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dock in one of the most tranquil CT lakes in New EnglandWhen most people imagine summer getaways, they envision beaches lined with striped umbrellas and the sun’s warmth. But the issue with this picture is that it doesn’t capture the busyness of the area:
  • Kids screaming as they run into the water
  • And everyone blasting their own music, trying to drown out their neighbor’s tunes.
It can be nice on the right day, but it can also be stressful and not at all relaxing on others.
So, how do you get around this torment? Well, lakes in Connecticut are a wonderful option. They come with an array of activities that will keep you entertained from sunup to sundown.
Read on to plan your perfect beach day at any of the best CT lakes!

What Are the Best Lakes in CT for a Relaxing Day?


While Connecticut is a very small state, it is filled with amazing options for a lake day, perfect for the whole family. From sandy beaches to picnic areas, these beautiful CT lakes can fit all your needs—it just depends on which one you feel like hitting first!


lakes in connecticut map CT Lakes: Escape to New Englands Top Retreats
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Lake Waramaug State Park

lake waramaug state parkOver in Kent, Connecticut, Lake Waramaug is truly the star of the show for outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who love CT state parks. The visuals of this lake are truly next level, with its rolling hills and green pastures. Lake Waramaug is especially beautiful during the fall with its warm-toned leaves and crisp grass.


Lake Waramaug State Park is so tranquil that it’s the perfect destination for getting a tan next to the water with a good book. Or gather some friends and family for a picnic.


Over the summer months, the lake also has so many popular activities if you’re looking for more to do than relax. You can look forward to camping, boating, fishing, and swimming all in one trip or spread across a couple visits.


If you plan to take out a boat, though, be sure to look at the area’s rules and stick to the “slow-no-wake” rule. While speed enthusiasts may be disappointed by this, those looking to have a nice day will be grateful for the serenity!


After a day at the lake swimming, fishing, and boating, hitch up your tent and camp out for a good night’s rest among the sound of gentle water and soft bird chirps.


Hop Brook Lake

lake in naugatuck state forestHop Brook Lake is quite the popping place during the summer. Situated in Naugatuck, the towns of Middlebury and Waterbury surround it. On a sunny day, you can find this place with visitors enjoying the summer sun and swimming in the cool water.


What’s great about this lake is that it has designated recreation areas, making it very safe for families with kids. The sandy beach is a great spot for kids to test their creativity by building sandcastles, giving parents peace of mind.  


Hop Brook Lake also has great access to water sports, including sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. Just note that if you want to spend a day on a motorboat, this isn’t the lake for you, as they aren’t permitted. You’ll have to save the water skiing and Sea-doos for another lake on another day!


This spot’s recreation areas are also only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, so make sure you plan accordingly. You don’t want to plan a day at the lake when it isn’t open!


Bantam Lake


lakeshore in Derby, CTBantam Lake in Morris is a great spot for an afternoon hike followed by a canoe ride on the water.


As the largest natural lake in CT, Bantam Lake has two beaches: Sandy Beach and Morris Town Beach. Having two locations allows ample opportunities to get your tanning on or swim in the cool water!


When you visit Bantam, you can also look forward to rowing, water skiing, and fishing! Fun Fact: The country’s oldest water ski club started here! And after a day full of activities, crash on the grounds for a night of camping.


This spot is also really great during the winter for its thick ice, allowing you to ice skate! However, always proceed cautiously and know how to avoid thin areas. Safety first! You can also go ice fishing here if you’re looking for fresh fish, even during the winter season!


Bird enthusiasts will especially love this park for bird-watching and other wildlife spottings. It’s protected by the White Memorial Foundation.


Candlewood Lake


As the largest lake in CT, Candlewood Lake in Danbury, CT is beloved by locals and tourists alike! Its 8.4 square miles of water span both Fairfield County and Litchfield County and are equipped with 10 marinas and several boat launches.


While this lake offers the staples—swimming, sailing, and fishing—they also offer scuba diving! This beloved activity lets you get up close and personal with the lake’s wildlife and see how its ecosystem operates. Though the water is on the murkier side, it doesn’t stop divers from trying to find Jerusalem. This lost city flooded when creating this lake.


Bolton Lakes 


Lake LillinonahAs the name suggests, Bolton Lakes are in the town of Bolton and three freshwater lakes make up the collection.


Lower Lake Bolton has the largest surface area of all three lakes, with 175 acres dedicated to anglers, boaters, and nature lovers.


You’ll also find a public boat launch and beach surrounding the lake. You and your family can spend the day on or in the water boating, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, or fishing. The choice is yours!


Lake Lillinonah


Lake Lillinonah appeared after the 1955 Shepaug Dam creation. It borders the Housatonic River. Lake Lillinonah has two state parks, allowing guests to go for a hike or a fun bike ride next to the water.


Lover’s Leap State Park has many trails to choose from and delivers an incredible view of the lake after just a short climb.


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