2 Great Opportunities to Enjoy Leaf Peeping in CT

Around here, the best time for leaf peeping in CT (also called peak foliage) is late October (usually around Halloween). This is the time of year when not only visitors to the area but we ourselves at the Stanton House Inn like to drive around and take-in the visual splendor of the changing leaves. You can also see fantastic New England autumn foliage while hiking in Connecticut.

For those looking to stay close to us here when they visit Greenwich, we’ve got a driving itinerary in mind as well as one for those looking to go further afield and experience more of what this corner of Connecticut has to offer. The one that doesn’t go traipsing across Connecticut is also possible to take by bike, by the way, you just need to be fairly in shape, as the hills in Greenwich are no joke.

How to Enjoy Leaf Peeping in CT Closer to Us

As I’m including a map of the route, I’m going to be fairly vague with written directions on this Connecticut fall foliage driving tour. If you’re biking, I would recommend biking first over to Glenville, another neighborhood in town, before getting on King Street, which travels the border between New York State and Greenwich. Follow King Street north of the Merritt Parkway on one of the least steeply-inclined roads in town until you turn right on Bedford Street to head into Armonk, New York. From there (the highest point on the trip, by the way), it’s a relatively easy ride, mostly downhill back to the Stanton House Inn through lovely horse farms, old Greenwich mansions, colonial homes and the colors of autumn.

You can tack-on other attractions to this visit, by the way, like turning on to John Road when driving-up Bedford Road and visiting the seven miles of trails at the Greenwich Audubon Center on Riversville Road in North Greenwich.

leaf peeping in CT is not to be missed
Autumn in Connecticut is not to be missed, seriously.
Courtesy: Gane/Flickr

Where to Go to Enjoy Even More Leaf Peeping in CT

For those looking to go farther afield in their efforts to go leaf peeping in CT, you can still head up to Round Hill Road and visit the Audubon Center before driving north on the Merritt Parkway, listed as a National Scenic Byway, especially in the Autumn. Along the Merritt are plenty of places to stop and get a closer look at fall foliage in Connecticut, like at the Nature Centers in Stamford and New Canaan or the Bartlett Arboretum.  Many of these places, like the Audubon, and the New Canaan and Stamford Nature Center are museums in CT with hiking trails for you to get an even closer look at the beautiful leaves for which fall in New England is so well know. You can stop in Easton and check-out Silverman’s Farm for apple picking and Devil’s Den Preserve for a great hike, or continue on the Merritt all the way to Trumbull and beyond.

Whether you bike or drive, you’ll have a pretty full day experiencing Connecticut foliage. But one of these options will be much more tiring. Whichever option you choose, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the fall colors in Connecticut. And be sure to include a stop at the Stanton House Inn during your visit, we’re considered one of the most romantic getaways in CT.

Enjoy leaf peeping in CT, and the Fall in general, and plan your next weekend getaway in Connecticut! And for more recommendations on things to do in Greenwich, be sure to download our free Connecticut Vacation Guide!