Arts and Crafts on Bedford Street

For reasons beyond my realm of understanding, Autumn in New England and the Northeast is associated with crafts. I honestly have to admit that it doesn’t quite make sense to me–historically, I would think people would be too busy harvesting to bother making craft items, let alone sell them. Winter would make more sense, in my books.

That being said, I don’t make the rules. So, I’ve got another Arts and Crafts fair to report this week.

I just thought this looked cool. Courtesy: Wendy Piersall/Flickr
I just thought this looked cool.
Courtesy: Wendy Piersall/Flickr

Coming-up on the weekend of September 20th is the Arts and Crafts on Bedford Fair in Stamford, next door to Greenwich. On Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st, Stamford closes-down Bedford Street (which is a beast to drive anyway) and fills-up the street with over 100 craft and artisan boutiques.

The event starts Saturday morning at 11 am (giving the city enough time to clear-out all the passed-out partiers from Butterfield 8 and Hudson Grille) and goes until 8 pm that evening (to keep the arts and crafts types from interacting with those looking to enjoy the nightlife on Bedford Street). The event picks up again the next day, 10 am to 5 pm on Sunday.

Or maybe these are more to your taste?
Courtesy: Cheryl/Flickr

For those who prefer to gorge on local food, rather than shop crafts, sidewalk cafes will be extended onto the street. Check-out Lorca café, which I wrote about last winter, and another personal favorite, Capriccio’s.

If you’re not all shopped-out from the myriad other Arts and Crafts Fairs held around here this time of year, it should be a great time.