Happy Halloween from the Stanton House Inn!

The Stanton House Inn, taken a few days before Hurricane Sandy/the Nor’Easter/the Apocalypse came through the area.


We can still wish you that, as our Halloween was officially moved by the town of Greenwich from the 31st of October to the 11th of November on account of Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter that paid our area a visit in rapid succession. We knew it was bad when all the locals were stocking-up on beer.

Things are returning back to normal, however, as all of Greenwich now has power—about a week and a half after this whole mess started. After a few iffy days without power, heat, et cetera, the Inn is back and running as normal—we even got cable back!

Fall has definitely made its presence known here in Greenwich. The leaves are changing (or falling), meaning splashes of brilliant oranges, reds, and yellows both above our heads and all over our parking lot, patio, and walkways—much to our chagrin.

The gardens are slowly being put to bed in preparation for the winter. We’re heavily mulching all our plantings with the previously mentioned, ubiquitous leaves in preparation for the colder temperatures predicted for this winter by the Farmer’s Almanac.

The colder part of the year (and during a hurricane, to boot) is a horrible time to welcome new members of our staff, but there you have it. We have four new workers at the Inn—chickens! The girls were born in the Dutch Country of Pennsylvannia, grew-up in Western Massachusetts on a farm run by Colin, one of the Innkeepers’ sons, and are now living permanently on the property. One is a heritage-breed of chicken called a Black Australorp, while the other three are a breed called Freedom Rangers, developed from heritage breeds in France. If you’d like to know any more details, feel free to ask Colin, who will be unable to stop talking about them once he starts. Colin really likes his chickens!

The girls enjoying a clear (non-stormy, for once) fall day recently, as taken by a recent guest


The girls are providing some very useful services here at the Inn. They serve as little avian rototillers, weeders, and pest-controllers. They are also working in waste disposal. Did you know that the average American household throws 470 pounds of food into the trash—literally, just wastes it—annually ? We’re experimenting with feeding waste food from breakfast and our own home consumption to the chickens, which the girls convert into eggs and compost, two products readily used by the Innkeepers. Unfortunately, four chickens would be quite put-out to produce all the eggs required by hungry guests, so the girls are only producing for our own consumption. Colin seems to hope that will change some day, but not this winter. Check out our facebook page for more pictures of the girls (and don’t forget to like us)!

Henrietta McEggerson after filling-up on milk from the Inn. Yes, that is her name. No, we did not come-up with it


We’re also pleased to announce that we will be trying to display the works of local Connecticut artists in the common areas of the Inn, starting with the work of pastel artist Barbara Jenkins of Glastonbury, Connecticut. Feel free to stop-by between Wednesday, November 14th and Thursday, December 6th! If you feel so moved to bring a painting home, the works will be on sale, as well.

Keep an eye out on our website for changes, we hope to start posting activities and events in and around our area to help you plan your stay in Greenwich. Or at least to make sure the locals don’t hole themselves up all winter.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Best Regards,

The Staff at the Stanton House Inn