6 Fun Reasons to Visit the Greenwich Audubon Center

Greenwich Audubon CenterGreenwich is a must-see getaway destination for many reasons. The quaint town, the great shopping and dining, and the picturesque New England scenery all draw visitors back year after year. There are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy here, and one of the best places to explore the wilds of Connecticut is the Greenwich Audubon Center. Audubon Greenwich is home to acres of beautiful land with natural wonders just waiting to be discovered. And because it’s just 15 minutes away from the Stanton House Inn, you can enjoy all the comforts of being near downtown Greenwich while still being able to take in the great outdoors. If you’re a nature lover, then you definitely need to check out the Greenwich Audubon Center.

About the Greenwich Audubon Center

The Greenwich Audubon Center opened in 1942 as the National Audubon Society’s first environmental education center. The center is made up of 285 acres of land that is home a large number of native plant and animal species. There are miles of trails to explore as well as conservation events and nature education programs. When you visit Greenwich Audubon sanctuary, you’ll always find something exciting to do!

Things to Do at the Greenwich Audubon Center

Activities at the Greenwich Audubon Center include all manner of outdoor enterprises. There are seven miles of hiking trails to explore that lead through fields, lakes, streams, hardwood forests and other ecosystems in the natural area of the Audubon Center of Greenwich. There are also remnants of times gone by throughout the Greenwich Audubon Center, like an old apple orchard (which don’t have picking opportunities, but there are some great other apple orchards near NYC), New England homestead buildings, and old stone walkways. You can meander through the wildflower meadows and a butterfly garden or see the honeybee hives and the bird feeding station.

Many trips to the Greenwich Audubon Center include a stop at the Kimberlin Nature Education Center. This is where the Nature Store and Welcome Center are located. There are also classrooms in the Kimberlin Nature Education Center as well as the Art Gallery at Kiernan Hall. The Oppenheimer Gallery in Kiernan Hall exhibits iconic work from John James Audubon and other natural history artists.

Wildlife at the Greenwich Audubon Center

The Greenwich Audubon Center is home to 201 bird species, 27 mammal species, and 24 amphibian and reptile species. Be on the lookout for river otters, muskrats, wood ducks, white-tailed deer, coyotes, flying squirrels, wild turkeys, bluebirds, spotted salamanders, owls, warblers, and many more species when you’re visiting the sanctuary.

Accommodations Near the Greenwich Audubon Center

While you’re planning your visit to the Greenwich Audubon Center, be sure to book your stay at the Stanton House Inn. Our accommodations offer the perfect combination of timeless elegance and modern amenities for a supremely comfortable stay. And our beautiful property is the ideal place to relax and unwind as you forget about the worries of day-to-day life. Plus, we’re located just minutes from downtown Greenwich and all of its charms and attractions, like the Greenwich library. We can’t wait to have you with us soon!

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