Plan a Visit to the Village of Port Chester

plan a visit to the village of port chester
Credit: Walking Geek/Flickr

There is no better place to celebrate being an American than in the Village of Port Chester. Plan a visit to the Village of Port Chester, the epitome of what America stands for. Until recently the Village of Port Chester has laid in the shadows of the more affluent towns of Greenwich and Rye, however, recently it has experienced a rebirth.  The Village of Port Chester has so much to offer. Plan a visit to the village of port chester and experience live music, dancing, nightlife, and a myriad of cultures and good food all in one place.


History, Culture & Food in the Village of Port Chester

The village of port chester is illustrative of America “working.” The village of port chester is living testament of the “tossed salad” analogy. Like a tossed salad, The village of port chester brings together many different cultures without anyone having to forgo one’s own culture. The influx of industrial growth in the village of port chester in the first half of the twentieth century attracted large numbers of European immigrants primarily from Italy, Germany, Poland and Ireland to the village of port chester. Likewise, recent newcomers from Central and South America as well as the Caribbean have now added to Port Chester’s rich culture. These newcomers have even helped fuel the village of Port Chester’s recent revival with the openings of many different ethnic shops and restaurants. Only steps from Port Chester’s MetroNorth train station is Restaurant Row. Restaurant Row boasts top Italian restaurants, Mexican, Peruvian, a Brazilian steakhouse, barbeque, Irish pubs and a hall and beer garden. Food and live music seem to unite people in this unique village.


Once you have sampled the fare in the village of port chester, next take in a concert at the historic and famous Capitol Theatre, which since the 1980’s was added to the National Register of Historic Places. In its heyday the Capitol Theatre saw the likes of Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, and the Grateful Dead. More recently in the 1990’s private affairs attracted performances by Katy Perry and Hootie and the Blowfish. Presently, the Capitol Theatre is open as a live music venue for all to enjoy. Check out the line up here, “Music is like a journey that never ends,” buy your tickets then make your reservation to stay at The Stanton House Inn.


After a concert at the Capitol Theatre right around the corner is The Port Chester Hall and Beer Garden. Choose an award winning craft beer from their very own brewery in Brooklyn while you wait for your train or taxi back to The Stanton House Inn. Do not forget to order a giant pretzel! They are delicious and so worth it. If after a beer and a pretzel you are not ready to call it a night. Across the street on the other side of the railroad tracks is an Irish pub, McShane’s with a great bar atmosphere. If you want something a bit trendier, a few blocks over set on the waterfront there is Bar Taco, which has great food and drinks. They only use 100 % agave tequila in their drinks (no hangover).


Bar Taco is one of the great restaurants in the village of Port Chester
Credit: Chun Yip So/Flickr

The village of Port Chester has so much to offer. Come eat its food, experience its culture and soak it in. The Stanton House Inn has the perfect location for enjoying what the Village of Port Chester has to offer.