4 Fabulous Greenwich Shopping Destinations

Greenwich shopping centers around Greenwich Avenue. Courtesy: Doug Kerr/FlickrWhile there is certainly more to Greenwich than the lifestyles of the rich and famous, there is no question that plenty of visitors come to either partake or at least to witness the life of the high-rollers. And one of the easiest ways to do just that is with a little Greenwich shopping. Shopping in Greenwich, CT, can be either a spectator sport, or fairly active. Here are some of the more high-end–higher quality often carries a higher price tag–stores located on Greenwich Avenue, only a short walk away from the Stanton House Inn.

Betteridge Jewelers

Only a pleasant thirteen-minute walk away from the Stanton House Inn is Betteridge Greenwich at the top of Greenwich Avenue. In fact, Betteridge is one of the only three remaining original independent retailers still located on the Avenue. The building in which it is currently located is a beautifully restored townhouse built in 1875. This store’s storefront is always beautifully and tastefully decorated, and begs to be visited, regardless of the time of year. And the staff make a point of making all visitors feel welcomed, whether they intend to buy immediately or no. These people know a thing or two about watches and jewelry, will be happy to educate you on the perfect gift for anyone, including yourself.

Ralph Lauren

Continuing our Greenwich shopping trip, Ralph Lauren is further down Greenwich Avenue. This store is beautiful. It almost appears to have been moved entirely from Fifth Avenue to our little town. The Beaux Arts facade of the building is a grand replacement of the GAP store that long-time residents remember, but the inside is certainly nothing at which to scoff. The first floor features a women’s section, men’s section, and accessories. Follow the grand staircase up to the second floor for a very lavish home section. Here again, the service is top notch. Sales associates are exceptionally helpful, but do not force a sale in the least.

Restoration Hardware

The next, most recent addition to this list of Greenwich shopping is Restoration Hardware. Restoration Hardware has been on the Avenue for years, but it only recently moved into its new digs in the historic Post Office building. Filling a very prominent building vacated shortly before by the United State Postal Service, the original tenant, it was beautifully restored before it re-opened. The store is beautiful even to just wander around and admire. The various levels of the building offer plenty of opportunities to appreciate both the home furnishings and the excellent job of restoration performed on the building. This writer hopes that Restoration Hardware hosts a party to take advantage of the patio furniture on display in the open area of the roof someday. One can hope.


The final addition to our list of fabulous Greenwich shopping destinations to visit is Richard’s. Located closer to the bottom of Greenwich Avenue, these are also relatively newer digs for the store. Richard’s beautiful new building was constructed over an old gas station. This store is considered by many to be the place in Greenwich for men’s clothing. There are plenty of designer options to suit anyone’s tastes. However, this store comes at a price similar to Ralph Lauren–though in this writer’s experience, the sales associates are not as friendly to browsers. But for the right price, the service is spectacular here, and parking is not even a problem on the busy Avenue, with a free parking lot for customers in back. That parking lot opens-up to visitors to Greenwich Avenue while Richard’s is closed, by the way.

The Best Greenwich Shopping

So the next time you’re feeling a hankering to see how Greenwich shops, remember to check-out these high-quality stores for a fairly good idea of life here as well as the local Greenwich Avenue stores interspersed among them. And remember, all these shops are within a short walk (and even shorter drive) of both the Greenwich train station and the Stanton House Inn.

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