Indian Restaurants in Greenwich and Nearby

Delicious food from one of the Indian restaurants in Greenwich
Photo Courtesy: Alpha/Flickr

While not the first culinary tradition one thinks of when deciding which restaurants in Greenwich CT to visit, there are actually a few options nearby for anyone looking for Indian restaurants in Greenwich or its nearby environs. Indian is a relatively recent introduction to the local food scene, and good ones are an even more recent addition.


But good ones are indeed present! The most well-known is The Mumbai Times in Cos Cob. While the actual restaurant is a bit cramped, the food is delicious, and the service is always very courteous, attentive, and fast. The last few times we’ve been, they are always quick to throw-in an extra dessert or something of the like. Another great aspect of The Mumbai Times (well, for some) is that this restaurant is a BYOB establishment–bring your own alcohol if you wish to imbibe at dinner. While the meal prices are higher, it is to be expected for a restaurant in this area. Even if it’s not located on the Avenue, Indian restaurants in Greenwich have to pay the same high rents all the other ones do.

Port Chester

Another option for Indian is Tandoori Taste of India in Port Chester, just over the border from Greenwich in New York State. Located right on Main Street, this is another great option–moderately priced and delicious Indian food in a nice ambience with attentive service. While everything on the menu is tasty, less adventurous types will certainly enjoy their chicken tikka masala and other Western staples in Indian restaurants. Their buffet lunch served noon to 2:30 pm daily is nothing to scoff at, either.


And now to finish-up the list of Indian Restaurants in Greenwich that are mostly not in Greenwich, a few additions in Stamford, right next door. Tawa Indian Cuisine is located on Summer Street in Stamford, and served me the hottest goat dish I have ever had. To this day, I still remember the tears rolling down my cheeks as I refused to admit to my friend how spicy it was. But I also remember how delicious it was. The garlic naan was memorable, too. This is again a great restaurant, even according to self-proclaimed Indian food experts.

Another great option from the list of Indian restaurants in Greenwich’s environs is Navaratna, representing vegetarian Indian in downtown Stamford. Located across Atlantic Street from the Stamford Town Center, this place has a cozy dining room inside and outside seating in clement weather. I admit that my time in Malawi left a special place in my heart for vegetarian Indian restaurants, but others have confirmed that this place is very good. As befits a vegetarian restaurant of this ilk, their dosas, paneer dishes, and lassis are very well-regarded.

The Best Indian Restaurants in Greenwich

So next time you’re hungry (and possibly feeling adventurous), be sure to check out one of the Indian restaurants in Greenwich or nearby. If you’re not comfortable with your options, know that any good waiter in an Indian restaurant will be able and willing to guide you in selecting your food and choosing your preferred level of spiciness. Come on, live a little!

And when you’re visiting the area, be sure to check out the Stanton House Inn and take advantage of our recommendations of all there is to see, do, and eat in the area. For even more things to do in Greenwich, be sure to download our free Vacation Guide!