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The Civil War memorial statue in downtown GreenwichGreenwich, CT, is an easy trip from NYC.
That’s why it has long been the “playground” for Manhattanites looking for relief from a fast-paced lifestyle.
As a town on the Connecticut Gold Coast, Greenwich offers the perfect getaway from New York City. And its abundance of galleries, museums, theatres, first-class dining and shopping don’t hurt!
NYC is of course known for all these things and more. That said, the allure of the slower-paced, sophisticated lifestyle of Greenwich provides a new take on the high life to help you unwind.
Our location is only about 30 miles from Midtown Manhattan, and yet it feels much farther.
Here’s how to plan an awesome visit to Greenwich.


How To Get to Greenwich, CT, From NYC

Greenwich harborGreenwich is under an hour driving distance from NYC. It’s an easy drive via:

  • I-278 E and I-95 N
  • Or I-87 N and Hutchinson River Pkwy N

Don’t feel like driving?

Then head-up here like the wealthy magnates of the Nineteenth Century and take the train.

The train from Greenwich to NYC

The NYC to Greenwich CT train schedule from Grand Central station offers rides every 30 minutes. It’s easy to reach the Greenwich train station in about 45 minutes. We actually host a fair number of guests who stay with us and commute into New York when they have business there. That’s especially common when guests either:




The train from Greenwich to NYC is about the same time. It’s why our town is one of the best train trips from NYC.


The train from Cos Cob to NYC leaves from the more charming Cos Cob train station. But it only leaves every hour, and as a local train, it takes longer, about an hour and 15 minutes or so.

Need more details? Then be sure to visit our full guide to directions to Greenwich, Connecticut.

Where is Greenwich, Connecticut, Exactly?

homes along a street in downtown GreenwichGreenwich is the biggest town on Connecticut’s Gold Coast, located in Fairfield County on the Long Island Sound.

Also known as:

  • Lower Fairfield County
  • Or Southwestern Connecticut

The Gold Coast is a very affluent part of Western Connecticut.

There’s no shortage of high-end shops and dining, not to mention cultural experiences in a county that is about as rich as it can get in America. It’s where the well-to-do come to live when seeking a quieter life than they’ll find in Manhattan, without giving up the finer things.

Many equate Greenwich and nearby towns like Stamford with financial service firms and hedge funds. It’s the main source of the name, Gold Coast.

Ideally situated on the water, Greenwich’s waterfront homes are some of the most sought-after properties in the U.S.

But you’ll find impressive Greenwich mansions in every corner of town.

But all that said, we’re also a very charming, quaint town that welcomes guests with open arms.

So don’t let the highbrow reputation fool you.

Just make sure you have your passes in order before you step foot on Greenwich beaches in the summer.

Top Things to Do in Greenwich, Connecticut

Bruce Park in the fallGreenwich is home to a long list of attractions. It’s why so many make the trip from Manhattan to Greenwich, CT, every weekend, all year round.


Not only is the town itself a veritable tourist’s playground, but Fairfield County, Connecticut is prime country for exploring.

Some of the top attractions, activities, and things to do in Greenwich that we recommend a visit include:

Bruce Museum

This mansion is the home to a unique museum situated on a hill surrounded by parkland. Textile magnate Robert M. Bruce (1822-1908) left it to the town with the promise the town use it as a museum. If you only have time to take in history and art in one day, the Bruce Museum is the place to go. Its distinctly curated exhibitions offer a glimpse of everything from:

  • Native American agriculture in Connecticut
  • To intertidal wildlife
  • And from a primeval forest environment
  • To an impressive art collection of American Impressionism


Sculptures by:

  • Auguste Rodin
  • Frederick MacMonnies
  • And Hiram Powers


Round off the collection beautifully.

Bruce Park

While visiting the one of the best museums in Greenwich, you can also enjoy the parkland donated by Mr. Bruce. Located on the Long Island Sound shore, you can also look at the gneiss outcrops dating back 450 million years.

Be on the lookout for what make Bruce Park one of the loveliest spots in Greenwich:

  • Lovely mature trees
  • Easy walking trails
  • Tidal ponds
  • And displays of lovely blooms throughout the spring, summer and fall


Depending on when you visit, you may also see this writer on his daily afternoon walk.

Greenwich Avenue Historic District

The clock on Greenwich Avenue in the winterGreenwich’s downtown is on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s the perfect place to take a stroll and admire the varied architecture including:

  • Italianate
  • Georgian Revival
  • And Commercial-style buildings

It’s like a walk back in time spanning several decades from the late-19th century to World War I.

The historic buildings and town monuments are a draw. That said, the main attraction to the Greenwich Avenue shopping district is the upscale selection of:

Audubon Center

The Greenwich Audubon Center manages seven sanctuaries around Greenwich. The parks cover about 700 acres of diverse landscape in total. With seven miles of trails to explore you’ll discover:

  • Cascading waterfalls
  • Forests
  • Historic fields
  • Streams
  • Lakes and rivers

As well as conservation-themed events.

Bush-Holley House

This property centers around the 300-year-old clapboard house and the history of the Cos Cob Art Colony founded at the turn of the 20th century. You can stroll the grounds, tour the historic landmark and saunter through the galleries.


The galleries at the Greenwich Historical Society feature the art of American Impressionist artists such as:

  • John Henry Twachtman
  • Frederick Childe Hassam
  • Elmer Macrae
  • Theodore Robinson
  • And Julian Alden Weir

You can also learn a little about Greenwich history and the Bush family who built and lived in the home.

Greenwich Point Park

The best of Greenwich’s four lovely beaches, Greenwich Point Park extends into Long Island Sound. It’s the idyllic spot for sunning, people watching and taking in the sea air. The beach is just part of a 150-acre park. You can also follow the trails to discover unexpected historic buildings and ruins from the estate of John Kennedy Tod (1852-1925). If you plan it right, you can find a bench to watch the sunset over the Manhattan skyline.

Greenwich Polo Club

Polo players playing a gameThis is the poshest event to attend when visiting Greenwich in the summer. Located in the quiet countryside of North Greenwich, this is one of only three polo clubs in the U.S.

Greenwich Polo Club matches are held on Sundays, and you can purchase tickets online.


This is your chance to be one of the fabulous people enjoying glasses of sparkling wine amongst the rich and famous.

Montgomery Pinetum

Over 100 acres of green forest is the legacy of Colonel Robert Montgomery. This gentleman farmer created his pinetum over the years of living on the estate. The Colonel planted rare conifers amongst the lovely woodlands of his estate.

Today, the trees still stand strong at Montgomery Pinetum. The parklands include:

  • An ornamental lake
  • And the Greenwich Botanical Center at the Horticulture Building

Flinn Gallery

Art lovers can’t miss Greenwich Public Library’s Flinn Gallery where you’ll find art from all periods and genres. Whether you’re looking to buy, or simply want to take in the eclectic collection on display, this is a quiet place to find solitude and inspiration.

Head to Greenwich Avenue to find even more Greenwich art galleries.

Putnam Cottage

This 1690 cottage on the old Boston Post Road has a rich history including the famous claim George Washington stopped here in 1776.

Putnam Cottage included a tavern in the mid-18th century. Local celebrity General Israel Putnam escaped fled here to escape the  the British by horseback. After a daring jump, he was able to drum up reinforcements from Stamford from here.

Its distinct bright red clapboard and tavern museum offers the quintessential historic New England experience.

Glass House

Although not located in Greenwich, the Philip Johnson Glass House is just a short drive away in New Canaan, Connecticut.


The Glass House is the iconic home built by renowned architect Phillip Johnson. Completed in 1949, Johnson designed the stunning house to become part of the stunning landscape. Sitting atop a promontory, it overlooks lovely woods and a pond. The pavilion is 55 feet long and 33 feet wide offering 1,815 square feet of living space.

The only part of the house with actual walls is the bathroom. The four glass walls create a feeling you’re a living part of the pastoral landscape.

Where to Stay on your trip from NYC to Greenwich CT

Lobby of the Stanton House Inn, a bed and breakfast inn in Greenwich, CT, include the front lobby, parlors and living rooms, and a dining room where complimentary breakfast is served each morning

We’re of course partial to our very own Stanton House Inn as one of the best bed and breakfasts near NYC.

As our guests can attest, you won’t find a better home away from home on your journey.

We’re also conveniently located to just about anything, and close to the heart of downtown Greenwich. We offer elegantly charming accommodations that won’t disappoint.

That said, there are plenty of hotels in Greenwich to suit your unique tastes, if historic bed and breakfasts are just not your thing:




Other hotels and B&Bs are close by in surrounding towns, but this shortlist really is the only game in town (so to speak) if you want to be in the thick of it all.

Keep planning your trip from NYC to Greenwich, Connecticut

The pool at Stanton House InnStill researching our area?

No worries!

There’s plenty more to discover here, before you ever even step foot in Greenwich.

Be sure to explore our full guide to activities, attractions, and things to do in Greenwich, Connecticut.

More than a few Greenwich attractions also make our list of the most unique things to do in all Connecticut:

You can also plan your visit, by season:

No matter when you come, we hope you enjoy your visit!

Updated and re-published May 3, 2022

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