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How we’re doing our part to manage Covid-19 in CT

woman in orange crew neck shirt wearing white face mask to avoid transmission of covid-19 in ct2020 was a roller coaster ride of a year.


Since March 2020, we’ve been following Connecticut state guidelines to do our part to reduce transmission of the novel Covid-19 coronavirus.


As of June 17, 2020, the state determined that we as a community have met requirements in terms of spread and transmission rates. And now we are permitted to reopen!


Even still, we want to continue to do our part to limit transmission while hosting guests in Greenwich.


As such, here’s what we’re doing to keep you safe while you’re in town.

Reopening Processes to Manage Covid-19 in Connecticut

We’re not experts in virology. As such, we’re following the state’s guidelines as determined by the brightest scientific minds in the field.

Changes to our amenities

To limit possible transmission, we’re changing some of the ways we interact with each other, as well as guests.


Please note that we will still be present at the Inn and available. That said, we are working to offer options to avoid direct contact with us to help you maintain as much social distancing as you prefer.


We also want to highlight that we did not list some requirements, like washing hands with soap and water for 22 seconds, that were requirements before the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Masks are required for everyone when inside the Inn; the only exception is when guests are in their rooms
  • Team members will be screened at the start of each shift, with a strict no working when sick policy
  • We’ll be providing concierge services via phone, email, and live chat on our website only. We’re also working to provide as much of our knowledge about the area online, to help you enjoy your visit while limiting face-to-face interaction
  • We will be serving breakfast on the patio in nice weather, and limiting occupancy in our dining room to maintain social distancing
  • We are maintaining minimum 24-hour gaps between room occupancies
  • We have our own version of a contactless check-in system to minimize contact
  • We will not service occupied rooms, and only enter occupied rooms for urgent maintenance work if they are vacant for several hours
  • Pool occupancy must remain at 12 people; our water fountain will not be accessible
  • Hand sanitizer is available in our front hallway
  • We’re keeping our disposable bathroom amenities for now
  • We’ve moved our furniture on the patio, pool, and common areas to permit social distancing
  • We’ve added a sneeze guard at the Front Desk for added safety when maintaining a 6-feet distance isn’t easily done

Aside from the above, the state also requires we remove amenities considered non-essential to a stay at Stanton House Inn. As such, we are removing:

  • Self-service water, coffee, and honor bar
  • In-room items such as writing pads, pens, and pamphlets

Connecticut’s Travel Restrictions for Travelers coming from out of state

Are you not sure what Connecticut’s travel restrictions are?

They’re hard to keep track, as they change weekly.

Basically, travelers coming from states with either:

  • positive case rate higher than 10 per 100,000 residents, or
  • higher than a 10% test positivity rate over a 7-day rolling average

Should either quarantine for 2 weeks upon arrival in the state, or have a negative Covid test from the previous 72-hours before arrival in Connecticut. In all cases, travelers must fill-out the travel health form to assist in contact tracing efforts.

As of March 19, 2021, this is no longer a requirement, rather a recommendation.

Check the full list of states with restricted travel, download the travel form, and find more information on the Connecticut state website.

Changes to our occupancy

The state of Connecticut requires that all hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts operate at 50% capacity until we meet lower transmissions thresholds.


That means that of our 20 rooms, we can at maximum only host 10 occupied guest rooms on any given day.


We’ll be able to use that rule to follow protocols like allowing 24-hours of passive decontamination between guest stays, but it will make availability tight in Connecticut.


If you need to visit Greenwich, we highly recommend planning ahead and booking your room as soon as you know you need one. And that applies whether you want to stay with us or anywhere else in town.

Changes in Greenwich, Connecticut

Some other changes around town that we wanted to let you know about:

We can’t wait to see you again!

And that’s about it as far as changes! We still want to ensure you enjoy the best stay possible here in Greenwich, so please reach out to us if you have any recommendations or questions.

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