, and prepare to take a fall into your lover’s arms.


Palace Theatre


It’s time to put on your little black dress and head over to the Palace Theatre for a night on the town.


This theater company has two venues: the Palace Theatre on Atlantic Street and the Rich Forum. Each location hosts an array of performances, including live theater, concerts, and recitals.


The Palace Theatre is known for its history, equipped with 1500+ seats. Originally, it was a vaudeville house designed by Thomas W. Lamb before opening in 1927.


Having been loved for many years, the wear and tear of the theater became too much for it to bear. So, in 1983, it was repaired and restored, becoming what it is known as today.


Thanks to its renovation, it gained:

  • An enlarged stage
  • Dressing rooms
  • And technical-support facilities


Chelsea Piers


couple practicing yoga togetherFor the fitness flings out there, Chelsea Piers Connecticut is a 465,000-square-foot sports and recreation complex. It has a ton of:

  • Sports and fitness facilities
  • Instructional programs
  • Sports leagues
  • Camps
  • And drop-in activities for everyone in the family


If your idea of a date is dressing up in your athletic gear and hitting the gym, this is absolutely the place for you.


It has a bunch of athletic fields, an aquatics center with three swimming pools of different sizes, and many water-based programs.


There’s even:

  • A ballet school
  • Ice-skating rink
  • Batting cages
  • Gymnasium
  • Basketball and volleyball courts
  • And a premiere members-only fitness center and clubhouse


Talk about luxury, right?


Other facilities include:


  • Tennis and squash courts


  • A Little Athletes Zone for the kids


  • A Splash Zone


  • Exercise and instructional classes


Fort Stamford Park


Get ready to spend the afternoon stopping and smelling the roses.


And not just the metaphorical kind.


The Goodbody Garden at Fort Stamford is a little oasis and public park. It’s a great spot to stop for a picnic or just meander among the flowers.


For a little history, the park sits next to what once was a Revolutionary War outpost called Fort Stamford. It was then turned into a gorgeous private garden initially owned by New York financier Marcus Goodbody.


But as they say, time got in the way, and the gardens fell into a sad state. So between the Stamford Garden Club and the Glenbrook Garden Club, the gardens were restored to the glory they are today.


Since its restoration, the park reopened to the public, turning a once-private spot into a tranquil space for everyone in town. 


Whether you prefer:

  • Admiring the flowers
  • Checking out the plants
  • Or resting under a tree


Fort Stamford Park is perfect for an afternoon among the wildflowers. You can even pack a picnic if you plan on spending a few hours here!


Mianus River Park


Right between Greenwich and Stamford, the Mianus River Park is a 400-acre forest. Between the:

  • Wetlands
  • Streams
  • Rock formations
  • Hiking trails
  • A wildflower garden
  • And even a cave

There’s plenty to discover here on a romantic hiking date.


As you can guess, the park is home to the Mianus River, becoming a greater Mianus Greenway conservation area. This effort was established to protect the river and its watershed, which greatly affects the regional water supply.


The park features: gorgeous trees, colorful wildflowers, an array of wildlife, and the best views of the river. You can take the hiking trails throughout the park and enjoy the scenery that the river has to offer.


Ferguson Library


The front of Ferguson LibraryIt’s time to make your “Notting Hill” dreams come true by falling in love around books!


Head over to the Ferguson Municipal Public Library to relax with your lover with some books. This community library in Stamford has been known as a gathering space for the community to enjoy books, magazines, movies, and more.


Noting for future reference (not for date day), the library offers a bunch of children’s programs, such as:

  • Baby Time
  • Toddler Time
  • Family Story Time
  • Summer Reading Club
  • And Book Discussions and Preschool Story Time


There are even teen programs (to help with planning for alone time), including:

  • Teen Reads
  • Book Discussion
  • Book Lists
  • Volunteering
  • And Summer Reading Club

You can also look forward to special events and vacation week programs for more activities throughout the year.


For a date, you can either mosey through the library, pick some books, and read in a cozy spot together. Or, you can grab your books, check them out, and head to a picnic somewhere.


Imagine your date reading poetry to you at Mill River Park surrounded by the sweet smell of flowers while you’re munching on some snacks you brought?


I mean seriously. What could be better?


First Presbyterian Church


This iconic church dates back to 1854, if you can believe it. It was once a wooden structure located at 90 Broad Street until 1882 when it burned down. When it was time to rebuild, the congregation replaced it with a stone tower, enlarged in 1920. The community used that church until 1958. Then, in 1954, the congregation voted to relocate the church to 1101 Bedford Street—its current location.


In March 1958, construction ended on the new First Presbyterian Church, following the designs of Wallace K. Harrison.


Here’s the deal:


The church isn’t famous because of its history. Instead, it’s the shape of the building that makes it a tourist destination for all, including those who aren’t even religious. Simply put, the structure resembles a fish, a symbol used in early Christianity.


It’s not the outside of the church in Stamford that has a fish shape; both its profile and floor plan follow the motif. Adding interest to the look of the entire church are the stained-glass windows, which are a feat in and of themselves.


The windows contain more than 20,000 pieces of colored glass, each section telling a story. Altogether, the windows depict the story of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection.


On the Chancel is a 32-foot-high cross faced with wood from the Canterbury Cathedral in England. And while the church was once home to an electronic organ, a massive Visser-Rowland pipe organ has since replaced it.


Along Bedford Street sits a stone wall containing a series of tablets. They recognize significant Stamford events, institutions, and individuals. It especially highlights religious leaders and events in Stamford from 1641 to 1975.


Bartlett Arboretum


Bartlett Arboretum and GardensBartlett Arboretum and Gardens offers 93 acres of hiking trails, gardens, and wetlands.


Many of the flora in the collection are from New England. That said, you’ll find additions from all over the world, some planted as long ago as a century.


The Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens is home to over 3500 specimens worldwide and is open to the public every day of the year.


There’s no question it’s one of the best things to do in Stamford, CT.


And did we mention a visit here is also free?


Avon Theatre Film Center


Remember the talk about falling in love and small-town charm?


Well, do we have a movie theater for you!


Nearly every town in America boasts a multi-screen cineplex. And yet it’s not every day you find a theater with character and charm as unique as the films they present.


Located right on Bedford Street downtown, the Avon Theatre in Stamford is located in a classic movie theatre built in 1939. This beautiful building is reminiscent of many Main Street movie theaters from the Golden Age of film that have been lost to the wrecking ball.


Regularly playing the best of independent films, documentaries, foreign films, and Hollywood classics, the Avon Theatre is a must for movie fanatics. It is also a non-profit organization devoted to both preserving the old theater and presenting film in all its forms.


They believe that attending the theater is an escape from the real world and a source of education, history, and art. The Center even provides community dialogues with directors, actors, and other members of the film industry.


It’s the making for a perfect date night on a cold winter day or hot summer night. Just grab your popcorn, a soda, and your loved one and head to the big screen!


Stamford Museum & Nature Center


Stamford Museum and Nature CenterFor another beautiful date out on the town, head to the Stamford Museum & Nature Center for some art, history, nature, and agriculture.


The center includes a working farm, art galleries, planetarium and observatory, hiking trails, picnic area, and a playground.


If you plan ahead, you may be able to hit a scheduled event to learn more about space!


Ukrainian Museum and Library of Stamford


Grab your lover and head to the Ukrainian Museum and Library of Stamford for an afternoon of history and art. This museum collects, exhibits, and preserves Ukrainian artifacts and publications.


It’s the oldest cultural institution established by Ukrainians in North America. It was built in 1933 and opened to the public in 1935. What was once just two rooms, the museum has since expanded to two floors, with the library and archive in separate buildings.


While walking around the beautiful museum, you’ll be able to see and learn more about Ukrainian:

  • Fine arts
  • Folk art
  • Religious art
  • And literature collections


Stamford Historical Society


Spend your day learning from professionals who collect, interpret, preserve, and exhibit historical items all related to the city in which you visit: Stamford.


In addition to traditional exhibitions and displays, Stamford’s historic center also has:

  • Demonstrations
  • Lectures
  • Special events
  • And educational programs


You can even register for a guided tour of the Hoyt Barnum House and museum exhibits.


Curtain Call


Grab dinner and drinks with your loved one then head over to Curtain Call for a stellar show!


Curtain Call is one of the longest-running community-producing theatre companies. They present full-scale productions every year across two venues.


They’ve put on shows that include Cabaret, Groundhog Day: The Musical, The Wizard of Oz, and She Loves Me.


Check out their website to see what they currently have on the calendar and reserve your tickets!


Mill River Park


Mill River Park, Stamford CTAlso known as the Central Park of Stamford, Mill River Park has been a project in the works for nearly 100 years. Today, the finished product includes many of the latest advances in bioengineering and beautiful plantings on a remarkable landscape.


While you walk around the park hand in hand with your loved one, you can enjoy all sorts of plant life and wildlife. Then, you can pretend you’re straight out of a 1950s film by hopping on the Mill River Park Carousel.


There are also fun events that go on at the park, so be sure to check out the calendar and see what’s going on!


Even more romantic things to do in Stamford, Connecticut, and nearby

Couple overlooking a cloudy beachNow that you’ve got your activities planned, you’re likely wondering what else you need for your romantic day trip or getaway.


Fear not!


A few more helpful tips as far as Connecticut date ideas include:


Top restaurants in Stamford, Connecticut, for date night

Thanks to its location on Connecticut’s Gold Coast, Stamford benefits from our unique melding of New England charm and New York City cosmopolitanism.


Our list of the best restaurants in Stamford, CT, is a veritable who’s who in global cuisine. Plus the local staples: Italian, French, and American.


Romantic day trips nearby to Stamford, Connecticut

Connecticut, and the area around Stamford, especially, is full of charming towns. They’re perfect for a day trip or two.


Be sure to read our guide to the best romantic day trips in Connecticut.


And you can also download a free copy of the guide to romantic things to do across Connecticut!

Romantic bed and breakfast inns near Stamford, CT


After your day full of fun-filled activities, return to one of the most historic inns in CT to unwind and rejuvenate. It’s only a 10-minute drive from downtown Stamford, in next door Greenwich, Connecticut.


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You will also have the chance to enjoy the inn’s seasonal outdoor pool, complimentary continental breakfast, and charming gardens. Plus, our ideal location places you just minutes from the Greenwich train station and all your favorite local attractions.


Plus, there’s even more fantastic romantic things to do in Greenwich, Connecticut.


We hope you enjoy your next date night!


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