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Train passing the train station in South Norwalk, CT, another option for day trips

Every new arrival to New York City gets the same advice: get out, once in a while.


And it’s true: all New Yorkers need a break from the hustle and bustle of New York City. And this guide is your ticket out. All you need is the Metro-North train lines. In just two hours, you can trade skyscrapers for hiking trails, art installations, and delicious meals. The best day trips on Metro North from New York City offer scenic views, wineries, and museums. These trips provide a mix of activities for the adventurous and the cultured. And all are a refreshing escape from city life and a chance to explore the Hudson Valley and Connecticut.


Ready to dive into day trips via Metro North? Let’s get in it:

Quick hits

  • Explore the Hudson Valley via Metro-North for amazing day trips
  • Discover unique attractions, beautiful scenery, and delicious eats near Metro North Stations
  • Enjoy horseback riding, art & culture experiences, nature escapes and culinary delights in the area

Exploring the Hudson River Valley via Metro-North

A view of the Hudson River from a Metro-North train

Embark on a Metro-North journey to the Hudson River Valley, a trove of treasures from the scenic Hudson River to quaint towns like Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. Immerse yourself in culture and nature, all within a stone’s throw from NYC. A day trip here is a day well spent.


Resting on the edge of the Hudson River, Tarrytown is a quaint village with a rich past. A few of the best things to do in Tarrytown, New York, include:

  • Grab a coffee at the pet-friendly Coffee Labs Roasters
  • Wander it’s lively heart along Main Street
  • Catch a sunset over the horizon on the opposite side of the River from Pierson Park or the Riverwalk


Just a quick Metro-North ride from Grand Central to the Tarrytown train station, and you’ve arrived. It’s definitely one of the easiest NYC day trips.

Sleepy Hollow

Enter the realm of Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” in Sleepy Hollow village. Home to the Old Dutch Church, and the Rockefeller’s Kykuit estate, among many other things to do in Sleepy Hollow, NY.


In autumn, it transforms with the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze, featuring over 7,000 carved pumpkins. Catch the Hudson Line 745 at Grand Central Terminal to Philipse Manor, a short walk from Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

Cold Spring

West Point Foundry Reserve in Cold Spring, NY

Cold Spring, New York, is a personal favorite spot along the Hudson River for this writer. It has the small town charm of any New England town, just in the wrong state.


The list of the best things to do in Cold Spring, NY, includes:

  • Antique shops brimming with treasures
  • Local bites at The Cold Spring Depot
  • The Boscobel House and Gardens
  • The Putnam History Museum
  • West Point Foundry Preserve, one of the best Hudson Valley hiking trails


Hop on the Metro-North Hudson Line from Grand Central Station or the Harlem station, and soon you’ll be soaking up the stunning vistas of the Hudson River in this must-visit village.


This waterfall is about a 36-minute walk from the Beacon train station

The town of Beacon, NY, hosts a unique mix of gritty industry and a fantastic arts scene. This is one of the best day trips from NYC, just to visit the famous Dia:Beacon museum. This sprawling art museum that occupies a former Nabisco factory holds works by Richard Serra, Dan Flavin, and Andy Warhol, among many others. With galleries, museums, and outdoor adventures aplenty, it’s a paradise for city dwellers and art lovers alike. Stroll down Main Street, sample Vegetalien’s fare, and taste Hudson Valley Brewery or Denning’s Point Distillery’s offerings. Or rent a kayak at Long Dock Park to see the river from a different angle.


Plan ahead to visit the Bannerman Castle on Pollepel Island.


Just an hour and 20-minute train ride from Grand Central on Metro-North’s Hudson Line, Beacon, New York’s attractions are a short walk from the station. Art lover or city escapist, Beacon has it all.


Want a historic, charming town? Set your sights on Katonah. Just a Metro-North ride away, this small New York town hosts the Katonah Museum of Art and John Jay Homestead on the list of things to do in Katonah, NY.


Ever heard of Poughkeepsie? A city that’s alive, bustling with a cocktail of history, culture, and Mother Nature’s finest. It’s got a footbridge, the Walkway Over the Hudson, that’s not just any footbridge. It’s the world’s longest elevated pedestrian bridge. And it gives you a view of the Hudson River and the valley that’ll make your heart skip a beat on your way to Highland, NY.


Hop on Metro-North’s Hudson Line and you’ll find yourself in Poughkeepsie faster than you can say “day trip from NYC”. It’s got historical attractions that’ll make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, eateries that will tickle your taste buds, and shops that’ll make you wish you had a bigger suitcase. It’s a college town, lively and vibrant, and there’s something here for everyone.


The town of Hudson, NY, is the destination for antiquing in New York. This is the place where art galleries and farm-to-table dining options aren’t just a trend, they’re a way of life. Accessible as a breeze via Metro-North, Hudson is your ticket to a delightful escape from the relentless city life. It’s only about three hours north of Manhattan.


Hudson, with its vibrant blend of shops, galleries, and eateries, is the perfect sanctuary to unwind, discover, and indulge in the best of what the Hudson Valley has to offer.

Horseback Riding Near Metro-North Stations

Horseback riding in Westchester County

Swap city chaos for equestrian elegance near Metro-North stations. Enjoy tranquil trail rides or invigorating gallops in Westchester County and Hudson Valley.

Westchester County

Westchester County, a haven for horse lovers, provides equestrian experiences for all. From tranquil trail rides to expert lessons at top-tier equestrian centers, it’s a horseback adventure for every rider. Some spots to explore include Fox Hill Farms and Boulder Brook in Scarsdale, NY. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or a saddle novice, Westchester awaits.

Hudson Valley Equestrian Centers

Hudson Valley’s equestrian centers are where horseback riding is an art form. They offer everything from guided trail rides that let you soak in the scenery to riding lessons at top-notch facilities. These centers are a horse lover’s dream come true:


Whether you’re an old hand at the reins or just getting your feet in the stirrups, Hudson Valley has the horseback adventure that’ll make your heart gallop.

Art and Culture Day Trips Accessible by Metro-North

Art buffs, your chariot awaits! Metro-North is your ticket to the grand sculptures of Storm King Art Center and the design universe at Manitoga.

Storm King Art Center

Storm King, one of the best day trips from NYC

Get ready for a rendezvous with art at the Storm King Art Center in New Windsor, New York. This 500-acre park, a stone’s throw from Storm King Mountain, is a canvas for over 100 sculptures by artists like Calder, Serra, and Bourgeois. A Metro-North ride whisks you to this haven. Choose your pace: a guided tour or a leisurely stroll. The choice is yours; the beauty is everyone’s.

Manitoga – The Russel Wright Design Center

Step into the world of Manitoga – The Russel Wright Design Center in Garrison, New York. This destination showcases the home and studio of design maestro Russel Wright and his 75 acres of woodland gardens. A day at Manitoga offers:

  • A glimpse into the legacy of a design pioneer
  • A serene city escape
  • Exploration of Wright’s studio, home, and gardens
  • Discovery of the tranquil Hudson Valley.

Nature Escapes via Metro-North

A scenic view of a lush green forest, perfect for day trips metro north

Swap city noise for nature’s serenity with Metro-North day trips. State parks and coastal hideaways await. Don your boots, pack a lunch, and venture forth.

Rockefeller State Park Preserve

A view of one of the hiking trails in Rockefeller State Park Preserve

Discover the serene beauty of Rockefeller State Park Preserve, overlooking the Hudson River Valley. Boasting miles of trails, birdwatching opportunities, and a partnership with Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, this peaceful escape is perfect for nature lovers and city dwellers alike.


Just a short train ride from Grand Central Station on the Hudson Line, it’s an ideal destination for a day trip or weekend getaway.

Harriman State Park

A view of the Harriman State Park in the Hudson Valley

Behold, Harriman State Park, New York’s second-largest. With 200 miles of trails, 31 lakes near New York City, and countless campgrounds, it’s a paradise for adventurers. Just a Metro-North ride away, it’s a city-dweller’s breath of fresh air.

South Mountain Reservation

South Mountain Reservation, a 2,000-acre oasis near NYC, offers trails, picnic spots, and fishing ponds. A quick escape from the city, it’s a tranquil refuge for those needing a breath of fresh air.

Coastal Getaways on Metro-North

Rye Beach

Craving the sea’s salty kiss? Sun’s embrace? Metro-North Railroad is your chariot. Destination? Port Jefferson, Greenwich, or Westport. Ready your sunscreen, unfurl your umbrella, let’s chase the horizon via the New Haven line. The sea, like life, waits for no one.


Long a destination for New Yorkers, Rye, NY, is still home to some beautiful beaches on Long Island Sound. And the center of town is an adorable New England-style village. And if you’re in the mood for a little nostalgia, Rye Playland always bekons.


A charming Connecticut coastal town, Greenwich, Connecticut, offers sandy beaches, lush parks, and a busy downtown. A quick Metro-North ride from NYC, it’s a perfect retreat for a day or a weekend. Schedule afternoon tea with us before or after exploring the shopping, art galleries, and restaurants along Greenwich Avenue.


Westport, Connecticut, another seaside gem, boasts stunning beaches like Compo Beach and Sherwood Island State Park’s natural splendor. A quick Metro-North ride away, it’s an ideal respite for city folks and beach lovers, offering unique shops and eateries.

Port Jefferson

Port Jefferson, a quaint Long Island gem, flaunts a scenic waterfront, unique boutiques, and tasty eateries. Easily reachable via Metro-North, it’s a refreshing hiatus from the city’s clamor, offering a taste of the North Shore’s charm.

Culinary Experiences Near Metro-North Stations

Relish the Hudson Valley’s culinary magic near Metro-North stations. From zesty local ciders to handcrafted brews and spirits, there’s a flavor for every palate and season. So, raise a glass to this region’s rich tapestry of tastes.

Sing Sing Kill Brewery

A view near the Beacon Train Station with a picnic lunch

Nestled in Ossining, New York, Sing Sing Kill Brewery is a haven for beer lovers. A hop from the Metro-North station, it offers local brews like the robust Bloodier Butcher and smooth Killer Cream Ale. A stop here is a toast to life.

Hudson Valley Cider Houses

Dive into Hudson Valley’s cider houses, where apples transform into liquid delights. With Angry Orchard, Graft Cider, and Nine Pin Ciderworks leading the show, you’re in for a treat. A quick Metro-North ride away, these cider houses blend taste and sight in a sensory feast.


Well, you’ve got the best of Metro North’s day trips at your fingertips. Now, it’s your turn. Quaint towns, nature’s grandeur, seaside retreats, and culinary delights — all just a train ride from NYC. So, grab your ticket, pack your spirit, and let the adventure begin!


Or, stick around New York City, if you prefer. Download the free New York City travel guide to play tourist for a day in NYC, or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most scenic Metro-North train ride?

For a visual feast on the Metro-North, take the NYC to Poughkeepsie route. You’ll flirt with the Hudson River’s edge and the towering Palisades cliffs. For a closer dance with the scenery, choose the “Scenic Hudson” car.

What is the longest Metro-North ride?

Brace yourself for Metro-North’s marathon: an 82-mile odyssey from New York City to Wassaic on the Harlem Line.

What are some popular destinations in the Hudson Valley accessible by Metro-North?

Within the Hudson Valley’s reach via Metro-North lie gems like Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, Cold Spring, Beacon, Katonah, Poughkeepsie, and Hudson. Each offers a unique adventure, be it a day’s journey or a weekend’s escape. Venture into Tarrytown’s history-laden streets for a taste of the past.

Are there any places to go horseback riding near Metro-North stations?

Yes, horseback riding adventures are available near Metro-North stations in Westchester County and the Hudson Valley.

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