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boats and chimes building at greenwich point parkSpring is one of the most magical times to visit Connecticut—albeit there is truly never a bad time. But when the sun is starting to warm up the earth and flowers start sprouting through melted snow, you know good things are on the horizon.


Greenwich is one of the best towns in the whole state to spend a day outside, taking in all the greenery and activities available at your fingertips. 


Whether you’re looking for:

  • A chill day at the park
  • Lying on a picnic blanket with your charcuterie board and a book (we’re joining you if that’s the case)
  • Or you’re looking to get warmed up on a hike

The town has everything you need.


Now, where can you enjoy these afternoons in the best parks in Greenwich, CT?


We’ve got you!


Without further ado, here are some of the most beautiful parks in Greenwich, CT, to take a stroll. 


Parks in Greenwich CT for outdoor adventures

Some parks in Greenwich are better for hiking than others.

parks in greenwich ct map Parks in Greenwich CT: Top 14 Most Unique Spots
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Some top picks for when you visit Greenwich include:

Mianus River Park

Mianus River Park is a large park straddling the Mianus River in Greenwich.


The park offers a variety of recreational opportunities including hiking, fishing, and picnicking.


There are also several walking paths, picnic areas, and restrooms.


Mianus River Park is a popular destination for families and nature enthusiasts, offering a peaceful escape from the busy streets of Greenwich and Stamford.


Montgomery Pinetum & Pomerance Park

ruins at pomerance parkMontgomery Pinetum and Pomerance Park, a historic site and nature lover’s paradise, are an easy day trip for hikers.

Pomerance Park offers even more hiking trails in which to get lost.


Adjacent Montgomery Pinetum is a stunning park in Cos Cob that is home to mature pine trees and captivating natural landscapes.


Babcock Preserve

A scenic natural gem in Greenwich, CT, Babcock Preserve offers hiking trails, picturesque landscapes, and wildlife.


With its 300 acres of woodlands and trails, it’s ideal for adventure, exploration, or simply a romantic walk in the woods.

Parks in Greenwich, CT, for beaches

Some of the best beaches in all Connecticut are within a short drive from downtown Greenwich.


Three great parks along the Greenwich shoreline to enjoy a day at the beach anytime of year are:


Greenwich Point Park


canoeing at greenwich point park, one of the best parks in greenwich ctA visit to Greenwich isn’t complete without exploring Greenwich Point Park.


Locals call it Tod’s Point, but regardless of what you call it, it is still one of the prettiest spots around. It also is top of the list of best beaches near Greenwich, CT.


The lovely grounds of the park were originally home to the Siwanoy Indians’ fishing camp.


Today, it’s home to tons of wildlife with its water, grasses, and rocks. 


At the park, you can take a breather at the beach or enjoy a nature walk with views of the forests and marshes. 


Many visit the park for shell fishing season from November to May, while others go boating at the beach during the summer season. 


And for a little indoor exploring, you can visit the Bruce Museum Seaside Center to learn about the park’s nature and Greenwich history

Byram Park (Beach)


Byram Park expands over 30 acres and is located in the Byram shore neighborhood on the western side of Greenwich, CT. 


The park is great for a full afternoon of activities with its beach, pool, boat club, clambake pavilion, playground, marina, boat launch, sports fields, and walking trails.


Whether you’re looking to relax or participate in some activities with friends and family, this park can meet all demands.

Island Beach


Island Beach is a stunning spot located just two miles south of Greenwich Harbor. 


This relaxing beach can only be reached by ferry and only in the summer, which makes it feel worlds away from town.


Boaters, however, can reach this destination year-round. 


If you wish to take the Greenwich Island Beach ferry, it runs from June to September and costs $13 to board. 


For exact times, be sure to take a look at the Greenwich Ferry Schedule.


Once known as Little Captain Island, the golden sands span close to 1,000 feet of the 17-acre park. You can choose a spot overlooking the view of Greenwich or look out onto the Sound.


Once you land on the island, you’ll discover plenty of ways to relax and have fun! This island is the perfect place for swimming in the Sound and sunbathing. 


Guests can utilize the grill areas, snack bar, dressing rooms, picnic pavilions, and restrooms. 


If you’re looking for a romantic date idea, we highly recommend bringing a picnic and that special someone. 


There’s no better way to spend an afternoon than by enjoying a lovely meal right on the beach!


Parks in Greenwich, CT, for the ultimate in relaxation

Meanwhile, more than a few are ideal for sitting and watching people (or the clouds) pass.

Bruce Park


flowering pear tree at bruce parkHead over to Bruce Park for sports fields, tennis courts, walking trailers, ponds, waterways, and Long Island Sound scenic views. 


For a bit of history on the park, Robert Moffat Bruce donated his home and 100 acres to the Town of Greenwich in 1908. 


As the town’s oldest public park, the house has since turned into Bruce Museum, and the whole area is beloved by many. 


If you have kids, parents especially love this park for its children’s area. The Bruce Park Playground is one of the most popular destinations in Greenwich for families with children.


Binney Park


This 32-acre haven in the heart of Old Greenwich serves as a focal point of beauty and is a popular place for locals and visitors alike to come together and appreciate the beauty of nature. 


If you’ll be visiting Greenwich soon, you won’t want to leave Binney Park off your itinerary!


All year-round, Binney Park is a wonderful place to relax with your loved ones and seep in the beauty of New England. 


Trust us, you won’t want to forget your camera when you visit! 


pond at binney park in old greenwichSince it is also conveniently located near Greenwich Point Park (Tod’s Point), many people opt to make a quick stop at Binney Park on their way to and from the beach!  


Here are just some of the most popular visitor activities at the park:

  • Strolling Along the Walking Trails
  • Nature Viewing
  • Picnicking
  • Relaxing in the Gazebo
  • Taking the Kids to the Playground, one of the most family-friendly activities in Greenwich, CT
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Baseball


Binney Park is also the host for seasonal events that you won’t want to miss, especially during July in CT! During the summer, the Connecticut 4th of July fireworks display is absolutely breathtaking and a must for anyone in the area. 


For one of the best winter activities in CT, lace on your skates for the chance to glide across the park’s frozen CT lakes


These events are ideal for couples and may even become one of the highlights of your Greenwich getaway.


Roger Sherman Baldwin Park


Head over to Roger Sherman Baldwin Park for an afternoon overlooking the harbor and Long Island Sound. 


The park also features a skate park, restrooms, and parking, so be ready to spend your whole day under the Connecticut sun.


Roger Sherman Baldwin Park is located in Greenwich Harbor, close to Greenwich Avenue in downtown Greenwich, CT


It’s also adjacent to the Ferry docks for Island Beach, Great Captain Island, and the Arch Street Teen Center. 


In the warmer months, you can look forward to CT summer concerts and other outdoor events at the park available to the public.


William Street Playground


For an afternoon with your kids at the playground, check out William Street Playground. 


Located in the Fourth Ward Historic District in downtown Greenwich, CT, William Street Park features an enclosed playground. 


Fit with swings, climbing activities, and slides, your kids will have a blast monkeying around from sunrise to sunset. 


For the parents, there are benches, so you can relax while watching your kiddos. 


Cos Cob Park


sunset at cos cob parkCos Cob Park overlooks none other than Cos Cob Harbor. 


While you’re spending some time at the park, you can check out the 9/11 Memorial or mosey over to the gazebo for some shade.


There’s also theatre seating overlooking the Long Island Sound, so you can sit, rest, and take in the stunning views.


Other features at Cos Cob Park include:

  • Athletic fields
  • A playground
  • A walking track
  • Picnic tables
  • Restrooms


Greenwich Common


Nestled right off Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich Common is a great way to take a breather and relax with other passersby. 


It’s equipped with a playground, athletic fields, chess tables, picnic tables, a running track, and a walking track, so you can get all your energy out surrounded by greenery and flowers.


It’s open from sunrise to sunset, so take a stroll through the park with your morning coffee or afternoon tea for some fresh air!


Pemberwick Park


Pemberwick Park features a playground, athletic field, tennis courts, and basketball courts. 


There’s even a community center with a community room, kitchen, and rental facilities, so you can rent it out when you need it! 


Pemberwick Park is located at the corner of Pemberwick Road and Moshier Street in the western end of Greenwich, CT. 

Be sure to visit your favorite parks in Greenwich, CT, soon!


bridge at binney parkWhether you are a resident or just visiting from NYC to Greenwich, we highly encourage you to explore the town’s parks and outdoor spaces. Whether you are looking for:

  • A peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life
  • Or an exciting place to spend the day with family and friends


You will find something to suit your needs and interests in the parks in Greenwich, CT. So, put on your walking shoes, grab a picnic basket, and head out to enjoy the beauty and diversity of these amazing outdoor spaces.


If you haven’t already, don’t forget to download your free copy of our Greenwich Visitor’s Guide


It’s a handy reference to all of the best local parks in Greenwich, CT; as well as restaurants, CT museums, and more.

Updated and republished: January 30, 2023

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