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chef rolling sushi at Miku Sushi in Greenwich CTWhile famous for its dining scene, Greenwich Avenue lacked a solid sushi option for years. Hibachi at the bottom of Greenwich Avenue helped. But it wasn’t ideal if you didn’t want to leave smelling like fried fish.


Enter Miku Sushi, in 2019.


Miku means “beautiful moment” in Japanese, which is what restaurateurs K Dong and Chef Steve Chen aspire to here. Traditional Japanese cuisine influences Miku Sushi’s menu. Miku sushi chefs use only the finest fish from Tokyo’s renowned Tsukiji Fish Market. And yet it also offers both vegan and gluten-free options.


The contemporary restaurant opened on Greenwich Avenue in the spring of 2019 to rave reviews. In the stylish setting, customers can choose from:

  • Booth
  • Table
  • Bar
  • Even outdoor seating on the Ave in the warmer months

The restaurant serves lunch and dinner seven days a week and offers on-site catering. Seasonal menus, special whiskey and sake tastings, and guest chef appearances are additions to look forward to as they grow.


Just a heads-up: unless you want to wait for 40-60 minutes, you make a reservation. Unless you go really early, it’s not a great walk-in restaurant.


The Experience of Dining at Miku Sushi


sushi in a contemporary settingMIKU’s interior design and ambiance make it ideal for hosting a family dinner, a romantic evening out, or a fun night out with friends. Whatever the occasion, their enthusiastic team is ready to make it memorable for you.




Miku Sushi dedicates itself to providing high-quality cuisine in a chic setting with first-rate service. Visit for a dining experience that works to make every bite a “beautiful moment.”




Relax at the sushi bar while you watch their talented chefs at work! Preparing sushi and sashimi is a skill that takes years to master. There’s a lot more to mastering the art than meets the eye. You’ll also find cooked meals, inventive cocktails, and delectable appetizers on their menu.


At Miku, everyone will find something they enjoy, and there is even an all-you-can-eat option. Their menu includes:

  • Nigiri sets with soup or salad
  • A variety of sashimi items
  • Beef negimaki
  • Spicy tuna rolls with edamame
  • And salmon avocado rolls

To name a few of the regular items.


The cocktails are very creative, the fish is high quality and the presentation is fancy. It’s a good place for special occasions or a date night, but it’s not a casual restaurant.


Miku’s Connection to the Greenwich, CT Community


Restaurateurs K Dong and Chef Steve Chen of Miku Sushi have donated more than $10,000 to regional charities such as:

  • Kids in Crisis
  • Neighbor to Neighbor
  • The Bruce Museum
  • Lights to the Avenue
  • St Jude Children’s Hospital


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