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I remember as far back as high school that whenever I told people from most of the Northeast that I was from Greenwich, whomever I was conversing with would get a knowing look on their face and reply with a very loaded, “Oh”.


For many, Greenwich brings to mind the Copper Beech Estate, Vineyard Vines (which describes itself as a supplier of “preppy” clothing), and this video, but there’s so much more here than that.


Greenwichites are much more complex than the behavior of their wealthiest denizens. Need proof? Check-out Greenwich Free Press.


Greenwich Free Press is a hyper-local news source for our town of 60,000 people. Leslie Yager, who founded Greenwich Free Press when her position (along with everyone else’s) was terminated at the Greenwich Patch in January, has been pouring her blood, sweat, and tears into this operation of going out to “talk to the people of Greenwich, share their stories, reveal trends, and delve a bit deeper”, and the results have been great.


While Ms. Yager makes a point of reporting as many different aspects of town life she can–her articles include everything from the arts to local business, from the Greenwich real estate market and schools to recipes–her passions are history and the environment (which is rather similar to yours truly).


We at the Stanton House Inn have gotten into the habit of reading the Greenwich Free Press daily, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel the pulse of Greenwich.

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