The Greenwich Library is Fantastic

This statue has sat outside of the Greenwich Library since I was a little boy.
Photo Courtesy: Tony Fischer/Flickr

One of the best parts of living in Greenwich is the Greenwich Library. But visitors can find plenty to make a trip to our small town library worth it. Even back when Greenwich was still a fairly small town, the Greenwich Library was a jewel of a resource to have so readily available.

 Recent History of the Greenwich Library

Initially located (as far back as the collective memory I have access to goes, anyway) on Greenwich Avenue where Saks Fifth Avenue is located today, the Greenwich Library moved into an old department store on the Post Road once it outgrew that space. My memories of the Greenwich Library back then are not ideal: it had a weird, 1970s decor. And there’s no question it was pretty dark inside.


But then a whole lot of money was donated to the Greenwich Library, and everything changed. Now, the main entrance into the library leads into a gorgeous and expansive addition to the first building. This entire new wing is bright, spacious, airy, and full of computers on the first floor. All the computers are free to use, and appear to be well-maintained and in good condition.

 What You’ll Find at the Greenwich Library

The upper floor of the newer addition features the extensive music collection of the library as well as the Flinn Gallery. The Flinn Gallery is a non-profit, education oriented gallery devoted to presenting art of all mediums from a wide range of techniques, visions, and periods. It alone receives over 11,000 visitors each year as it curates six exhibits a year from September through June.


Moving past the Flinn Gallery into the older part of the building is where you’ll find the Young Adult section (for all those Twilight fans out there), the music and foreign language sections, the DVDs, an area that loans art out (what town but Greenwich would have something like that), and the fiction area.


Downstairs of the older portion of the Greenwich Library is largely devoted to non-fiction and reference texts, as well as areas for quiet study, group study, or just nooks to sit, relax, and read.

What’s Available to Visitors at the Greenwich Library

The media at the Greenwich Library is constantly being updated and replenished with newer titles and albums. But books, music, and movies are not the only thing readily accessible here. There is also an extensive audio and ebook section available through the library’s website for those without any time to physically visit the building. That being said, the ebook repository requires a membership, which costs nothing beyond an address in Greenwich. Which is fairly expensive.


But a visit to the Greenwich Library alone is worth it. The building is gorgeous, and there are always activities and events to attend. The rotating list of authors and other interesting people offering seminars and talks in the library’s auditorium are usually not to be missed.


So be sure to stop-in to the Greenwich Library during your next visit to Greenwich. It’s only a short walk away from us at the Stanton House Inn along the Post Road.


And if you live here and have yet to visit, be sure to take advantage of all the spectacular resources that Greenwich has to offer!