4 of the Scariest Haunted Places in CT

For my final Halloween-themed post this year, I thought I’d mention a few real haunted places in CT near to us here at the Stanton House Inn, as opposed to regular haunted houses in Westchester. Most people try to keep hauntings in Greenwich secret due to a fear of their house values going down. But Halloween is a great time to dredge-up stories no one wants to talk about, especially when it deals with ghouls and the like! Without further ado, four of my favorite haunted places in Connecticut to visit this Halloween season.

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The Stanton House Inn is Not One of the Haunted Places in CT

I feel obligated to report that when I was researching for this post, the term “haunted places in Greenwich Connecticut” brought-up the Stanton House Inn on Google. I swear we’re not! As far as I know, anyway. But I know of a few places nearby that might be.

While impressive, little do residents know the troubled past of the house. Well, supposedly. Photo courtesy: Damnedct.com
While impressive, little do residents know the troubled past of the house. Well, supposedly.
Photo courtesy: Damnedct.com

Dunnellen Hall in Greenwich, CT

The first location on the list is not necessarily one of the haunted places in CT so much as one of the cursed Greenwich mansions. Built in 1918 on 26 acres on Round Hill Road, Dunnellen Hall has not had a happy history. In fact, after the first occupying family moved-out, every owner has experienced financial ruin and met their ultimate demise after moving-in. The most recent possible victime of the curse is Leona Helmsley, an American businesswoman nicknamed, “the Queen of Mean” for her tyrannical behavior. While this may have just been her comeuppance, after buying the home in 1983 she was sent to prison for tax-evasion and later died in the house after her release.

You can watch a video that explores the inside of the home (but doesn’t mention the haunted aspects) below:

The Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Connecticut

The Bruce Museum is also supposedly one of the haunted places in Connecticut, according to local legend. A young Irish girl who worked in nearby Belle Haven fell in love with a handsome piper who disappeared under curious circumstances. Shortly after his disappearance, the girl returned to Ireland and died of consumption, or tuberculosis. Witnesses claim to see the two outside of what is now the Bruce Museum at night. While ghostly voices call for the piper to enter the building and play for them, the couple make it clear to witnesses their preference to not enter, as the couple claim that once they enter, they will never be able to leave.

Today, the Bruce Museum takes a minimum of an hour to visit, but visitors are welcome to leave whenever they like!

Well, at least it's a pretty time of year to visit a cemetary, if not the least creepy. Courtesy: Andrew Lin/Flickr
Well, at least it’s a pretty time of year to visit a cemetary, if not the least creepy.
Courtesy: Andrew Lin/Flickr

Union Cemetery in Easton, CT

While not in Greenwich, Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut is one of the most famous haunted places in CT, especially after it was described in several books about New England hauntings. Visitors to this 400 year old graveyard have photographed the location only to later find orbs, mists, light rods, and even apparitions in their photographs.

The most famous ghost of the cemetery is the White Lady, who supposedly began to appear in the late 1940s. Witnesses have videotaped and photographed her, while some passersby have even witnesses her in the nearby road, and even accidentally hit her in their cars.

Dudley Town, CT

Another location outside of Greenwich, but considered by many to one of the places most haunted in Connecticut, is Dudley Town CT. While never an actual town, this area was established in the 1700s and abandoned by the 1800s. The settlers of this little town were descended from an English nobleman named Edmund Dudley, hence the name of Dudley Town CT. Many of these settlers later went insane according to local legend, two women even committed suicide after reporting visions of demons.

Dudley Town CT is now on private lands and access is forbidden.

Happy Halloween, everyone! For even more recommendations of things to do in Greenwich, be sure to download our free Vacation Guide.