Everything You Need to Know About Connecticut Fall Foliage

For many, it’s difficult to find a scene more awe-inspiring than a mosaic of millions of fire-red, sunset-orange, and golden-yellow leaves. Indeed, autumn is a magical time of year for many reasons, but leaf peeping is one of the best. There’s no better place to experience this fun seasonal activity than the heart of New England! Connecticut fall foliage is one of our favorite parts of autumn. Below, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about it. If you’d like even more local insight, be sure to claim your complimentary Vacation Guide to Greenwich, Connecticut (the best place to experience all things fall)!

Your Ultimate Guide to Connecticut Fall Foliage

One of the locals’ favorite things to do in Connecticut in the fall is to enjoy some leaf peeping! New England is one of the best places in the country to watch the leaves change, after all. Due to our high population of deciduous trees and cooler winter climate, our fall foliage is truly a sight to be seen.

Where to Experience Connecticut Leaf Peeping

Many people like to begin their leaf peeping adventure in Greenwich, then drive up to Litchfield County. The Merritt Parkway is another one of the top Connecticut fall foliage driving routes. This historic limited-access parkway is located in Fairfield County and is known for its scenic landscape, especially in the cooler months. The Merritt, as it’s known locally, runs from the New York state line in Greenwich to the Housatonic River in Stratford. If you’d like to stay in town, just joyriding past Greenwich mansions surrounded by fall colors is a great way to spend an afternoon.

When Is Peak Leaf-Peeping Season?

Everyone knows that the beautiful, warm hues of fall foliage are fleeting. Luckily, Connecticut boasts the longest foliage season in New England! Though each year brings some variation in peak leaf peeping times, you can generally expect the best, most reliable color between mid-September and late-October. Be sure to check the Connecticut Fall Foliage Report for real-time updates!

Activities to Enhance Your Connecticut Fall Foliage Experience


One of the best places to spot fall foliage is from the vantage point of a Connecticut hiking trail! There’s no better place to begin your adventure past scenic vistas and rolling valleys than Greenwich. The Babcock Preserve, Audubon Greenwich, and Devil’s Den Preserve are all perfect places to spot some of nature’s most beautiful leaf displays this fall.

Apple Picking

There are few activities that scream “fall” more than apple picking! One of the best things about Connecticut in the fall is the opportunity to pick your own delicious fruit straight from the tree. There are several places near Greenwich to do this. In the town of Easton, you’ll find Silverman’s Farm, where you’ll find a u-pick orchard as well as live animals, tractor rides, and musical performances. For fresh maple syrup and fantastic apple-picking, Warrup’s Farm in West Redding is another popular spot in the fall. There are also many apple orchards near NYC over the border in New York State.


There are many annual events that take place in Connecticut each fall. The Bruce Museum Outdoor Arts Festival is a tradition locals and visitors alike anticipate. This 2-day event celebrates local artists and showcases their work. Browse paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, mixed-media pieces, and photography as you get to know the artists. You may even fall in love with one of their masterpieces! Want more options? There are several different fall festivals in Connecticut to attend. Another one of our favorites is the Bridgeport Harvest Festival, which takes place 40 minutes northeast of Greenwich.

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