5 of the Most Beautiful Parks in Greenwich

Tod's Point is one of the many parks in Greenwich
Photo Courtesy: David Brooks/Flickr

Are you looking for a place to relax, enjoy pleasant weather and bathe in the warm sun?


Places where you can bring someone you love for a nice day of outdoor activities?


There’s a lot of that here in Greenwich!


There are plenty of parks in Greenwich where you can go for sunbathing, swimming, birdwatching, enjoy some great hiking in Connecticut, or simply to relax.


Besides Greenwich Point Park, here are some of the most popular parks in Greenwich, Connecticut, most of which are a short trip from Stanton House Inn.


Don’t forget to download a free copy of the official Greenwich, Connecticut, Visitor’s Guide to see a list of our favorite parks in Greenwich!

Bruce Park

Of the many parks in Greenwich, one of the closest to us and to downtown Greenwich is Bruce Park. The park features a very big playground to which children (and their parents) from all over town congregate. Bruce Park is located just across the street from the Bruce Museum, so families often kill two birds with one stone by first visiting the museum, then tiring their kids out in one of the most popular parks in Greenwich. The park is more than just a popular playground, however. The former grounds of a local wealthy merchant (of the eponymous Bruce), this park is still lovely to enjoy a walk. Visitors will often see office workers munching on their sandwiches while sitting on park benches, surrounded by much a prettier setting than the potted plants and fluorescent lights of their workplaces.

Montgomery Pinetum

Montgomery Pinetum is not just a park. It is also popular for biking. Many people go to Montgomery Pinetum to enjoy mountain biking in addition to a relaxed walk or throw a ball around in one of the many open spaces. They especially enjoy the rough, rocky climbs you can find in the trail system. What really makes the park beautiful and draws visitors back are the gorgeous and dense forest around the property to complement the various evergreen and other arboreal specimens, the scenic streams and ponds, plus the abandoned and somewhat eerie mansion.

Grass Island Dog Park

Another popular park in Greenwich is the Grass Island Dog Park. This is the only dog park in Greenwich where dogs have free run–and plenty of room besides–to run and play all over the park. There is even a separate area for smaller dogs, so owners of dogs of all shapes and sizes need not fear visiting this canine park in Greenwich.

Mianus River Park

Mianus River Park is named for the river that flows beside it (the pronunciation of which is many a schoolboy’s delight in our area) but features extensive tracts of deciduous forests, as well as old stone walls marking-out the farm that was abandoned well over a hundred years ago. It is a good place for (leashed) dog walkers, joggers, mountain bikers, fishermen and hikers with some great hiking trails near Greenwich, CT.

Byram Park

Byram Park, on the other hand, is a smaller, more manicured park with a playground, the only public outdoor pool in town, and access to one of three Greenwich beaches. There are also tennis courts and wide open spaces where people can play various other sports. More than a few thrilling games of soccer have been started in what is one of the smallest parks in Greenwich.

There are Plenty of Parks in Greenwich to Explore

So, if you want a little sightseeing or a picnic, there are certainly a wide selection of parks in Greenwich you can visit. So get out there once the weather improves (or now, there’s no rule about when you can go during daylight hours) to relax and play while enjoying the scenery.


And while you’re visiting the various parks in Greenwich, why not stay with us in downtown Greenwich at the Stanton House Inn? We’re only a few short minutes drive or walk from most of the parks on this list, and would be more than happy to provide some local advice about the general area.


For even more recommendations on things to do in Greenwich, be sure to download the official free Greenwich, CT, map!