The latest update in the house!

Trying to think of a way to get away from the heat of the City this weekend (in our case, that City is New York, but your personal City will suffice)? Do you want something quiet, new, but still as homey feeling as any other room here at the Stanton House Inn?

Well, we’re pleased to announce after a lengthy remodeling process, Room 38 is back on and open for reservations!

We weren’t sure about the gray color, but we’ve all reconsidered once it was up on the wall.

It’s actually been on since last month, but it seems appropriate to make it more widely known.

Our newest rendition of Room 38 was remodeled with memories of Morocco in mind, a place several members of the Pearson family have visited in recent years. We think the new paint color and decor are cooler (as in, calming, though we’re happy to agree if you think they’re more colloquially cool as well), and seem to be getting great reviews from guests that have stayed so far. Be sure to tell us your thoughts when you stay!

As befits a room up in the gables, Room 38's got quite a few nooks for relaxing.
As befits a room up in the gables, Room 38’s got quite a few nooks for relaxing.

The best part is, this room is up on the top floor of the house (in the former servants’ quarters of the house, à la Downton Abbey) so it’s wonderfully quiet. The room’s exposure faces east and south, so it also gets great light throughout the day. Even the bathroom is more spacious!

Room 38 (2)

Next time you’re here, we’d be more than happy to show-off the room, or you can try it out yourself next weekend!

Enjoy your summer!