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Romantic Things to Do in CT

Romantic things to do in CT: Top 23 Most Unique Spots

romantic things to do in ct park bench Romantic things to do in CT: Top 23 Most Unique Spots

Are you searching for romantic things to do in CT in a hurry?


No worries! We’ve all been there.


Having been in your shoes before, this writer pulled everything we know about planning and enjoying romantic activities across our state into one helpful and concise place.


This guide to romantic things to do in Connecticut includes everything you need to know, such as:

  • Date ideas
  • Romantic places for day trips
  • Where to confidently book romantic getaways
  • Top romantic places to eat across the state
  • What to do during different seasons


Sound good to you? Then read on.


But first, a confession: This entire guide developed during the largely inauspicious Covid-19 pandemic.


How so?


When Connecticut shut down due to the statewide Covid quarantine lockdown, all the more typical romantic activities came off the list.

romantic things to do in ct map Romantic things to do in CT: Top 23 Most Unique Spots
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Romantic Things to Do in CT During the Covid Pandemic

Romantic activities like dinner and a movie, museums and art galleries, and even getting drinks at a local bar became risky, if not impossible.


That meant planning a weekend in Connecticut of romantic activities during Covid required more research. And there was plenty of time to be had during the lockdown and afterward to get your plan in order.


Instead of the typical date night ideas, we found plenty of romantic activities to keep us busy and Covid safe.


A romantic weekend in Connecticut consisted of a lot of free attractions and activities, including:




All in all, it was a huge improvement over sitting isolated in your apartment all day. So if you’re still a bit weary of Covid, try out those ideas! And just because they’re safer doesn’t mean they’re any less fun and exciting.

Creative date ideas in Connecticut

romantic things to do in ct cozy Romantic things to do in CT: Top 23 Most Unique Spots

Date Night Ideas in Greenwich


Our town, the southernmost in Connecticut jutting into New York, has a little bit of everything for visitors looking for romantic things to do in Greenwich:


Add fantastic restaurants and nearby concert venues for ample date night ideas in Greenwich, and planning a romantic getaway here is easy.

Date Night Ideas in Stamford, New Haven, Hartford, And More

But during the lockdown, when even entering nearby New York State was considered verboten for a time, this writer got the opportunity to explore more of Connecticut.


Read our favorite date ideas in Connecticut for the full list, but to whet your appetite, here are a few sneak peeks:




  • The city of New Haven, Connecticut, is an intellectual romantic’s playground, with art galleries, museums, and observatories hosted by Yale University. Plus, restaurants here regularly receive awards for having some of the best pizza and Italian cuisine in the USA.

11 of the Most Romantic Places in CT for Day Trips

Exploring our charmingly quaint towns is one of the most romantic things to do in Connecticut.


While cities like Hartford and New Haven have their own appeal, many of Connecticut’s charming, cute towns are unlike anywhere else on the planet.


If you plan well, they can be a very inexpensive way to enjoy your day. All you need to cover is gas and maybe a cup of coffee or a sandwich while you walk around a cute downtown or two.

Romantic Places in Connecticut

Many of the towns that make this list are more than just a pretty face. They host unique shopping, hiking, museums, and more to keep you occupied once you’ve finished wandering around Main Street.


By region, some of the most romantic places in Connecticut include:

Romantic Restaurants in CT

couple enjoying a romantic evening at a cute restaurant in Connecticut, one of the most romantic things to do in CT

For such a small state, Connecticut offers variety.


Case in point: Its restaurant scene.


Any meal can be amorous at the top romantic restaurants in Connecticut. It’s more a matter of choosing the right atmosphere:

  • Cozy, with a fireplace
  • Overlooking waves crashing on the shore
  • Above the heights of the surrounding cityscape


A good meal is guaranteed at any of these venues.


A few choice dining options scattered throughout the state include:

    • Le Penguin in Greenwich
    • Union League Cafe in New Haven
    • Bernard’s and Sarah’s Wine Bar in Ridgefield
    • Match in South Norwalk
  • Arethusa al Tavolo in Bantam


Or peruse our guides for your own romantic pick:




Romantic Getaways in Connecticut

Enjoying that moment after filling up on a good meal and winding down before bed in privacy does require some planning.


Fortunately, there are plenty of options for romantic getaways across Connecticut.


As with dining, it’s more about knowing what sort of atmosphere and amenities you want to enjoy than necessarily what location. The obvious exceptions are hotels, inns, and cabins overlooking the beach or water.


But many of the most romantic inns, hotels, and cabins feature the perfect combination of amenities for a romantic getaway:


Read our full guide to favorite cabins, hotels, and inns to plan a perfect romantic vacation. Some favorites among the list of romantic inns across CT include:


Romantic inns in CT map Romantic things to do in CT: Top 23 Most Unique Spots
Map design by Stanton House Inn with elements from Flaticon


Romantic Things to Do in CT Throughout the Year

Any time of year in Connecticut features its own style of romance. Here are some breakdowns:

Romantic Things to Do in CT in the Spring

Once the end of winter blues are shaken off, it’s time to get back outside!


Use Connecticut spring festivals as an excuse to explore the state, including:

Or simply walk around charming towns throughout Connecticut, admiring the rapidly-changing scenery of the spring.

Romantic Things to Do in CT in the Summer

It’s a sad summer for a New Englander who doesn’t get on the water at some point in the season.

Visit the Beaches in Greenwich And Nearby

This classic date idea is a great way to spend a day in the sun with your partner! Whether you simply soak in the sun’s rays, indulge in a romantic picnic, or take a boat ride, there are plenty of romantic things to do on CT beaches! Here are just some of the area’s most beautiful coastal spots:

Set Sail on a Private Cruise

If you’re in need of some alone time together, a private ride on a luxury yacht may be just what you need. Greenwich Boat Charters provides a variety of options, including dinner and cocktail cruises, New York Harbor tours, leisure harbor cruises, and more! The lull of the waves and the stunning backdrop of a Greenwich sunset is the perfect setting for any romantic evening.


Another great option is the Thursday night cruise from South Norwalk to the Sheffield Island Lighthouse, matched with sunset views and a traditional clambake on the island!

Romantic Things to Do in Connecticut During the Fall Season

Traditionally, fall is all about harvesting and celebrating before the winter.


Today, it’s also about bonfires and observing the changing fall colors.


Enjoy the season by hopping in the car or on the train and visiting a cute town anywhere in Connecticut during the peak fall foliage season. There are some fantastic fall foliage driving routes to explore. And our state features some of the best places to see fall foliage close to New York City.


You could also plan your trip around farm visits, like apple picking in Connecticut orchards.


Or, the best afternoon of all could be had at one of the many Connecticut fall festivals throughout the state happening on almost every fall weekend in a typical year.

Romantic Things to Do in CT in Winter

romantic things to do in ct winter Romantic things to do in CT: Top 23 Most Unique Spots

Romantic getaways in the spring, summer, and fall are easy in Connecticut. Many visitors often overlook the splendor of a romantic getaway here in the winter.


Yet, there are plenty of romantic winter activities, both indoor and outdoor, to enjoy during a typical Connecticut winter.


It’s the ideal time to enjoy indoor activities, such as:

  • Museums
  • Seeing an independent film
  • Shopping
  • Aquariums


You can also just get cozy by a fire with a good book.


You could also try your hand at a new winter sport or hobby. Some popular winter activities in Connecticut include:

    • Snowmobiling
    • Cross-country skiing
    • Winter hiking
    • Snowboarding
    • Ice fishing
    • Downhill skiing
    • Ice skating
    • Snowshoeing

A Few More Romantic Things to Do Any Time of the Year in Connecticut

Regardless of the temperature outside a few romantic activities that are delightful regardless of when you partake.

Get a Taste of CT at Local Qineries

One of the most romantic activities in CT involves indulging in some of the area’s finest wines! The wineries list of the Connecticut Wine Trail is packed with stellar options for wine tastings, gorgeous vineyards, and ethereal sunset views! It’s impossible for us to pick favorites, but here are a few to try during your visit anywhere in the state:

Have a Pint at a Connecticut Brewery

Spoken from experience, winter day trips in Connecticut risk an awkward period between when shops and attractions close around 5 or 6 and when you’re actually ready for dinner. 


Stopping into a brewery is a perfect opportunity to pause, have a seat in a rustic industrial ambiance, and enjoy a glass of local beer and an appetizer. An hour later, and you’ll be ready to take on the evening!


There are so many local breweries here that the best breweries in Connecticut compete with some of the more famous beer-lover destinations in America.

Looking for More Romantic Things to Do in CT?

While certain activities are stereotypically romantic, anything can be romantic depending on the company.


Well, almost.


One of the best ways to get your romance on is to plan a day or weekend that feels spontaneous yet somewhat organized.


So, plan a quick romantic day trip around visiting some of the most unique things to do in southern Connecticut, from a polo match in Greenwich to enjoying a CT lobster roll in Stonington, CT.


You can also just head to our neck of the woods and enjoy the various romantic attractions and activities here in Greenwich, Connecticut before crashing at Stanton House Inn.

Updated and republished November 28, 2022

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