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View from the top of the hill at Byram Park

For Greenwich beach goers, all the attention in the summer falls on Greenwich Point Park. But that’s not the only pick among beaches near Greenwich, CT. There’s also Island Beach, and Byram Park.


Byram Park has its own advantages, one of which is that it hosts the only public pool in Greenwich, Connecticut. Plus, tennis courts, a playground, and a devoted following among locals on the western side of town.


Ready to learn more about Byram Park, the often overlooked yet much loved gem on Long Island Sound? Let’s get into it:


Quick hits

  • Discover Byram Park, a Greenwich gem with a long history and plenty of fun activities.

  • Enjoy swimming at the beach or pool, boating at the Boat Club, sports & events year round!

  • Find nearby restaurants and accommodations for your stay in beautiful Greenwich CT.



A Brief History of Byram Park

Old estates that make up Byram Park in the 1800s

During the 1800s, Byram Park was a hub for quarrying. It’s what drew a diverse community of immigrants to the Byram, CT, region. Fast forward to 1918, and the town of Greenwich, CT, made an iconic purchase. They bought Byram Beach for the symbolic price of $1. And since then, it has been a public oasis for locals.


The History of Byram Shore

Byram Shore’s history is literally set in stone! The Ritch brothers, operators of a local quarry, played a significant role in the town’s development. The stones from Byram Shore were used in two iconic structures. These are none other than the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty, both built in 1883. After all, considering its proximity to Long Island Sound, it was easy and cheap to ship stones from here to New York City and elsewhere.


The Revitalization Project: A Public-Private Success Story

Results of the Byram Park Revitalization Project, including the public pool and tennis courts

Over time, Byram Park underwent a transformation with a $6.8 million project to revitalize Byram Park. This endeavor saw the construction of:

  • Three pools

  • A new gate

  • Expanded parking

  • Two buildings

This successful public-private partnership between the town and The Dalio Foundation is a monument to community collaboration in enhancing public spaces.

Things to do at Byram Park

Byram Park Activities

Byram Park provides a broad range of activities, making it a perfect destination for an relaxing day. From swimming to basking on the sandy beach or participating in a lively game at the sports fields, there’s sure to be something up your alley.


The park is open daily from 8 a.m. until sunset. So you have ample time to enjoy all it has to offer.


Byram Beach

Byram Beach

Byram Island Beach provides an immersive experience of sand and surf. The beach season begins on May 27th and concludes on September 4th. Please note that after certain rainfall events, swimming is prohibited at the town’s beaches, especially local tidal beaches. This measure is taken to ensure public health safety.


Greenwich Town Pool

Not a fan of sand in everything after your visit to the beach? Then Greenwich Town Pool at Byram Park is the perfect place to cool off. It offers:


  • A 6,400 square foot primary pool with defined lap lanes

  • A shallow kiddy pool

  • A splash pad water playground

  • A concession-stand café


The new community pool is a fantastic new pool and the only public pool in Greenwich. The public pool facility is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Byram Shore Boat Club

If boating is your passion, the Byram Shore Boat Club is a haven for you. Established in 1906, this private club offers a variety of services for its members, including:

  • Boat rentals

  • Sailing lessons

  • Boat storage

  • Social events


The club fosters a love for boating and provides a welcoming community for boating enthusiasts, including those in the junior league.


Other Facilities at Byram Park

Besides the beach and pool, Byram Park accommodates several other facilities. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy a lighted baseball field and tennis courts. The little ones can have a ball at the playground.


Byram Restaurants near Byram Park

Bar Rosina's is within walking distance of Byram Beach

After a day filled with fun and excitement, satiate your hunger at one of the numerous restaurants near Byram Park. Some options in nearby Byram, Connecticut, include:

  • The Firehouse Deli, a local pizza and souvlaki joint, has been serving sandwiches for over 20 years

  • Famous Greek Kitchen was opened by the Karapides family in 1979. The second generation has since taken over.

  • Bar Rosina’s, which was named after Rosina Carpenteri’s late mother, managed to open its doors to a 100-seat space amidst the pandemic.


Head a little farther away for Port Chester, NY, often called the Brooklyn of Westchester for its dining scene, including some highlights:

  • Hubba’s, formerly Pat’s Hubba Hubba, is a cherished spot for its chili and hot dogs.

  • Sonora Restaurant offers Spanish flair with a mix of plant-based tapas, meat, and seafood dishes.

  • Sam’s Bar and Grill P.C.N.Y serves comfort food with fresh ingredients and a happy hour menu.

  • Marianacci’s offers Italian dishes, while Argana Restaurant & Bar takes diners on a culinary journey to Morocco.

  • Panka Bistro offers a modern twist on Peruvian dishes.

  • Saltaire Oyster Bar & Fish House offers seafood, while Bartaco offers Mexican-inspired dishes with waterfront dining.

  • Pasquale Ristorante serves authentic Italian cuisine and Aqui Es Santa Fe offers healthier versions of Colombian classics.


Directions to Byram Park from Stanton House Inn

If you’re staying with us at the Stanton House Inn, getting to Byram Park and Byram Beach is easy. Just head down the Post Road or East Putnam Avenue and you’ll be there in less than three miles.


Hotels, Inns, and Places to Stay near Byram Park

Common areas of Stanton House Inn

If you’re visiting from outside the town, there are several accommodations available near Byram Park. Some of the top-rated hotels in Greenwich, CT, include, in order of distance from Byram Beach:


Discover more things to do in Greenwich, CT near Byram Park

Beyond the park, you’ll find plenty of attractions, activities, and things to do in Greenwich, CT. Check out the following among the lengthy list:



Byram Park, once a quarry in the 1800s, has evolved into a cherished gem in Greenwich, CT. It caters to everyone – locals, tourists, sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, foodies, and history buffs. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your picnic basket, don your sunhat, and prepare for a memorable day at Byram Park!


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Byram Beach public?

Yes, Byram Beach is public. You will need to purchase a park pass or ticket for entry as the park opens at 8am and the main pool opens at 11am daily.


How much does it cost to go to Greenwich Point Park?

A non-resident beach pass or Single Entry beach pass is required to visit Greenwich Point Park, and they cost $10 per person per day. You’ll also need a parking pass for an additional $45.


Is Greenwich Park free to enter?

Yes, Greenwich Park is free to enter! However, the observatory charges an entry fee.


What are the operating hours of Byram Park?

Byram Park is open from 8am until sunset every day.


What amenities does the Greenwich Town Pool offer?

The Greenwich Town Pool is packed with amenities. It boasts a 6,400 square foot primary pool and a shallow kiddy pool. In addition, it offers a splash pad water playground and a concession-stand café. Locker facilities are also available for visitors’ convenience.


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