The 3 Best Local Greenwich Avenue Stores

manfredi jewels is one of the great local Greenwich Avenue stores
used with permission from Manfredi jewels

Everyone seems to know about Greenwich Avenue and the many nationally-known and well-regarded shops there: J. Crew, Apple, Lululemon, and Saks Fifth Avenue all help to make Greenwich shopping an activity in and of itself. The days in which Greenwich Avenue was defined by its local mom-and-pop stores is long gone, but there are a few surviving locally owned and operated businesses right on our main street (which locals call simply, “the Ave”). All the Greenwich Avenue stores we describe are an easy walk from the Stanton House Inn.

Manfredi Jewels

Manfredi Jewels has been in business since 1988.  It is one of the first Greenwich Avenue stores you encounter from the Inn on the second block of the Ave as you enter the street from the Post Road. The business was begun by Roberto Chiappelloni with hopes of diffusing his enthusiasm for timepieces into the local Greenwich community. While I cannot say whether Manfredi was successful in his goal, the store has certainly gained a local reputation for high-quality pieces, excellent personalized service, and a willingness and ability to fix any piece or create custom pieces. Even visitors to the store who make it clear they are simply browsing are still treated with the utmost respect and an idea of how passionate the members of Manfredi Jewels are about their product. The store is beautiful inside and is well worth a visit!


Lynnens is a high-end luxury linen shop located next to the Town Green and almost across the street from the Greenwich Senior Center (or old Town Hall). Lynne Jenkins has been running Lynnens since 1980 and prides herself and her business for the best quality American-made and international soft goods she stocks as well as the business’s highly-rated customer service. Be sure to visit and find-out why Lynnens was awarded the Home Fashions Products Association Retailer of the Year Award in 2003!

Out of the Box

Out of the Box is also located at the top of the Avenue and focuses on dresses, sportswear, and accessories for women. It has gained a local reputation as a great place to poke around, as you never know what you’ll find there! The ladies of my family (among many Greenwich locals) are fans of the jewelry sold there, but they often take advantage of the store’s penchant for having a good eye for quality clothing and accessories that suit contemporary styles for every season. Out of the Box also designs custom items by appointment. It’s normally the first store my stylish sisters visit during the Sidewalk Sales every July!

 There are Plenty More Greenwich Avenue Stores to Explore!

Many visitors to our area do come to take advantage of the shopping in Greenwich CT. Be sure to stop-in to some of our local Greenwich Avenue stores and see what makes them locally famous.

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