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the waterfront at L'Escale restaurant Greenwich, CT

L’Escale Restaurant in Greenwich, CT: Discover the Best of French Cuisine

person eating escargotPicture this: You’re dining under soft, warm-toned lighting. The smell of fresh bread tickles your nose. There’s the faint sound of accordion music and the gentle chatter of lovers sharing a table. You hear the pop of a cork from a new wine bottle. 


French dining is special not just because of the food palette but because of the whole experience—it’s one of romance and relaxation. 


L’Escale Restaurant in Greenwich, CT, is especially extraordinary. It’s the only option in downtown Greenwich for waterfront dining. And not even just that, their patio is arguably the best in the area, as it overlooks Greenwich Harbor.


What is L’Escale Restaurant About?

Greenwich harbor from L'Escale restaurant in Greenwich, CTL’Escale Restaurant & Bar serves seasonal Mediterranean cuisine. The experience mentally transports guests from Connecticut to Provence. The owners made this literal. They transported two-hundred-year-old stone terra cotta tiles from Provence to embellish the floors. And the wood-burning fireplace makes the ambiance that much cozier.


This restaurant, founded in 2002, boasts intimate scenery. It has wrought iron tonelle-covered waterfront terrace. And the scenery pairs beautifully with an out-of-this-world menu by Executive Chef Frederic Kieffer. While you’re on the Gold Coast, the team will deliver the Côte d’Azur to your table with grandiose care.


In 2020, the restaurant risked closing, which had locals quite upset. They let the owners know how beloved the French restaurant was to them and the whole community. This boosted Greenwich Hospitality Group and L’Escale to keep their doors open and continue serving Greenwich. After shutting down for just three months to revamp the place, they opened back up their doors for the foreseeable future. 


“In 1999, my old friend, famed restaurateur Jean Denoyer came to me with the concept of an elegant waterfront restaurant evocative of what one would find on the French Riviera. His idea led to what became L’escale,” said Charles Mallory, founder and CEO of Greenwich Hospitality Group. “L’Escale is and always has been an exemplary culinary destination. And it will continue to delight guests and welcome private events for years to come.”

Who is the Executive Chef?

steak frites at l'escale restaurant greenwich ctExecutive Chef Frederic Kieffer grew up in the countryside west of Paris, taking in the aromas and delicacies of the area. He spent his summers working in local restaurants, discovering his passion for cooking and sharing a meal. It was then that Kieffer enrolled in L’Ecole Superieure de Cuisine Francaise, Ferrandi in Montparnasse, Paris. This is where he classically trained in French cuisine.


After graduating, he assumed a series of apprenticeships around the world, including at:

  • Taillevent
  • Le Chiberta
  • The Lutetia Hotel
  • And Tentation Caterers in New York City

He also took on jobs at The Museum of Natural History in Manhattan and the Los Angeles Music Center in California.


After many years of achieving incredible feats as a Manhattan chef, Kieffer opened L’Escale at the Delamar Greenwich Harbor Hotel. Chef Kieffer also opened Gaia in Greenwich, CT, which received an “Excellent” rating from the New York Times, alongside L’Escale.

What’s on the Dinner Menu?

chocolate souffle from l'escale restaurant greenwich ctDinner at L’Escale is like none other, with their incredible plats du jour (offerings of the day) and les plats classics (the classic recipes). 


To really combine the powers of New England and France, you can’t go wrong with the Seared Sea Scallops or the Prime Filet Mignon Rossini. For a simpler option, the Ricotta Gnocchi “Arrabbiata” is equal parts rich and refreshing. And the Amish Chicken “Coq au Vin” Style will make you feel like Julia Child is standing in the room with you. 


But if you want to eat like a true Parisian, you won’t want to pass up the Prime Steak Frites—and be sure to pair it with the red wine! 


For those with a sweet tooth, the Dark Chocolate Soufflé is absolutely mouth-watering, and the Citrus Crème Brulée is a fun take on a classic dish. 


All About Lunch

Lunch consists of lighter options with tastes that will still make you take one more bite until you feel “too full.”


The Steak “a Cheval” is truly incredible, with carnalized onions, a sunny side-up egg, and a side of fries. 


To share with the table, the Prime Beef Tartare is a French classic that will help you understand what the fuss is about when it comes to raw meats. But if you can’t wrap your head around it or just don’t eat red meats, the Tuna Tartare is a fabulous substitute with equally incredible flavor. 


For a classic lunch, the Bacon Burger is such a delicacy, and the Maine Lobster “Fra Diavolo” will have you forgive that it’s not from Connecticut. 


Your Guide to Breakfast


gnocchiBreakfast the French way is not “French” toast—it’s all about fresh fruits and veggies made in delicate yet substantial ways. 


For a lighter yet delicious option, the yogurt parfait is the perfect blend of substance and freshness, laying Greek yogurt with berries. There’s also the avocado toast, which you can never go wrong with, thanks to its perfectly toasted bread and the savory sunny side-up eggs.  


For a more filling Greenwich breakfast or brunch, you can opt for the omelette, which you make your own way, or the steak and eggs, which is just mouth-wateringly good. There’s also the smoked salmon toast, which will make you want to order a second.


beef tartare

Venue Options

Looking for wedding venues in Greenwich, CT?


Or perhaps just an intimate affair?


There are three options you and your loved ones can enjoy for indoor reception areas: the ballroom and two banquet rooms, which can host 100 to 350 guests. The ballroom, which is 2,000 square meters, is stunning, with gorgeous lighting and a private waterfront terrace.


An outdoor cocktail area at the terrace can accommodate up to 300 guests. And the whole area is made that much more special with a private dock where guests can arrive and depart in style.


L’Escale will work with Delamar, one of the best hotels in Greenwich, to make sure your small CT wedding is unforgettable.


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