Happy Thanksgiving from the Stanton House Inn!

Happy Holidays from all of us at the Stanton House Inn! The weather’s getting down-right frigid here in Connecticut, but at least we all know we’ve got to look forward to the holidays! After January 1st, we’ll only have Spring to which we can look forward. Which will be a long ways away. Not that we’ll be bitter or anything.


The beds are all snugly tucked-away under mulch, all ready for the cold. Did you know most suburbs offer an abundance of free mulch this time of year? It rains down everywhere on the East Coast, to the extent that people just give it away and demand that their towns remove it for them! Leaves are an excellent mulch, containing all the nutrients the trees drew-up from the soil to create them in the first place. The best part is the worms love it, and will happily munch away at it all winter and leave beautiful soil for your plants next year.


Yes, all these leaves are gone by now. They were pretty while it lasted, though.

The bees have also battened-down the hatches in preparation for winter. The chickens stand outside all day in the cold and wet, glaring at us, but they haven’t complained yet, so we assume they’re fine. At least, they’re still popping-out the best eggs (which makes the best eggnog, by the way) we’ve ever had. And their coop is snug and dry all the time, no matter how dreary the day is.

I bribed them with pumpkin in a failed attempt to make them accept me. They all turned their backs on me, again.

Slightly less important than Thanksgiving (because who doesn’t love to eat) and much less important than Hanukkah (being religious and all) is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday. Fortuitously placed between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, November 30th is meant to encourage shoppers across the country to support their local neighborhood businesses when doing their holiday shopping. To encourage local shopping on that day, American Express offers a credit of $10 to their card users for every time they spend $10 or more in a local store on November 30th. Make sure you register your card at ShopSmall.com before November 27th (which may or may not be tomorrow) to get-in on that credit deal.

American Express sent us all this digital swag, but we have nowhere to use it. Hence, it’s going all over the blog!

Even if you don’t have an American Express (or don’t get around to registering in time), I guarantee local businesses would love to have you shop at their places anyway! In fact, we’ve compiled a list of local businesses in downtown Greenwich that will be part of the American Express promotion, and some are offering promotions in their stores—everything from hot or alcoholic drinks to visits from local artists to great discounts.

This is supposedly a banner. Or something.

If you’d like to take a look at the list (and get a copy yourself), hit us up at info@stantonhouseinn.com and we’ll be happy to email you a copy of the list for this Saturday. Or just skip that whole step and fill-in the form below:

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For our part, buy a gift certificate for anyone on your holiday shopping list at the Stanton House Inn on Saturday, and we’ll give you a discount! Get 5% off if you buy your gift certificates online at our website (stantonhouseinn.com), or get 10% if you actually shop local and show-up here to buy your gift certificate! Either way, you get a sweet deal.


Last one, I promise.

You can also buy our glycerine soap, coffee mugs, and do not disturb signs on our website, by the way. For those gift recipients that cannot make the trip to New England anytime soon. Just putting that out there.


I mean, how could someone not want to come and see these leaves! Think of the autumn leaves in sunset!

Happy Holidays!