Why is Harvest Restaurant of Greenwich CT So Fabulous?

You may as well try the wine at Harvest Restaurant. It is a wine bar, after all.
Photo credit: Max Braun/Flickr

Long known for great Greenwich Avenue stores, “the Ave” is also a well-recognized dining location. It often seems as though restaurants come and go on Greenwich Avenue–Primary Restaurant being one of the most famous recent examples. Others gain a certain amount of staying power. After only two years, Harvest Restaurant has gained a following among locals and dining aficionados from farther afield as one of the best restaurants in Greenwich CT.

The Ambience of Harvest Restaurant

Harvest is surrounded by other great restaurants such as Douro, Meli-Melo, and Mediterraneo, in the space formerly occupied by Le Figaro Bistro. These illustrious neighbors demand a high standard to stay in competition. Harvest Restaurant attempts to create an edgy ambience following trendier parts of New York City. The front part of the restaurant features brick walls, while the back bar and dining area facing the bar display walls of oak. Unfortunately, this decoration style proves to be rather lackluster. The decor does not dim the noise levels when Harvest Restaurant is particularly busy. An evening meal on a weekend night is not recommended for couples looking for a quiet evening.

But most visitors to Harvest Restaurant come for the food. The restaurant focuses on using the freshest ingredients from local of sources when available. And the outcome is often spectacular, though some residents can recall an off night or two when the restaurant first started. Those off nights appear to be few and far between at this point, and a meal here is recommended for lunch or dinner.

Harvest Restaurant, officially known as Harvest Wine Bar, is one of several restaurant endeavors by siblings Kleber, Nube, and Vicente Siguenza. Other restaurants by the siblings are in Fairfield, New Canaan, and Darien. The restaurants cuisine is modern American with Asian, Mediterranean, and Latin culinary influences. As its official name would suggest, it also features an extensive wine list.

The Food at Harvest Restaurant

The prix fixe lunch menu offers two courses (and appetizer and entree) for $19. That’s considered a deal at a higher-end restaurant on Greenwich Avenue. Drinks can be a bit on the pricey side, so be ready.

What comes out of the kitchen can be exceptional. The Brussel sprout salad is not to be missed. A pile of shaved Brussel sprouts topped with a truffle vinaigrette on top of a Parmesan risotto cake has the potential to make your meal at Harvest restaurant. The menu is full of an array of excellent and creative dishes.

The Service at Harvest Restaurant

While the Brussel sprout salad alone may be worth a visit, the service leaves something to be desired. While some members of the Harvest restaurant staff can be kind, quite a few give off the impression that they’re too good for their job. And attentiveness is something lacking in the majority of the waitstaff. This can leave one feeling more than a bit slighted, whether it’s a busy or slow night.

But seriously, the Brussel sprout salad is worth a visit.

So the next time you’re in Greenwich, be sure to visit Harvest restaurant for lunch or dinner. And be sure to visit us at the Stanton House Inn, we’re an easy walk of all the fine shops and restaurants on Greenwich Avenue. For even more recommendations on things to do in Greenwich, be sure to download our free Vacation Guide!