Where to Find the Best Fall Food in Greenwich

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this enough times at this point, but I really love Autumn. The holidays, the temperatures, the colors, the activities, and the food especially all make this the best season. In honor of Fall, we at the Stanton House Inn have created a list of what we believe is the best fall food in the area.

In case you don't know what butternut squash soup looks like... Here you are. Courtesy: angela n./Flickr
In case you don’t know what butternut squash soup looks like… Here you are.
Courtesy: angela n./Flickr
  1. Best Fall Food: Butternut Squash Soup

First on the list is butternut squash soup. No matter what’s added to what is arguably the most classic fall food, the perfect soup balances the savory and sweet aspects, and our favorite of this group is the butternut squash soup over at Bistro 7 in Wilton. I tried this one last January and still crave it all these months later. Be sure to check it out.

2. Best Hot Spiced Apple Cider near Greenwich

The closest source for hot spiced apple cider would be one of the nearby apple farms, such as Silverman’s Farm in Easton or Beardsley’s Cider Mill in Shelton, both a scenic drive up the Merritt Parkway from us in more densely-settled Greenwich and Stamford. While the apple picking is fun, you can always just pick-up a hot cider and maybe a jug for the road. A bit of a drive to do just that, however.

3. Best Pumpkin Bread

Closer to home, we recommend Black Forest Bakery on Lewis Street to fulfill your desire for pumpkin bread. Or you can always take advantage of the pumpkin bread we serve at the Stanton House Inn. So as not to offend our baker, Anette, I can’t tell you which is better, so you’ll have to be the judge of that.

Chili is pretty delicious in any cold weather, but I’m not entirely sure why it’s so closely associated with Fall.
Courtesy: Kara/Flickr

4. Best Chili in Greenwich

For chili, another Fall staple, we recommend checking-out Joey B’s Famous Chili Hub, which is in Cos Cob, the next neighborhood over from downtown Greenwich. It’s a simple little spot with fairly straight forward fare, but their chili is highly recommended for miles around. And I bet dumping that chili on their fries would be pretty spectacular, to boot.

5. Best Fall Food: Roast Vegetables

Last but not least, I’d recommend getting anything that serves-up roast vegetables, another fall standard fare, at the Ginger Man on Greenwich Avenue. Be sure to combine it with whatever special beer’s on tap, and toast a great day of sampling the best our locality has to offer for classic fall food.

But the best Fall food is characteristically warming, filling, and delicious. Unless you pick a bad place to eat or drink, which I’m trying hard to help you avoid. You’re welcome.